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The Himalayas have always fascinated the world with their grandeur. Garhwal in Uttarakhand has some of the world’s best trekking routes for veterans and beginners.

Trekking in Garhwal – A Unique Trekking Experience

Garhwal trekking is like no other because of the beautiful dense forests of rhododendron, oak and pine trees which are common here. And if one is lucky, trekkers can also spot the rich wildlife like the Ibex, snow fox, snow leopard etc. There are numerous popular treks in Garhwal Himalaya which have received rave reviews from trekking enthusiasts from all over the world. Some of the most popular as well as scenic treks are following.

Gangotri Tapovan Trek

Gangotri Tapovan

This moderately challenging trek takes around 11 days to complete and is usually held between May to June and September to October. This Gangotri Tapovan trek covers places like Gangotri, Gomukh which is the original source of the Ganges and Tapovan which is famous for its meandering brooks. Trekkers get to pass through beautiful valley, high altitude meadows, Gangotri Glacier and getting a chance to admire many high peaks.

Valley of Flowers Trek

 Valley of Flowers

Garhwal trekking doesn’t get any more beautiful than this! The Valley of Flowers, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site is located behind Badrinath in the Western Himalayas. The best time for a Valley of Flowers trek is from mid June to mid September and the trekking route itself is over 17 kilometers in length. Nature lovers must not miss out on this popular Garhwal trek because besides rich carpets of multi-hued flowers, trekkers also get to see wildlife like the snow leopard, musk deer and red fox.

Dodi Tal Trek

Dodi Tal Lake

This moderate trek begins from the Bhagirathi Valley and goes up to the lake of Dodi Tal after covering lush meadows and the Darwa Pass. Dodi Tal Trek is one of the most popular Garhwal treks because of its rich diversity in flora and fauna. Besides dense forests, Dodi Tal is also a good place to try out some fishing. Most trekkers also visit Yamunotri from here by trekking through high altitude grasslands and pristine forests. The Darwa Pass has plenty of greenery, wild and colorful flowers as well as tall rhododendron trees and oaks.

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Roop Kund Trek


Eager to do some trekking in the month of June & October? Then try this trekking route. At the same time, Roop Kund trek is also a high altitude trek which passes through the twin meadows of Ali Bugyal and Bedni Bugyal which are the largest high altitude meadows in India. The dense oak forests above Wan village with trees which are more than 500 years old are also beautiful because they stretch for over 3,000 feet and have retained their pristine nature. Trekkers also get a chance to see the snow capped summit of Trishul closely which is simply gorgeous.

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