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Garhwal Tour Packages

Duration Price
Mount Satopanth Trekking 21 Days / 20 Nights ₹ 85000
Pangarchula Peak Trek with Kuari Pass 7 Days / 6 Nights ₹ 9250.0
Trek to the Source of Ganges 7 Days / 6 Nights ₹ 24000.0
Mount Thelu Expedition 16 Days / 15 Nights ₹ 55000
Mukta Top Trek 6 Days / 5 Nights ₹ 8500.0

Garhwal tour packages are available around the year at a justifiable cost attracting a lot of tourists to this place. Tourist places to visit in Garhwal endows the travelers with breathtaking and incredible landscapes, natural lush and vistas, exotic and exuberant fauna and flora and exciting adventurous tours and activities. Garhwal is a region that is mostly favored by the travelers rendering the place with the title of being an adventurous destination spot alluring the tourist from all over the world. Sprawling through the majestic and enthralling ranges of the Himalayan region in Garhwal, this is a splendid place situated in Uttaranchal, India.

With its azure blue river of cascading and sparkling waterfalls plummeting down the hills, lush and lofty peaks covered with icy snow, beautiful wildflowers and green meadows blooming all the way across the landscape and valleys, romantic tincture of sunset and sunrise peeking at the back of the foggy clouds- the complete region of Garhwal is undeniably a heaven for the nature-oriented lovers. Well equipped with a throng of thrilling and elative attractions for the travelers that ranges between the shimmering waters and colossally gigantic peaks, the place is delineated to be a heart throbbing hill station calling people from afar to visit the place in entirety. An abode to different sacred pilgrimage sites that includes Char Dhams, the place is a great destination spot for the religious enthusiasts from time immemorial.

Also, in addition to the beautiful, charming and gripping hill stations and pilgrimage places, Garhwal offers a lot more to its visitors. With the best Garhwal tour packages, the place is considerably dotted with a number of exciting adventurous tours that serves to be a perfect destination spot for the tourist. Activities like mountaineering, skiing, rafting, paragliding, kayaking, boating, skydiving, paddling, jungle safari and a lot more are offered to the visitors in Garhwal. Moreover, the great Nanda Devi is also located in the region of Garhwal in Uttaranchal bringing tourist to this place in great numbers to take a momentary glimpse of the religious pinnacle.


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Mount Satopanth Trekking
Mount Satopanth Trekking



About the Activity:Mount Satopanth in the Garhwal region being a part of the Gaumukh glacier is a dream destination for many trekkers as the routes to the summit are less travelled and quite challenging compared to other routes in the region.Inside the Gangotri national park the mount is situated and you are invited to indulge in a 21 day long expedition to tame this toughest mount and the related areas.Mount Satopanth has the high angled slopes and it is located at an altitude of 7075 meters where the trekkers can enjoy the mesmerising and astounding views of Bhagirathi and Gangotri peaks along with the other majestic Himalayan peaks.You will be going through the banks of the River Ganges and River Bhagirathi during your trip and reach the divine town of Gangotri and then to Gaumukh, the snout of the rivers.During the trekking trip, Vasuki Tal will come your way to give some more adventurous trekking experiences as it is the most beautiful lake situated at a decent altitude.The package includes food, accommodation in hotels and tents during the expedition and transportation from Uttarkashi to the base-camp.The short itinerary is as follows:Day 1 : Team Assembles at UttarkashiDay 2 : Uttarkashi to GangotriDay 3 : Gangotri to BhojbasaDay 4 : Bhojbasaa to Nandan VanDay 5 : Nandanvan to Vasuki Tal B.CDay 6-19 : Reserved for climbingDay 20 : Return back to GangotriDay 21 : Departure
Very Good

29 Ratings


29 Ratings

₹ 85,000

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Pangarchula Peak Trek with Kuari Pass


Transport Included
Meals Included
About Pangarchulla Peak Trek:Adorning the Lord Curzon circuit- one of Garhwal Himalaya’s most fabled trails, Pangarchulla Peak Trek. The peak is usually covered with snow and rugged mountain terrains. The one dominant characteristic of your winter adventure to the Pangarchulla Peak will be the treat of snow.The paves are swaddled with alluring lush greenery, dense jungles, and pristine snow-capped landscapes around. A close-up look of the Garhwal region can be discovered through this trek with the sunshine falling on its summit. Travelers choose to head out on this Trek just to behold the remarkable sights of Nanda Devi, Mana, Hathi, Lampak, Dronagiri.Pangarchulla Peak Trek Quick Facts:Duration: 7D/6NMaximum Altitude: 15,069 ft.Pangarchulla Peak Trek Difficulty Level: Moderate to DifficultTrekking distance: 38 kmTemperature: Day 18°C to 12°C & Night -3°C to -6°CPangarchulla Peak Trek Best Time: April, May, October, NovemberStart point/Endpoint: JoshimathATM: JoshimathNearest Railway Station: HaridwarNearest Airport: Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun
Very Good

1345 Ratings


1345 Ratings

₹ 12,557

₹ 9,250 per Adult

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J75l4czd6myve4f9d79nqhhrcbn4 gomukh tapovan trek Kqigq1rquymhofzuw44yfiajyzv5 1493301410 source of ganges 7yzjkx7hekfe8fzcgoximwbccw39 1493301408 ganga in harsil 30xsqscd5uka3ishywxln7qtbutb 1493301412 trekkers Mlcdbt7oz003chke67i7caw7li6k gaumukh(2)
Trek to the Source of Ganges


Transport Included
Meals Included
About the Gangotri Glacier Trek:Short yet extensive trip to find the sources of the pride of India, the mighty Ganges in their original forms, trek starting from Haridwar will let you go through the snow-covered ascents and descents with the views of the splendid Bhagirathi River on one side and the mighty glaciers on the other side. Gomukh is at a distance of 18 KM from Gangotri in the foothills of Bhagirathi at a height of 13862 ft. It is the snout of the Gangotri Glacier. Feel spiritually enhanced and elevated with the hidden blessings from the holy town. This exciting trek offers flabbergasting views of some beautiful mountains like Shivling (21466 ft), Meru, and Bhagirathi group of mountains.Quick facts:Duration: 7D/6NMaximum altitude: 11204 ftTrekking gradient: ModerateTrekking distance: 47 KmTemperature: Day: 18°C to 12°C and Night: 5°C to -5°CBest time to Travel: mid-April - June, September - NovemberATM: UttarkashiStart Point/End Point: Haridwar

26 Ratings


26 Ratings

₹ 30,000

₹ 24,000 per Adult

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Mount Thelu Expedition
Mount Thelu Expedition



About the Activity:The mountaineers' paradise is Mount Thelu in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand giving umpteen number of opportunities to climb and explore.Here is a magnificent 16 day trekking expedition in which more than 9 days, you would be preparing and climbing the summit up.Arrive at Uttarkashi on the first day by evening and set your gears up in order to start off your trekking trip.During the breathtaking trip, you would come across Mt Saifee as well which is situated inside the beautiful Gangotri national park and the park offers the excellent opportunities to climb the glaciers at ease.Follow the noise of the gurgling river Ganga via the holy town of Gangotri to its source at Gaumukh, with the base being set up at the high altitude meadow of Raktvan.The package includes food, accommodation in tents and transportation during the trip from Uttarkashi to the base camp and return.Max Altitude: 6161 mts /20331 ft

41 Ratings


41 Ratings

₹ 55,000

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Mukta Top Trek


About the Mukta Top:Mukta Top Trek is an ideal spot for intrepid adventurers seeking an unspoiled and serene hiking escapade in Uttarakhand. The trail takes you through diverse forests teeming with various flora and fauna, providing a captivating view of nature's beauty. As you trek along the verdant meadows, you'll be mesmerized by the majestic snow-covered peaks of Gangotri and Bandarpoonch Ranges, making it an awe-inspiring sight. Book the Mukta Top Trek package and have an amazing experience.

35 Ratings


35 Ratings

₹ 10,625

₹ 8,500 per Adult

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Madmaheshwar Trek


About the Madmaheshwar:Nestled amidst the snow-capped Himalayas, verdant alpine meadows, & dense forest, Madmaheshwar is a holy town at 3490 meters above sea level. The town got its name after the ancient Madhyamaheshwar Temple of Lord Shiva, which is thousands of years old and renowned as one of the Panch Kedars. The Madmaheshwar trek is highly revered among pilgrims who undertake it to offer their prayers at the temple, making it one of the most spiritual treks in the region. Embark on this amazing trek to this renowned temple and admire the breathtaking views of the Himalayan ranges & natural beauty. 

24 Ratings


24 Ratings

₹ 13,648

₹ 10,500 per Adult

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Ug7wicsk8plplrfdsnyvo95d616s shutterstock 1412537318 Y29ohuicivu4kk1z2o4hxs43vnqp shutterstock 752028079 575z99z17xjbvjnxoml5w873du22 shutterstock 1307694814 T6gdguwwqvtfq5h74247l8u2fjkd shutterstock 707279296
Mayali Pass Trek


About the Mayali Pass:Explore the vast stretches of the Indian Himalayas with the adventurous trekking experience of the Mayali Pass Trek. The Mayali Pass is situated at an altitude of 5300 m in the Bhilangana Valley and is famous for stunning views of the holy lakes of Masar Tal and Vasuki Tal. The viewpoint of Mayali pass offers stunning views of nearby peaks such as Thalay Sagar, Kedar dome and other peaks of the Gangotri region. This region is also known for its lush green forest covers, snow-capped mountains and small village settlements along the Bhilangana River. Book the Mayali Pass Trek and enjoy exploring the natural wonders of the Garhwal region of Uttrakhand.

29 Ratings


29 Ratings

₹ 68,125

₹ 49,900 per Adult

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People Also Ask About Garhwal Tours

  1. What are the famous places to visit on a sightseeing tour in Garhwal?

    The famous places to visit on a sightseeing tour in Garhwal are as follows:

    • As Garhwal comprises of seven main districts like Chamoli, Tehri Garhwal, Haridwar, Dehradun, Pauri Garhwal, Uttarkashi, and Rudraprayag – these form to be the must-visit places in Garhwal.
    • Garhwal also comprises of hill stations. The popular and well-known hill stations of Garhwal are Mussoorie, Uttarkashi, Chamoli, Pauri, New Tehri, and Lansdowne.
    • Garhwal is a place comprising of the char Dhams- they are Badrinath, Gangotri, Yamunotri, and Kedarnath. These places forms to be the must-visit places in Garhwal.
    • Other must-visit religious places in Garhwal are Hemkund Sahib and Haridwar. Haridwar and Hemkund Sahib are constituted to be the most sacred and holy places traversed by lakhs and lakhs of pilgrims and devotees from all around the globe.
    • The places to visit to explore the adventurous spots are Pindari, Gaumukh, and Nanda Devi Kamet.
    • Other places to visit in Garhwal are Chaukhamba Viewpoint, Khirsu, Kandoliya, Nagdev, Kyunkaleshwar Mahadev, Lakshman Temple at Deval gaon, Adwani, Buda Bharsaar Temple, Sita Mata temple at Phalswari, Narendranagar, Surkanda Devi, Tehri Dam, Chamba, Dhanaulti, Devprayag, Kanatal and Sem Mukhem Temple.
  2. Which are the most adventurous trekking tours in Garhwal?

    The most adventurous trekking tours in Garhwal are as follows:

    • Auden Col Trek
    • Bali Pass Trek
    • Chopta Chandrashila Trek
    • Dayara Bugyal – Dodital Trek
    • Panch Kedar Trek
    • Bedni Bugyal Trek
    • Kedar Kantha Trek
    • Khatling Trekking
    • Kedarnath Vasuki Tal Trek
    • Milam Glacier Trek
    • Nanda Devi East BC Trek
    • Pindari Glacier Trek
    • Valley of Flower Trek
    • Kuari Pass Trek
    • Shivling Base Camp Trek
    • Satopanth Lake Trek
    • Roopkund Trek
    • Nagtibba Trek
    • Nanda Devi Sanctuary Trek
    • Kedartal Trek
    • Kalindikhal Trek
    • Har Ki Dun Trek
    • Har Ki Dun Ruinsara Tal Trek
    • Gaumukh Tapovan Trek
    • Dodital Bamsaru Khal Pass Trek
    • Dodital Darwa Pass Trek
    • Dayara Bugyal – Dodital Trek
    • Chopta Chandrashila Trek
    • Mt. Shivling Trek
    • Kuari Pass Trek
    • Central Himalayas Trek
    • Roopkund Lake Trek
    • Mt. Nanda Devi Trek
    • Kuari Pass Tapovan Trek
    • Gangotri - Badrinath Trek
    • Khatling Glacier Trek
    • Masar Tal Lake via Khatling Glacier Trek
  3. Can I do the Pangarchulla Peak Trek from Garhwal? How difficult is the trek?

    Yes, you can go for the Pangarchulla Peak Trek from Garhwal. Pangarchulla Peak Trek from Garhwal ranges from easy to moderate level. The trek is not very difficult as experienced trekking guides quarry you through the trekking. Pangarchulla Peak is climb is about 4575 m which takes around six days to cover under the guidance of professional tour guides. Trekking in Pangarchulla Peak can be done during two seasons namely summer between March and June and winter between December and January. Pangarchulla Peak constitutes to be an enthralling climbing option during the springtime. This peak gives a good feel to the tourist as it is an easy low peak fostering the travelers with the option of climb plodding through the chilly and crisp morning breeze offering amazing sight views of the mountains to the visitors. This is a trekking trip that offers a lot of challenge to the travelers making their trip ideal. This is a trek that bestows the tourist with a mind-blowing experience of climbing and trekking using special and technical gears at the time of summit or pinnacle climb. They trekkers are made to use technical gears like ropes, harness, crampons, ascending and descending rapplings and ixe and axe.

  4. Which are the places for a wildlife experience in Garhwal?

    The best place for wildlife experience in Garhwal are as follows:

    • Nanda Devi National Park
    • Valley of Flowers National Park
    • Rajaji National Park
    • Kedarnath Sanctuary
  5. Which are the best places for river rafting in Garhwal?

    The best places for river rafting in Garhwal are as follows:

    Rishikesh River Rafting that constitutes the following destinations:

    • Kaudiyala to Rishikesh – This destination is approximately forty kilometers long.
    • Kaudiyala to Marine Drive - This destination stretches approximately from nine to ten kilometers which take around three hours to cover this deadly row.
    • Brahmpuri to Rishikesh – This is a destination that takes you through incredibly beautiful rapids like the Terminator, Hilton and Double Trouble and the difficulty level ranges between grade 1 and grade 2+.
    • Shivpuri to Brahmpuri - This destination stretches approximately from ten to eleven kilometers which take around ten to three hours to cover this deadly row taking the tourist to rapids like Shivpuri Stretch and Marine Drive.
    • Marine Drive to Shivpuri – This destination stretches approximately between two and three hours taking the tourist through rapids like CrossFire, Black Money, and Three Blind Mice. The difficulty level ranges between grade 2 and 3+
  6. Which are the best locations to enjoy skiing in Garhwal?

    The best location to visit to enjoy skiing in Garhwal:

    • Auli
    • Dayra Bugyal
    • Mundali
Newly Added Garhwal Experience

Garhwal Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Garhwal
24 July 2015
Bodhan Mehrotra Pangarchulla Peak Trek
Suitable for group adventure, you will get to discover beautiful and snow terrain, mighty mountain peaks, lush green forests and some hot water springs too. Pangarchulla Peak trek via Kuari Pass in Auli is complete paradise for trekking lovers.
23 March 2016
Vidhya Kapoor Pangarchulla Peak Trek
As I close my eyes, I can vividly recall the moment when I reached the peak after a long trek full of patience. There were tears of joy. I’m truly blessed. Incredible India!
18 February 2015
Achyut Tandon Pangarchulla Peak Trek
What a trip man! New thrill, new challenges in every step. The trek to Kuari pass and Pangarchula peak in Auli was like one of those long roller coaster rides when you can actually feel the blood rushing through your veins.
27 May 2015
Gudakesa Prajapat Pangarchulla Peak Trek
Joshimath in Chamoli district is an ideal location to start your journey of trekking to Pangarchulla Peak. The terrain has moderate level of difficulty but needs care to embark upon same points. There are few location where camping is possible. Over all Pangarchulla Peak trek is an awesome destination.
30 December 2015
Kumar Nambeesan Pangarchulla Peak Trek
Amazing trekking at a remarkable height of 4700 meters. The views from the summit point of Pangarchulla can not be explained in few words. Ascending on the hills was somehow difficult but descending was quite easier. Pangarchulla Peak terrain is entirely covered with snow but fewer grounds are perfect for fixing tents.
Trek was not that difficult!!! the mountains scenery are breathtaking, Our-Leader is responsible and respectful, Overall it's an excellent trip...
Chandani Mishra Pangarchulla Peak Trek
Once in a lifetime expereince, I want to Thanks, Thrillophilia for this amazing arrangement, we had a good operator and staff who assist us in the whole tour with perfection... Everything went awesome and we really felt comfortable in everything
Devagya Verma Pangarchulla Peak Trek
I thoroughly enjoyed this trek to Kuari Pass and Pangarchulla Peak which are the two most important sights to be visited in the Himalayas. I never had a plan to visit the Himalayas last year. But my friend forced to do something really crazy during the Dussehra holidays and finally we found this package on many websites and enquired about it many ways. When we got to know about this trek we was really happy and got ready to be a part of it at the earliest. The Garhwal region is absolutely beautiful. There were a lot of peaks with different names and different altitudes that could be seen throughout our trekking trails. Pine forests were the other attractions. Green meadows had their own contribution in making the whole region look marvelous even from a distance. Professional photographers will not leave the place at any point I think. That’s how the nature blessed the area. It was a complete package of fun, entertainment, adventure and thrill. Along with trekking, we did camping too at some base points. Some of the native people were involved in their day to day activities like cattle rearing, cultivation etc. The villages locating before the trekking points are really beautiful with identical huts and houses. Some of the faces I cannot forget ever. The innocence I found there in the villages will be in my mind forever. I heard the local food from those houses is very tasty but we could not taste it since the organizers had a plan of preparing a fixed quantity of food in the morning and at night. For lunch we had Maggi or bread or roti. But when we reached Auli, we tried some tea and snacks from a shop nearby and liked the very much. The people were warm and pleasant to the visitors. I think they are the best people I ever met. Kuari pass and the nearby locations created an amazing bond with me. I wished my family also could come with me then. I am planning for another trip soon with my family members to Kuari Pass and some more places.
Tara Trivedi Pangarchulla Peak Trek
Two most unique places in North India perfect for trekking are Kuari Pass and Pangarchula Peak. The ravishing beauties located at the top most portions create some of the amazing sights to be witnessed and photographed. I selected this trek to explore the significant places around the Himalayas and watch the blend of natural elements in the right proportion. I was stunned to see these two locations. Both these places are ideal for backpacking trips. Solo travelers would be enjoying the challenging routes very well. If you are perfectly fit, then these two landscaped places should be visited at least once in a lifetime. I have gone there during the normal season without the snow cover and all. But still its beauty was indescribable. The lush greenery and the meadows are the highlights at these two locations. The trekking trails are challenging and filled with difficulties at times. But I have enjoyed the complete routes very well. I have an interest of writing down my travel experiences. After coming back I wrote the detailed description of this trek and I found it was more interesting than I ever imagined. The route from Auli to Khulara was the most beautiful stretch of the whole trek. The region is home to many bird species and sheep and cattle flocks. Since there are large meadows, shepherds come in groups to let their flocks of cattle graze so peacefully. That was a mesmerizing sight for me. Kuari Pass trek trails also have similar sights to visit.
23 May 2016
Jitendra Patil Pangarchulla Peak Trek
Very Good
Lost out on two days due to a stupid fever. Had to rest in the camp. Could not enjoy fully. Never mind, there is always a next time. But don’t know when.

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