Beira Lake, Colombo: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips

About Beira Lake

One of the most renowned landmarks in Sri Lanka, Beira Lake has been existing in the country since the sixteenth century.  In the present days, the waters of the lake clearly reflects everything aligning it. You can see lush green and dense trees eding the lake as well as getting fed by it.

Offering spectacular views, high rising buildings stand crystal clear on the horizon to give the lake a dimension. Everything in and around the lake sums up to become a eye-candy masterpiece of Colombo. It offers a full package of fool-proof fun which can cover the areas of adventure, pilgrimage, picnic, boat ride and ample serene time with yourself.

It is a place which welcomes people of every age with a warm heart. Children can come here in the excitement of having a family picnic whereas teens can get jolly with the thought of capturing a number of pictures. Adults can also enjoy some alone time during the famous boat ride, however the alderlies will not miss the nearby Budhha temple.

Spread over an area of 160 acres, the lake is a huge water body which used to be as huge as spreading over 410 hectares. Portuguses constructed this for the defense of their people and for the very same reason a lot of crocodiles used to live in it.

Don’t worry! Now there are no crocodiles but several other species of flora and fauna. You can easily spot egrets, storks, cormorants, pelicans, monitor lizards, and a variety of fish in and around the lake. Along with that there are several places inside the lake premises which you would be interested in visiting.

Also, the lake is surrounded with various important attractions of Colombo which are must to be explored by tourists from foreign places and locals alike. You can visit the lake anytime between 07:00 am to 06:00 pm and cover all the places in its proximity.

How to Reach Beira Lake

There are two major ways which can help you commute the distance of 35.3 KM from Colombo Airport to Beira Lake. 

By Air:
You simply take another flight from the Colombo Airport to Diyawanna Oya Airport. Once reaching Diyawanna Oya, you will have to take a 10 mins journey by road as the lake is situated at a distance of 8.8 KM from the airport. It would take you around 25 mins to reach the lake and consume around 7,500 to 16,000 INR for the flight and 550 to 700 INR for the cab ride.

By Road:
It would take 30 to 50 mins for you to cover the distance depending upon the traffic you will face en route. Also, you can choose from the various options for cabs ranging differently from each other. You can book an online cab which would cost you somewhere between 470 to 520 INR but if you grab a cab from the outside of the airport, they will charge you around 1,400 to 1,700 INR.

You can book a town car beforehand which will give you an estimated cost considering the time of your booking and all. Lastly, the best option is to drive on your own which will consume as much time as taken by a cab but will cost you as low as 180 to 270 INR.

Best Time to Visit Beira Lake

The lake remains open from 07:00 am to 06:00 pm. Early morning is the most preferable time as there is less crowd at this hour along with great temperature and fresh atmosphere. In terms of months, November to February is the best time to visit the place as the temperatures can get hot and humid in summer months, so this is the time with cool temperatures and no rain.

What Not to Miss at Beira Lake

The lake is housing as well as surrounded by the highlights of Colombo so it is very important that you enjoy the perks of it till the last bit. Here is a list of all the things you should not miss to do around the lake:

1. Boat ride
Beira Lake Boat Ride is the most activity around the lake as well as the city of Colombo. If you are visiting the place then it is a must that you do not miss the chance of rowing or paddling a boat around the waters of the lake.

It was established by the Britishers in the colonial period which is still existing with the same amount of charm and thrill. You can opt for a swan shaped boat which is very popular among the locals as well as foreigners alike.

2. Shopping
If you are at Beira Lake of Colombo, then you must acknowledge that you are also near the first ever floating market of Sri Lanka. The market is developed on 92 stalls established on the boats. They are beautiful red roofed pavilions which are complemented by grey cemented footpaths.

This entire construction was designed to accessories the calm and undisturbed waters of the nearby bank of Beira Lake. You can catch hold of local produce and handicraft which varies from a range of clothing items, shoes, jewelry, bags, accessories, electronic items, toys, fruits and vegetables. Also, some of the boats houses cute and cosy cafes serving snacks and soft drinks.

3. Eat
Eating is the one thing that you should do and you would do no matter where you go. And when you are on the foreign soil, it becomes mandatory for you to try on various lip-smacking authentic cuisines of the place. But when you are at Beira Lake, you can spice it up even more.

Cinnamon Lakeside Hotel is one of the leading hotel cum bars in Sri Lanka and they toss it up even more with 8 Degrees on the Lake. It is a floating eatery run by the Cinnamon Lakeside Hotel where you can enjoy your meal surrounded by calm waters, refreshing air and rich flora and fauna.

Besides, you can book this boat for any kind of your events like unconventional weddings, corporate lunches, birthday parties and much more. The entire place will give you a totally different aura with its wooden finishing adorned by glasses.

4. Exercise
Running along the banks of the lake Beira, the jogging track sums to be a perfect place for morning energising. You can recharge your body by running along this track and refill your lungs with some pure oxygen. It would be a great start for the day and you can also do some exercise and work yourself out.

5. Picnic
A Sunday evening, a basket full of snacks, a checkered red mat and a group of your loved ones sums up to a perfect day. You can get all of these together near Beira Lake and make a number of memories to cherish throughout your life. The lake premises fit perfectly in the definition of an exciting picnic spot.

Attractions near Beira Lake

As mentioned already, the lake Beira is surrounded by numerous attactrations worthy of a visit as well as houses some of them inside its premises. So, it is utterly important to not miss on the gems in and around the lake Beira. Consider this list while planning your trip to the place:

1. Lover’s Island
A walk through the next to perfect suspension bridge is all it takes to reach this beautiful island situated right in the middle of the cool waters of the lake. Matching completely to its name, The Lover’s Island is a flawless romantic escapade where you both can enjoy some quality and serene time in peace.

The island houses a great network of silent streets, hedges brimming with flowers and creepers and benches carved out of stones. With all this, it sure is going to be an ideal place to be with your better half.

2. Eight Degrees on the Lake
Run by a multistar hotel, Cinnamon Lakeside, EIght Degrees on the Lake is an elegant boat with wooden and glass finishing. On the inside, it is crammed with golden fairy lights to make the roof look perfectly amazing. You can relish here on some fantastic dishes from the local cuisine paired with some excellent beverages.

Not only this, you can hire the venue for one of your small get together like wedding party, engagement party, birthday party, corporate lunches and many more events which would require a seating capacity of 100 people.

3. Seema Malaka Temple
Constructed in the era of late nineteenth century, Buddhist Seema Malaka Temple is ever existing in the city of Colombo in Sri Lanka. It is a beautiful piece of wooden architecture adorned with a blue coloured slant roof. Combined with turquoise green waters of the Beira Lake, the temple outshines even more.

However, the temple is mainly used for the purpose of meditation and not for worshipping. So people mostly visit here to spend some calm time meditating and resting in the serene environment of the temple.

4. Gangaramaya Park
Holding its raw charm, Gangaramaya Park is tranquil island brimming with lush green grass, dense trees, soft soil and shelter to sit in. The park is maintained on an island right inside the lake. You can follow a suspension bridge to reach the island and enjoy your serene time in the lap of nature.

You can also catch hold of one of the benches placed out in open and spend your time surrounded by ducks and other birds swimming and playing in the waters of lake Beira.

5. Dutch Museum
A mesmerising blend of red roof and white walls, Dutch Museum houses all the artefacts and items reciting the historical tales of Sri Lanka. All these artefacts belong to the times when Sri Lanka was under the colonial rule of the Dutch. You can plan a tour to the museum to know more about the rich history of Sri Lanka.

Other Essential Information About Beira Lake


Beira Lake, Colombo, Sri Lanka. As it is spread across 160 acres of land, it doesn’t have a proper location but it is flowing across the city of Colombo.

Entry fee:
Not applicable

- Food joint
- Public washrooms 

- Footwear
- Photography

History of Beira Lake

Rooting back in the late 16th century, Beira Lake was constructed by Portuguese to have a defense system against the local kingdoms. Initially, it was established across a huge area of 410 hectares which has been reduced to 160 acres due to developments in the new era.

The defense system worked quite strongly as the entire lake was filled with dreaded and lethal crocodiles. Along with that, various small islands outshined from the blue waters of the lake, some of which were as huge as to settle an entire village or a plantation of coconut trees.

However, once the area and the lake was taken over by the Britishers, they turned it into a hotspot for amusement activities such as rowing and yachting. They also took advantage of the great connection and the network of canals across the city of Colombo for the transportation of goods.

Later in 1810, the first ever botanical garden of Colombo, Kew Gardens was also established in one of the islands inside the lake called Slave Island. Ever since the lake has been the hub for rowing and boating which still attracts tourists in the 21st century.

Interesting facts about Beira Lake

Beira lake finds its roots in the late sixteenth century which sure has given the lake an interesting tale to carry forward. Here are some of the mind blowing facts which will leave amazed by the history of the lake:

The lake was constructed by Portugues in the 16th century as their defence system.

Initially the lake was as big as 410 hectares which also housed several big islands suitable for establishing villages and coconut tree plantations.

The lake used to house lethal crocodiles in its earlier times.

The lake was turned into a recreational spot once it was acquired by the Britishers.

The lake is very intricately spread over the city of Colombo to create a good network.

The lake has also served the purpose of the channel for the transportation of goods.

In the present days, the lake houses the most famous boating of the city.

The lake is surrounded by various interesting attractions of the city of Colombo in its proximity.

The lake houses a floating restaurant in its waters.

Tips for visiting Beira Lake

Sure the lake is an interesting place in Colombo to spend your leisure time at. But you must take these words of advice to have one of the best days of your life at the lake:

Do not miss the boating experience at the lake as it is the most famous activity of the lake around the entire city of Colombo.

Do stroll the entire premises of the lake as a lot of interesting places reside inside it.

Do plan for the attractions around the lake as numerous places of interest are located in the vicinity of the lake.

Make sure to eat at the floating restaurant buoyanting on the waters of the lake.

Do not forget to carry your camera as the place is worth capturing inside your frame. Also, the place is rich in flora and fauna which are not to be missed.
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