Sarkhej Roza Overview

Sarkhej Roza is an elegant architectural complex of tombs, mosques and palaces built around the Sarkhej Pond. It is an important site of Sufi culture and this is where the Sufi Saint, Ganj Baksh resided. After his demise the mausoleum along with the mosque was built in his memory.

This is the largest Roza in Gujarat and it is a fine example of Mughal and Indian architectural designs. Besides the tomb of the Sufi Saint, Sarkhej Roza also houses the tombs of the kings and queens of that era. The area around the mosque also has a large courtyard, colonnades and prayer halls.

The Sarkhej Roza is a great place for history buffs to visit and learn about the cultural heritage of this place. It is important to remember that women are not allowed in the main hall of the mosque and the men should always wear full pants and not shorts.

Post Jivraj Park, Sarkhej Makarba Rd, Makarba, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380051

Entry Fee:No Entry Fees

6 AM to 8 PM

Best Time to Visit:
September to March

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