International Antarctic Centre Overview

Known for offering an immersive experience to travellers and locals alike, the International Antarctic Centre is an iconic destination in Christchurch, New Zealand. Here, travellers can participate in various exhibitions and experience a stimulating storm. A tour of the International Antarctic Centre gives a glance into the continent's rich history and scientific research. Major things that stood out at the International Antarctic Centre were the Penguin Encounter, which featured rescued Little Blue Penguins, and the Hagglund ride. In all, it is a highly engaging and educational space for all age groups! 

International Antarctic Centre is situated near the Christchurch International Airport, is a popular tourist attraction and a prime entertainment centre which grabs travellers' attention from all around the world. Known for supporting Antarctic scientific programs, this centre allows visitors to delve into the history of Antarctic exploration, showcasing the heroics of early explorers and the scientific endeavours that continue today.

The Hagglund ride is another exciting feature, giving visitors a taste of the rugged terrain and transportation challenges faced in Antarctica. This all-terrain vehicle experience is both thrilling and educational, demonstrating the technology used to navigate the icy landscape. In all, this place is an educational and dynamic destination. At the International Antarctic Centre New Zealand, you get a chance to eye-witness stunning huskies and penguins, which amplifies the overall experience!


• Experience a chilling Antarctic blizzard in a controlled environment, feeling the extreme cold and winds.
• Meet rescued Little Blue Penguins, watch them swim and waddle, and learn about conservation efforts.
• Take an adventurous ride on an all-terrain vehicle, navigating simulated Antarctic terrain and obstacles.
• Enjoy a multi-sensory cinematic journey through Antarctica with wind, snow, and seat movement effects.
• Go for souvenir shopping around the International Antarctic Centre New Zealand.

How To Reach

1. By car: International Antarctic Centre is located around 9.8 km from the Christchurch city center. It will take around 16 minutes to reach the destination via the Memorial Ave route. 

2. By foot: The International Antarctic Centre is located around 9.1 km from the Christchurch city centre. It will take around 2 hours and 5 minutes to reach the destination via the Memorial Ave route.

Other Essential Information

  • Although the indoors are heated, you should dress in layers to stay warm and comfortable. 
  • Arrive early in the morning to avoid crowds when exploring the International Antarctic Centre New Zealand 
  • Wear comfortable shoes when going for horse riding. 
  • While engaging in penguin feeding sessions, take care of your hands. 
  • Keep your surroundings clean, and do not dispose of garbage all around.
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Point of Interest for International Antarctic Centre
Antarctic Storm Simulation

Antarctic Storm Simulation

The most striking feature of the International Antarctic Centre is the famous Antarctic storm simulation, wherein tourists can experience the full force of an Antarctic blizzard within a controlled environment. The storm room is kept at a brisk -8 degrees; however, as the storm hits, the place becomes extremely cold. During the tour of the Antarctic Storm, guests wear special gear to safeguard themselves while giving a genuine sense of icy winds and snowfall. This stimulation allows travellers to deeply appreciate the extreme environmental conditions in Antarctica while enjoying a thrilling experience like never before!

Penguin Encounter

Penguin Encounter

The Penguin Encounter is one of the most popular and heartwarming attractions at the centre. It features a colony of rescued Little Blue Penguins, also known as Fairy Penguins. These small, charming birds are often found in coastal New Zealand and are the smallest species of penguin. The enclosure is designed to mimic their natural habitat, complete with a rocky shoreline and a pool for swimming. Visitors can watch the penguins as they waddle, swim, and interact with each other. Informative talks and feeding sessions are held regularly, providing insights into the penguins' lives, behaviours, and conservation efforts to protect them. This encounter not only entertains but also educates visitors on the importance of wildlife conservation.

Hagglund Ride

Hagglund Ride

Are you an adventure seeker wanting to get a taste of adventure when visiting the International Antarctic Centre in New Zealand? Going for the Hagglund ride in uneven terrain is an exceptional way to challenge the inner adventure-seeker. The ride takes tourists on an exciting, adventurous journey where you have to overcome different challenges. The course includes steep hills, crevasses, and water hazards, demonstrating the vehicle's impressive capabilities. This hands-on experience provides a visceral understanding of the logistical challenges faced by Antarctic expeditions.

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