River Rafting in Karjat

Karjat River Rafting

Experience the joy of Karjat River rafting as this fulfilling adventure is going to excite you in more ways than one. Karjat village being the origination place of Ulhas River lets you make your village trip complete as you navigate the river in an inflatable raft. The white-water Vaitarna River rafting in Karjat is another thrilling adventure that lets you witness beautiful rapids and spellbinding views.

Depending on the experience you can choose your levels from difficult to easy. The whole idea of paddling away through the high-speed rapids along the Ulhas River’s 8 kilometer trail and getting across this roaring river gives you an exceptional satisfaction. River rafting near Karjat takes place with full measures of safety that include being fully geared-up with helmets, life jackets and good equipment.

Professional rafting guides conduct the activity under strict security guidelines with optimum measures of safety. Experienced swimmers you at all times, to grant you an unforgettable rafting episode. The best part about Karjat river rafting is that even the non-swimmers can participate in it alongside everyone in the age bracket of 14 to 55 years. Therefore, if your heart yearns to explore the mesmerizing sceneries and the alluring greenery of Karjat, make your bookings from June to August.
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Karjat Rafting FAQs

Which are the best places for rafting in and near Karjat?

1. Ulhas River: The best destination for rafting in Karjat is the Ulhas River which is known for its mesmerising views and white waters that are perfect for adventure seekers. Depending on your experience, you can choose between levels ranging from easy to difficult. The waterfalls cascade into the valley and gush to form the river which, with its twists and turns is a delightful experience to manoeuvre through. Paddle away through the high-speed rapids along the 8 km trail and get across the roaring river with an unparalleled sense of satisfaction!

2. Kolad: An hour away from Karjat, Kolad is ideal for white water rafting and sees thousands of adventure enthusiasts from across India, regularly. The Kundalika River here flows through thick forests and its milky-white waters beckon you to experience the adventure! The rafting experience stretches across 13 kilometres with Grade III and Grade IV rapids that'll leave you enthralled! Kolad isn't only popular for rafting, but other adventure sports like rappelling, kayaking, camping and more!

3. Vaitarna River: If you're willing to travel to the outskirts of Karjat, Vaitarna River is the place to be. White water rafting here guarantees adventure coupled with fun. Over the course of 11 kms, there are approximately 14 rapids, which may not seem like much, but it's definitely exciting to scream along with friends and family as the twists catch you off guard and you row on till you make your way through it. Rafters aren't satisfied with one experience, and you probably won't be either. Prepare to ride the wave many times more, till you've had your share of excitement!

What is the best time for river rafting in Karjat?

The best time to go river rafting in Karjat is during the monsoon and winter time. Though the river rafting operates all through the year but the monsoon season is considered the best as you get to navigate long Ulhas river’s stormy waters and mesmerize by the scenic locations. Winter is also a good time to go river rafting in Karjat because misty mornings and chilled waters fill you with endorphins.

What is the approx. cost of river rafting in Karjat?

The approximate cost of river rafting near Karjat starts from INR 1350 per adult. This package includes a professional guide, rafting activity, and meals. The white water river rafting can also be a part of the package if you select it.

I do not know swimming, can I go river rafting?

Yes, non-swimmers can opt for Karjat river rafting. That is because the activity includes the use of high-quality safety equipment, life jackets, and helmets. River rafting also has got a lot to do with floating as opposed to swimming. The helmet, and life jacket will help you float and the instructors will always be there by your side so that you do not get steered into unknown zones.

What should I wear for rafting in Karjat?

A comfortable pair of T-shirts and shorts would be the best outfit choice for river rafting. You can also wear track pants besides good quality floaters. Avoid wearing any traditional outfit or jeans.

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