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Ahmedabad is the sixth largest city in India, and India's first UNESCO World Heritage City. With the best sightseeing tours in Ahmedabad, it presents a unique blend of the past and the present. Situated along the banks of the Sabarmati River, this city is single-handedly responsible for 25 per cent of India’s total textile output, earning it the moniker of being the ‘Manchester of the East’. Founded in 1411 and named after its founder Sultan Ahmed Shah, Ahmedabad rose to importance as a trade and business hub after the British took over and set up a number of textile mills here. Today, this mini-metropolis is Gujarat’s major city. A beautifully restored old world replete with beauty, museums and fine food. Ahmedabad wins you over with its wealth of architecture from centuries old mosques and mausoleums to cutting edge contemporary design. Then there's the fascinating maze of an old quarter, excellent museums, fine restaurants, a bustling street-food scene and the tranquility of the Sabarmati Ashram (Gandhi’s former headquarters).


The place has historical importance as it is considered that it was from here Gandhi orchestrated the final struggle for independence. Lothal city is of great interest, especially, to the archaeologists, as this city was established nearly about 4500 years ago and was well connected with the Indus Valley cities of Mohenjodaro and Harappa. For bird watchers, Nalsarovar is a paradise. The best time to visit is from November to February. Nalsarovar houses large varieties of indigenous and migratory birds. Patan is worth visiting, owing to the fact that it is the leading center of manufacturing of the intricately designed Patola silk saris. It is also the ancient capital city of Ahmedabad. Thus, the place is usually well liked by the historians, who are always in the quest to explore more and more facts about the past. Have a look at the best sightseeing tours in Ahmedabad for the best and fulfilling experiences here.

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I always wanted to see the statute as I admire Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. I was so happy and emotional when I went there. World class facilities, free drinking water, escalators... Marvelous was not enough to describe the statue.
The place is so beautiful and the roads to reach here is in extremely good condition. The valley of flowers and the sardar Patel dam is just next to this place which is also very good. One should travel and see this statue once in a lifetime. It is like some giant structure of a Hollywood movie. It is so stunning that you can not move your eyes from it.
Beautiful experience in Himachal Pradesh, So happy that we get this chance to travel here all because Thrillophilia arranged a nice tour for us... We felt so secure to travel with them as they have verified operators and staff... Cheers!!!
We were glad that we booked this with Thrillophilia because it was not easy for us to planned the tour with perfections, Thrillophilia planned was great which within 7-days we were able to cover Shimla and Manali with its major attractions. Accommodations, foods & cab were super great... All thanks to Thrillophilia for this amazing tour they organized for us...
I wish to visit this Statue of Unity for a long time...I'm so excited to see this package from Thrillophilia the booking price was affordable and the trip was nice... The driver was punctual and the journey was smooth, reaching the place and witness the statue from a closer look was awesome... This place would definitely give you different feelings.
I think this tour made my Diwali one of the best so far. I enjoyed myself so much with my family. It was so much fun visiting the beautiful places during Diwali. The entire walled city was looking so beautiful with lighting. Wpuld love to travel once more this beautiful place.
I enjoyed a lot, very comfortable stay and we are foodies so I must mention that the food was delicious. A romantic gateway covering beautiful picturesque places.
Its an awesome and memorable trip from Ahmedabad, only because of the services which thrillophilia provided us. The driver is really so professional and knowledgeable one that he make the trip full of enjoyment. Thanks for making our trip so awesome.
A very well planned trip, where we could equally enjoy the sightseeing, relax in the monastery and enjoy adventure sports too. All thanks to Thrillophilia
Tour was well managed by Thrillophilia, Hygienic food, superb hotel, Visited for 7 days from Ahmadabad very nice and supportive driver provided. I recommended it this tour to everyone who is planning to visit Gujarat.

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