Basel Minster, Basel - 2020 (Photos & Reviews)
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About Basel Minster

Basel Minister (Basler Munster) was a Catholic Church built between the years 1019 to 1500, it is now a Reformed Protestant Church and amongst the top places to visit in Basel. This impressive Cathedral was rebuilt after it was destroyed in an earthquake during 1356.

The design of the Basel Minister with the red walls and colourful roofs with sculpture is a mix of Gothic style exteriors, and Romanesque interiors which makes this a heritage landmark of the City. Within the Cathedral is the tomb of Erasmus of Rotterdam, a crypt, The Gallus gate, figures of St. George slaying a dragon etc. that gives an insight into the elaborate construction of the Church that took centuries.

The Piazza of the Cathedral is famous for hosting concerts, meets and other events. The Pfalz - the terrace and the Gothic towers are great spots for the stunning views of the Rhine river and is one of the more popular places amid tourists.
Best time to Visit- July - September
Entry fee- Free
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