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Cycling and Trekking Tour of Khajuraho with Raneh Falls
Cycling and Trekking Tour of Khajuraho with Raneh Falls



Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh hides a lot of secrets from time immemorial in its folds, most of which still lie in waiting to be unfolded. Apart from the history, Khajuraho has a lot of other elements that attract people from all over the world, like the flora, fauna, and waterfalls. And to get to see all that with an adventurous touch to it is what this package will bring to you. Factual Information:Lying in the Panna region of Khajuraho, the Raneh Falls are the most unique in the entire country and that is owed to the multi-colored rocks of the region. The many different colors make this place worth capturing in your memories and in your cameras. Apart from the beauty of the falls, the trail leading to the falls is itself a wonder as you pass through the woods of the Panna National Park.Exploring Khajuraho will also open you up to the beauty of the 11th-century architecture. Activity: In this package, you will be taking a majestic trek from Raneh to Raneh Falls through the Panna National Park. From Khajuraho to Raneh, you will be taking a cycling expedition around the beauty of the ancient city. An open-air gypsy will also take you from the falls to the Ken Ghariyal Sanctuary for your wildlife adventure and an experience of boating in the Ken River.How to Reach:Khajuraho is a major city of Madhya Pradesh, with connectivity through rail, road, and air as well. You can arrive here through any of the means and easily reach the starting point of the trek by road. 

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33 Ratings

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