Things to Do in Garhwal

There is a lot of fun and adventure making up the range of things to do in Garhwal. The size of the region along with the importance of the tourist places that it encompasses makes Garhwal a hub of exciting activities designed to satisfy the desires of all kinds of tourists. The region encompasses several major tourist hubs of Uttarakhand including Rishikesh, Tehri, Haridwar, Uttarkashi, Kedarnath, Mussoorie, Auli, Dhanaulti, Tiuni, Nainital, Bhimtal and Kausani. Exploring the entire region of Garhwal is a lengthy but ultimately rewarding effort that should definitely be engaged in. From trekking to touring, from biking to bicycling, there are so many ways in which Garhwal’s beauty can be enjoyed.

The list of things to do in Garhwal reads like an exciting adventure book. You can make sacred pilgrimages to important shrines, immerse yourselves in the jungles of the Himalayas, experience the joy of eating fruits plucked fresh from the trees, play with domesticated animals, indulge in no end of adventure sports, and relax in the midst of the serene mountains. Some of the grandest peaks of the Himalayas belong to the Garhwal region, and tourists often travel far just to catch a glimpse of the timeless beauty of the Panchchulis, the Chaukhambas, Nanda Devi, Nanda Khat, Nilgiri Parbat among others. Many pilgrimage sites lie nestled on these peaks and long treks are required to reach them. The Kedarnath shrine and the Nanda Devi shrine are two such destinations as are the towns of Rishikesh and Haridwar, which have long been held in reverence for their holy attributes.

There are many adventurous things to do in Garhwal too. Apart from taking long treks through the challenging but spellbinding mountains, you can also enjoy several rock and water based activities like rock climbing and river rafting among others. Sometimes beauty comes through in the moments of stillness, and so, simply sitting on the banks of the momentous rivers that flow through the region is a very soothing thing to do too. The days and nights you spend in any part of Garhwal will bring you beautiful experiences and memories that will be cherished forever.

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Nag Tibba

One of the most well-known treks near Delhi, the Nag Tibba peak stands in the Tehri Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. This trek over the weekend is witnessing growing footfalls, and offers splendid views of the Bandarpoonch, Swargarohini, Gangotri and Kedarnath mountain peaks en route.

What makes this an ideal first trek are the relatively easy routes etched along the mountain. Thick Deodar forests blanket the hill, and the best seasons to visit are between February and June, and September to December. The Nag Tibba trek route is circular in nature, and the differing starting and ending points ensure that there is no overlap at any point. The lush meadows hide patches behind them that act as serene camping sites.

Distance from Delhi: 347.4 Kilometers approximately

Nearest Railhead:
Dehradun Railway Station

Har Ki Doon

A pristine hanging valley in the Garhwal range, Har Ki Doon is one of the simplest trekking places near Delhi—making it an ideal foray into Himalayan trekking for amateurs. Fulfilling scenes of nature’s majesty carry you through rampant alpine vegetation, glaciers and breath-taking views. For the hill folk, time has remained elusive and one gets to notice their lives from close quarters. The best season to visit is during the months from April to November, and is one of the closest places for trekking in Delhi.

Distance from Delhi: 299 Kilometres approximately

Nearest Railhead: Dehradun Railway Station

Kedarkantha Trek

Close to another marvel of nature, Har Ki Doon, lies the Kedarkantha trek passing through windy trails of the Garhwal Himalayas. A classic winter trek unravelling untouched mountain-villages on its path, it’s the perfect trek to prepare for the other more arduous Himalayan treks. 

Abound with flora and fauna, the Kedarkantha treks passes around the rim of Govind National Park and is open throughout the year. This place for trekking near Delhi is flanked by the Swargarohini peak and a hanging valley, complete with views that’ll blow your mind away.

Distance from Delhi: 428.2 Kilometres approximately

Nearest Railhead: Dehradun Railway Station

Chandrashila Trek

With the enthralling Kedarnath range to the north, the Chandrashila Peak offers splendid panoramic vistas. Literally meaning the ‘Moon Rock’, Chandrashila is incidentally the highest peak in the area. A low altitude trek that’s full of cavernous gorges and vivid imagery, the season for trekking is round the year. With gradients suiting beginners, Chandrashila trek allows eyeful glimpses of Garhwal Himalayas and the trek passes through an ancient Shiva temple atop Tungnath.

Distance from Delhi: 455 Kilometres approximately

Nearest Railhead: Rishikesh Railway Station

One of the sacred places in the Garhwal Region, Shivling is applauded for extending the most challenging trek route in the region and becoming the most favourite spot for adventure seekers. This mountain is located at an elevation of 6543 meters and the chief among the Gangotri Group of peaks.

Gaumukh known as the holy city is just 6 KM away from Shivling and thus the mountain is at an easily accessible location. Though it is not at a great height, mountaineers find it awesome as the climb seems to be challenging and also since it offers the splendid view of the surrounding peaks from the top which in turn is incomparable to anything else. Tapovan meadow, yet another famous pilgrim centre is located between Shivling and Gaumukh. Climbing towards Shivling top started in the year of 1974 by Hukam Singh and group.
Kalindi Pass Trek
Kalindi pass is considered as one of the most arduous treks of the Himalayas. This trek is suitable for physically fit and adventure loving trekkers who possess the abilities of mountaineering and high altitude trekking. It is indeed a thrilling and nail-biting experience.

During this trip, trekkers can visit some of the most famous Hindu pilgrimages on the way. This place is a home to some of the most protected mammals like bulbuls, owls, cuckoos, bearded vulture, golden eagle,  Himalayan snow cock, brown bear and so on.

Best season: July - September
Duration: 12 Days
Altitude: 5946 m 

Deoria Tal

Also known popularly as Devariya Tal, it a crystal-clear lake that mirrors the snow-draped Chaukhamba peaks. Offering an otherworldly view of the mountains and its reflection, trekking here is a surreal experience. Situated in the Kedarnath Musk Deer Sanctuary, overnight camping sometimes leads to spotting animals near the waterhole in the morning. This trekking place near Delhi is open throughout the year, and is a relatively short and easy trek to the magical place that is even mentioned in the Mahabharata.

Distance from Delhi: 420 Kilometres approximately

Nearest Railhead: Haridwar Railway Station

Hanging Valley Of Gods Trek

Hanging valley of Gods, also known as Har ki Doon, is a classic and moderate trek which provides a funfilled experience to the trekker. Situated in the Western Ganges of the Garhwal Himalayas at an altitude of 3, 556 meters, the valley is cradle-shaped and surrounded by dense forests and glittering peaks.

An interesting fact about the Hanging Valley is the people here still practice polygamy and worship the Mahabharata character Duryodhana as their deity. The Hanging Valley of Gods is a remote region that possesses virgin beauty and tranquility. Due to this, this is one of the most preferred places for trekking.

Best season: May - October
Duration: 7 Days

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Garhwal Things To Do FAQs

What are the best adventure activities to do in Garhwal?

The Garhwal region of the Himalayas of Uttarakhand is rich in adventure. The vast region encompasses the best of Uttarakhand and allows people to indulge in a variety of activities calculated to enchant the heart and pump the adrenaline. Some great activities that you can enjoy around Garhwal include:
· White Water Rafting
· Bungee Jumping
· Angling and Fishing
· Canoeing
· Trekking
· Mountain Biking
· Skiing
· Rock Climbing

Which are the best destinations for wildlife safari in Garhwal?

Mountains covered with dense greenery are a distinct feature of Uttarakhand’s Garhwal region. Many national parks and forest reserves are to be found within this greenery, housing birds and animals of many exotic varieties. Plants of the kind never seen in other places can be found in these forest reserves. And the stillness and beauty of the natural setting defies all description. Taking a wildlife safari in the national parks of Garhwal is a great way of experiencing this loveliness. Some great places you can head over to are:
· Rajaji National Park
· Nanda Devi National Park
· Jim Corbett National Park
· Kalagarh Tiger Reserve
· Govind Wildlife Sanctuary
· Valley Of Flowers National Park

Which are the best places to go for trekking in Garhwal?

Garhwal is home to many interesting treks, distinctive in their magnitude and variety. Both beginners and advanced trekkers find treks to enjoy in the mountains of Garhwal. There are some treks known for the beautiful scenery they reveal and some treks that are known for the level of strength and endurance they demand. There are single day treks and there are treks that can take up to 20 days to complete. Garhwal is a region that trekkers will truly enjoy, and one that will keep drawing them back, challenging them to reach bigger and better heights. Some treks in the Garhwal region include:
· Har Ki Doon
· Kalindikhal Pass
· Auden's Col Trek
· Kuari Pass
· Dodital
· Nanda Devi National Park
· Roop Kund
· Chandrashila Summit
· Valley of Flowers
· Gangotri-Gaumukh
· Kuari Pass - Nanda Devi Sanctuary
· Panch Kedar
· Brahmatal

Which are the best sites for camping in Garhwal?

The chance to camp in the Garhwal Himalayas is one that should not be missed. The intensity of serenity that fills the dark mountains when the night falls upon them has the power to touch your deepest being and alter it forever. Night reveals the awful power of the mountains, and their benignity. And when you camp, all these experiences are available to you. There are many places where you can pitch a tent in the Garhwal region, but some of the best camping spots there include:
· Corbett
· Auli
· Chopta
· Shivpuri
· Nainital
· Pangot
· Dhanaulti
· Deoria Tal
· Dayara Bugyal and Bedni Bugyal

Which are the best routes to do biking in Garhwal?

Biking, whether in the form of bicycling or motorbiking, is a magnificent way to be one with the Garhwal mountains. The rush of chilly air on your face and the vibrant persistency of nature’s aromas in your nose make you feel alive and ready to take on the world. All the intricate magic of the Himalayas is open to your sight when you bike through them. While you can bike on practically any route in Garhwal, some are more productive than the others. Some great routes to bike on are:
· Rishikesh to Tehri
· Tehri to Uttarkashi
· Uttarkashi to Gangotri
· Rishikesh to Rudraprayag
· Rudraprayag to Auli
· Nainital to Corbett National Park
· Bhimtal to Nainital
· Chamba to Mussoorie

Which are the best Himalayan summer treks in Garhwal?

Trekking in the Garhwal region in the summer allows you to be one with the freshness and vibrancy of the world just coming to life after a long winter spell. There is a youthful feeling of hope in the air, and there are colours splashed all around. Trekking in the Garhwal mountains is a fantastic way to revive tired minds and bodies and rejuvenate drooping spirits. Some great summer treks that you can indulge in include:
· Roop Kund Trek
· Valley of Flowers Trek
· Chenab Valley Trek
· Dayara Bugyal Trek

Which are the best Himalayan winter treks in Garhwal?

Winter ushers in the snow in the Garhwal region, and with that, the mountainous world is transformed into a white wonderland full of magic and mystery. To trek through the snowy trails and to conquer a high summit despite the icy obstacles is a reward in itself. And the views that burst forth upon you as you trek will make you gasp in astonishment at their majestic beauty held still in time. Some great treks which will let you experience the best of Garhwal in the winters include;
· Chopta Chandrashila Trek
· Har ki Dun Trek
· Nag Tibba Trek
· Kuari Pass Trek
· Kedarkantha Trek
· Brahmatal Trek
· Dodital Trek
· Dayara Bugyal Trek

Which are the best places for river rafting in the Garhwal?

River rafting is one of the best adventure sports to indulge in in the Garhwal region. Hundreds of tourists visit Uttarakhand regularly with the sole intention of enjoying some of its breathtaking rapids. The unique group activity provides a fantastic way to bond with friends and family, and create memories that will make you laugh for years afterwards. River rafting is at once a serious and an extremely fun sport to participate in. Some places where you can enjoy it in Garhwal include:
· Rishikesh
· Tehri Garhwal
· Corbett National Park

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