The Museum Of Antiquities And The Ludwig Collection, Basel - 2020
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About The Museum Of Antiquities And The Ludwig Collection

The Museum of Antiquities and the Ludwig Collection is also known as Antikenmuseum and the Sammlung Ludwig, was founded in the year 1961, a site of national significance, it is one of the many museums that the city of Basel has.

The artwork in the museum is dedicated exclusively to the antiquities of ancient civilization dating from 4000 BC to the 7th- century AD. A one of a kind museum in Switzerland, it displays works from the Mediterranean region mainly from 1000 BC to 300 AD.

Among others include Greek sculpture and vases, A section for Ancient Egyptian, Italian and Cyprus works of art. The museum is amongst one of the places to visit in Basel for its historical importance. Incredible displays of jewellery made of gold and bronze, sculptures made of clay and other antiques can be viewed. Skulpturhalle Basel, situated near Basel University, is a sculpture museum that is also managed by The Museum of Antiquities.

Best time to Visit- July - September
Entry fee- CHF 20
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