Spielzeug Welten Museum, Basel - 2020 (Photos & Reviews)

About Spielzeug Welten Museum

The Spielzeug Welten Museum also known as Toy Worlds Museum Basel is the biggest in all of Europe. It is your all your childhood under one roof, as the name suggests this Museum has the largest exhibit of toys. There are also themed exhibits that take place regularly, and the Museum remains open on all days.

The place excites not only the kids but also adults with its wide range of dolls, dollhouses, plush animals, miniature motor vehicle, shop models and more. The Museum is located in the centre of the City, with four floors the museum houses more than 6000 toys at the display.

There is a teddy gallery, the biggest one actually, with a collection of over 2500 teddy bears. This collection is especially famous for the quality and variety of unique conglomeration. Apart from the toys, the Museum also has rides for all its visitors to enjoy.  
Best time to Visit- July - September
Entry fee- CHF 7
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