Cappelle Medicee Overview

A truly unique structure popularly known as Cappelle Medicee, Medici Chapels was built during the 16th and 17th centuries. It is the resting house of one of Italy's most renowned and illustrious dynasties, the Medicis. This place mainly displays the belongings of Medicis' family members. While walking through the passage, you can admire the architectural work at regular intervals. 

The Cappelle Medicee, also known as Medici Chapels, was constructed between the 16th and 17th centuries. Initially, it was designed as a burial palace of the famous Medici family; later, it was transformed into a State Museum. The great artist, Michelangelo's Sagrestia Nuova, designed and developed the magnificent place. The place is lavishly decorated with diamonds, marble and gold. The Cappelle Medicee is the final resting house of some of the most famous members of the family, including Lorenzo. 

During the visit, the family's last survivor will most probably greet you. This architectural marvel was constructed as an extension of a 15th-century church, namely, Brunelleschi. The primary aim behind its construction was to celebrate the Medici family. People from all around the world pay their visit to Cappelle Medicee to admire the marble-decorated interior and the enormous opulent dome. Paying a visit to this place will mark the completion of your journey to Italy. 


• Get a detailed insight into the life of one of Italy's most powerful dynasties, Medicee, by paying your visit to Cappelle Medicee, Florence. 
• As you walk into the premises of Cappelle Medicee, Florence, admire the beautiful arts and architecture by the great architect Michelangelo's Sagrestia Nuova. 
• Constructed back in the 16th and 17th centuries, Cappelle Medicee is one of the world's most admired buildings, which was initially the resting site of the Medici family. 
• Embellished with precious stones like diamonds, gold and silver, visiting this place is an experience. 
• Get introduced to the history of the Medici family in Italy with the help of a knowledgeable guide who will impart extensive knowledge on their life, culture and everyday practices. 
• Since the place is designed lavishly, it is picture worthy. 
• The location of the Cappelle Medicee is almost like a dream come true as it allows folks to witness nature at its best. 

How To Reach

By Bus - Travel to Angelico Amendola from the Florence city centre, which is only a 3-minute walk. Take a bus to Pucci Duomo. It is only a minute's walk from Pucci Duomo to the final destination. 

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Best Time To Visit

Traveling to Cappelle Medicee can be extremely overwhelming. If you have ample time on your hands, the best time to show up is in the morning hours. During this time, there is a lesser crowd, and this will greatly lessen the likelihood that you will have to wait in line. If you're running late, the best time to visit this place is between 4:00 PM to 6:50 PM. beside the beauty of Cappelle Medicee; you get to witness the mesmerising sunset. 

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Other Essential Information


Monday and Saturday - Opens from 8.15 AM to 1:15 PM

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday - Opens from 1.15 PM to 6:50 PM 

Location - 6, Piazza di Madonna degli Aldobrandini, 50123, Florence

Tips To Visit Cappelle Medicee:

  1. Pick an ideal day and time to travel to Cappelle Medicee, as this place remains closed on Sunday and opens for a short period of time only. 
  2. The last admission occurs 40 minutes before the closing time. So, be on time. 
  3. You will need at least 1 to 2 hours to explore the entire Cappelle Medicee. So, keep ample time on your hands. 
  4. No food, beverages or animals are allowed inside the Cappelle Medicee premises. 
  5. Pictures and films taken inside the exhibit halls may be used only for personal purposes. You are not permitted to use any type of flash or tripod.
  6. In case of any damage to the artwork, you will have to pay for it. 
  7. No sharp objects like knives, pens, pencils and so on are allowed inside the Cappelle Medicee. 
  8. Since the tour to Cappelle Medicee will involve walking, it is suggested to wear comfortable shoes and clothes. 
  9. ID proof is mandatory to enter Cappelle Medicee. 
  10. All foreign tourists need to carry their visa details and passports at the arrival gate.

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Day Wise Timings
Open Today
Normal Timings:
08:15 AM to 06:50 PM
Normal Timings:
Normal Timings:
08:15 AM to 06:15 PM
Normal Timings:
08:15 AM to 06:50 PM
Normal Timings:
08:15 AM to 06:50 PM
Normal Timings:
08:10 AM to 06:50 PM
Normal Timings:
08:15 AM to 06:50 PM
Point of Interest for Cappelle Medicee
The Crypt

The Crypt

Cappelle Medicee features a special area called the Crypt, constructed in the 17th century. Here, the minor members of the Medici dynasty were forcefully laid down. Later, it was cleaned up in the early 19th century and featured several tomb slabs. 

The Chapel of Princess

The Chapel of Princess

The Chapel of Princess was designed by Buontalenti and built by the famous architect Matteo Nigetti in 1560-1649. The Chapel of the Princess is a courtyard that is the resting place of 6 Medici Grand Dukes.

Its rare octagonal interior is covered lavishly with marble and semi-precious stones, which grabs every traveler's attention. Additionally, the artwork at the top depicts the greatness of Medicee. This place is a unique example of the Baroque style in Florence. 

New Sacristy

New Sacristy

Constructed between 1520 and 1534 by Michelangelo, New Sacristy is a reminder that the Medici dynasty was an enlightened patron. He worked on several structures of the famous sarcophagi.

However, only a few were completed, namely statues of Giuliano and Dukes Lorenzo and the allegories of Dawn and Dusk, the group of Madonna and Child, and Night and Day. After Michelangelo, his pupils Baccio di Montelupo and Montorsoli completed other art pieces

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Cappelle Medicee FAQs

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