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  • Check out this list of about 25 best things to do in Laos, a country with a 10000 years old history that narrates its evolution and transitions. Laos can be marked as the next definite place to visit for your bucket list since this landlocked country has a lot in its store to show you. Waterfalls, rivers, mountains, Buddha temples,
    French architecture embedded buildings magnify the already beautiful country.

    To be listed out, a visit to mount Phousi, Kuang Si waterfall, rock climbing in Vang Vieng, biking in the mountains, white water rafting in Nam Song River, hot air balloon ride are the best options which can make your tour of Laos perfect. Along with the sightseeing and activities, delving into night shopping will let you view a detailed presentation of the Lao life clearly.

    Here are some Things to do in Laos:

  • 01Cycling

    Image Credit : Graham Bland
    Laos mountain biking or cycling trip is a different experience. Hire a cycle and ride through manybeautiful local villages, which makes your trip memorable. Set your journey to Luang Prabang.Along the way you will see local people are producing handmade ‘Sa’ paper. Take out some times and enjoy with various ethnic village groups and have some delicious local foods.If you love cycling in rural areas and interact with local people, then this trip certainly offers this possibility.

    Image Credits : Graham Bland

    The Laos bicycle tours are most popular among the tourists as cycling holidays. Laos is an amazing, peaceful country, still comparatively undamaged by western values. This journey starts from the capital city Vientiane. This place is located on the banks of the River Mekong and has a different elegant charm. This unique cycle journey continues through the Mekong. You can enjoy the rural scenic beauty during the entire journey and finally you have to back from where you’ve started.
    Cycling Tour at Vientiane in Laos

    Cycling Tour at Vientiane in Laos


    h8 HourslVientiane

    Starting from


  • 02Trekking

    Image Credit : lisalaible
    Laos is popular for its trekking tour. Adventure lovers often come here to set a trekking, climbing and rafting expedition. This experience is unique because, this trekking activity covers a long area with forests, rivers, mountain and many more difficulties. This journey will take five to six days to end. A guide will be there to help you all the time. You should carry flashlights, water bottles, foods and some other thing which will help you throughout the journey. You can also enjoy local foods.

    Image Credits : kate_stuart

     Local people are very helpful but it is better that you should carry your necessities. Always follow the instructions of your guide, otherwise this journey will become little difficult for you to continue. Avoid June to September time because, in this time you might face difficulties for rain. Carry some protections which can help to stay away from harmful insects in the forest area during your trekking journey.
    Trekking Trip in Kuang Si near Luang Prabang

    Trekking Trip in Kuang Si near Luang Prabang


    h8 HourslLuang Prabang

    Starting from


  • 03Luang Say Cruise Upstream 2d 1n

    Luang Say Cruise Upstream 2d 1n
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • NNNNN1 review
    • Georgie Walsh
      Georgie Walsh
  • 04Magic Lao by Bike

    Magic Lao by Bike
  • 05Full Day Hill Tribe Village Safari

    Full Day Hill Tribe Village Safari
    • h8 Hours
    • lLuang Prabang
    • NNNNN1 review
    • Mr Joe
      Mr Joe
    About the Activity:
    • Embark in this exciting hill tribe village safari tour and learn about the different tribes of this region.
    • Start your trip at 9:00 AM after getting picked up from your hotel or the mentioned location Ban XiengMuane, Luang Prabang,Lao PDR in an air-conditioned Minivan.
    • Visit the famous Ban Phanom, a weaving village and then the Henri Mouhot Tomb, where the famous explorer of Angkor Wat is buried.
    • Explore the Ban Hathien, a traditional knife making village,Ban Pickyai and explore the rice fields of Ban Na Tan and Ban Kokwan.
    • Meet the ethnic and the traditional people and learn about their culture.
    • Continue your visit to the Hmong village Ban Bohae up the hilly dirt road to the top of the Longlanh mountain which offers breathing views.
    • Conclude your tour at around 5:00 PM in the evening and get dropped back to your hotel.
  • 06Nam Khan River Experience

    Nam Khan River Experience
    • h2 Hours
    • lLuang Prabang
    • NNNNN1 review
    • Ms Holly Nguyen
      Ms Holly Nguyen
  • 07Kayaking at Nam Ou in Laos

    Kayaking at Nam Ou in Laos
    • h8 Hours
    • lLuang Prabang
    • NNNNN1 review
    • Mr Joe
      Mr Joe
    About the Activity:
    • Join this one day trip for enjoying kayaking as well as trekking in Nam Au river. Find adventure through out the trip with the accompaniment of a soothing river.
    • Get picked up from your hotel around 09:00 AM, then go up to the north where the Kayak starting point is located and listen to the instruction from the guide's mouth before you set out for paddling.
    • Start paddling through the river, pass the Eagle limestone at the mount of Ou river to Mekong river and it is facing the famous Buddha cave.
    • Enjoy your lunch aftermath on the banks of Mekong river and then explore the lower and upper caves.
    • Visit a nearby village, Ban Xang Hai that has been involving making clay jars used to ferment wine. Move on to reach back Luang Prabang after you witness the traditional villages that make  Lao silk and Sa paper.
    • Conclude this trip around 05:00 PM by biking back to the Jewel Travel Laos office.

  • 08Kayaking in Nam Khan River in Laos

    Kayaking in Nam Khan River in Laos
    • h8 Hours
    • lLuang Prabang
    • NNNNN1 review
    • Mr Joe
      Mr Joe
    About the Activity:
    • If you are looking for a real time adventure in rivers, head out to partake in a kayaking trip on Nam Khan river in Laos.
    • This one day trip consists of trekking and kayaking. Start your trip from Luang Prabang at 09:00 AM and get driven to the starting point at Ban Mout village.
    • After getting a detailed instruction from the guide start paddling through the river, enjoy the beautiful scenery and see some villages of minorities on the banks of Nam Khan river and finally after a ine and a half hour long kayaking you will reach Tad Sae waterfall.
    • Enjoy your lunch before you get to excite by exploring the beautiful waterfall and indulge in swimming too in the cold pools.
    • Paddle back  and on the way you will observe the local life and their old traditions, after kayaking reach the banks to see the tomb of Henri Mahout.
    • Further, you move to wind up your tour around 05:00 PM at Luang Prabang town.
  • 09Whiskey Village (Ban Xang Hai)

    Ban Xang Hai or Whisky Village is a tiny village located near the Mekong River. It draws visitors with its special strong whisky produced from rice which is sometimes fermented and sold in bottles. Lao-Lao comprises an integral part of the Lao culture. It is used during ceremonies for blessing and tourists are often offered a shot of firewater (or large glass) when on a village visit. Home to only a few people, this ancient settlement, offers the locals and the travellers’ handcrafted hooch.

    Image Credits : henk.sijgers (on when I can)

    Pulling up in a boat, along a shore and sipping from bamboo straws and learning about the whole fermentation procedure is a good idea. Visitors get the opportunity of buying this alcoholic creation, but those preferring water instead of whisky can watch locals weave Lao silk or go on a spree to buy locally made paper and fabrics. The only negative aspect about Ban Xang Hai is that jars of Lao-Lao may contain wildlife. A visit to the Whisky Village is often followed by a trip to the Pak Ou Caves since these two popular spots are located beside one another on Mekong River.
  • 10Climb Mount Phousi

    Image Credit : rule37
    Mount Phousi rises about 150mtrs from the centre of Luang Prabang and is located between the Thanon Sisavangvong and the Thanon Phousi. From the summit, a 360-degree spectacular look of the city with River Mekong to the north, River Khan to its south and east, with all the temples, and surrounding landscape with the mountains has been marked favorite by tourists. When it comes to climbing Mount Phousi there are numerous steps. However the climb is gentle for one with reasonable health.

    Image Credits : HeyItsWilliam

    The popular time for visiting Mount Phousi is in the late afternoon, to watch the sunset over the Luang Prabang and surrounding countryside. For a much awaited peaceful experience, the sunrise view is worth catching, especially from the hill top. The Thanon Phousi staircase is comprising 355 steps zigzagging up till the summit, is well paved, offering several resting spots all along. The Wat Tham Phousi shrine, featuring a huge-bellied Buddha nestling in a grotto and reclining Buddha can be spotted halfway up on the hill. The golden Wat Chomsi, built in 1804 sits on top of Mount Phousi.
  • 11White Water Rafting On The Nam Song River

    Laos is popular among the adventure lovers. There are so many adventurous options for tourists. River rafting is one of them. You can start your rafting journey from Phatang village through the river Nam Song. First, check and maintain your safety equipment, then start rafting. Different type of boats and kayak are also available here. So you can also enjoy them. Sometimes accidents also occur here during this water sport. So be careful and have fun.

    You can take help of professionals too, if you want. Some people visit Laos only for this water sport. So you will easily find some expert partners for rafting journey. Rafting will be included in the package with other adventurous sports. For these adventures Laos is an ideal holiday destination. River rafting or kayaking will take 6-7 hours to complete the whole session. So go and enjoy the river sport experience.
  • 12Dolphin Viewing

    Image Credit : Jennifer Boyer
    The river Mekong, is famous for dolphin viewing. You can set your journey through a boat, where you’ll be able to see dolphins. But it is being hard for these dolphins to survive nowadays. Fishermen are using nets more and more for fishing and this thing is being difficult for dolphins to live there peacefully. These dolphins are trying to live here peacefully but they can’t, because of some unhealthy environment.

    Image Credits : James Blunt

    Some local people who collect fish try to use different kind of nets or blasts or some other bad techniques to catch fish. So dolphins are struggling hard to live here. As a tourist your job is not only enjoy this beautiful view, but also help this innocent and lovely species. This journey will take you from Vientiane to Luang Prabang. You’ll be also able to see some dolphin activities here, which you’ll never forget in your life.
  • 13Take a hot air balloon ride in Vang Vieng

    Image Credit : Frank Farm
    Vang Vieng is a place, where you can have all kind of fun experiences. Hot air ballooning is one of them. This amazing balloon ride will help you to float over Vang Vieng. These balloon pilots are internationally trained hot air balloon pilots and they have proper experience of many years, so you don’t have to be worried, just relax and enjoy the beauty. This hot air balloon trip is extremely expensive ride but Vang Vieng balloon trip is much cheaper than the other countries.

    This hot air balloon will cover almost 800 meters area. This is the easiest way to see the beauty of the mountains & greenery of Laos. You’ll get the opportunity to float over the river, Nam Song. This hot air balloon experience will mesmerized your eyes. You need to spend around 75-80$ this hot air balloon ride, so don’t miss this outstanding opportunity of Laos.
  • 14The Gibbon Experience

    Image Credit : Patrik M. Loeff
    Gibbon experience of Laos is popular for adventure lovers. This Gibbon Experience activity was started before 2006. This assignment has a motive to save the forest of Huay Xai. You should set this trip for 2 days at least. Here you’ll get a beautiful treehouse to stay. In this package, there are number of trekking options, treehouse overnight stay and zip lining.

    Tree houses are among the world's tallest and set in natural theatres with spectacular views. Here you can enjoy delicious meals with outstanding green views. You can easily get all stuffs- torch, gloves, water and other essential things before you start, from Huay Xai Gibbon Experience office.

    Image Credits : BIAU Guillaume

    Make sure your camera and flash light will be fully charged. This package will cost around 190US$. You can extend this Gibbon tour if you want, because you won’t be able to leave the green forest. Then you need to pay little more extra.

    Image Credit : fvfavo
    Slow boating is famous in Laos, which is a popular attraction of tourists. This slow boat trip will take you to the Luang Prabang through the river Mekong. You can book your slow boat trip through a travel agency. Slow boat trip will take two to three days to end. This package will cost 300,000 to 350,000 kip or more. You can plan this trip with your family and friends. This peaceful journey starts from the border area.

    Image Credits : mctrent

     In the rainy season, this river might not be so friendly to float. So it is better to avoid the rainy season, so you can enjoy the beautiful green scenery of Laos. Start your journey around 11:30 in the morning. You’ll get your snacks and meals over there. This boat journey gives you a different feeling and you can’t forget this memory in your life. So make a plan for slow boat tour.
    Full Day Nam Khan Boat Trip

    Full Day Nam Khan Boat Trip


    h8 HourslLuang Prabang

    Starting from


  • 16That Luang

    Image Credit : Raini Svensson
    Laos is popular for Buddhist stupas. In the heart of Laos you will find Pha That Luang, which is covered with gold and huge in size. Pha That Luang was established before 5thcentury. The best time to visit the stupa in the morning after 8am or after 1pm. Closing time of the stupa is 4pm. You can rent the religious uniform of the stupa, if you want. This stupa is 45meters in height and made like pyramid in pattern. To enter you need to pay 50,000 kip.

    Image Credits : Raini Svensson

    Luang had been through a lot. So this stupa has been reconstructed several times because of damage. Finally, a new design and art of the stupa was created by an architect from France in 18thcentury. Pha That Luang is so large that you need to have lot of time in your hand to explore the whole temple. This Lao culture will definitely impress you.
  • 17Lao Massage

    Image Credit : dominique bergeron
    Laos is famous for spa and massage. This traditional treatment will help you to take rest after your hectic journey. This massage will maintain body pressure according to the body weight. It starts from your foot, then covers the whole body and ends up to the head. It takes 1-2 hours, but you can ask for some extra. Laos massage provides your body a complete relaxation. If you have any kind of pain in your body, then the stuffs of the spa will provide you a treatment accordingly.

    Image Credits : Chris Feser

    During this session, you need to wear a towel. This massage will help your body tissues to work properly and give your mind a refreshment. Laos massage will cost around 50,000-65,000 kip for an hour. A different type of oil body massage is also there, which is little costly. If you want this oil massage, then you need to pay more than 80,000 kip for an hour.
  • 18Shopping In The Night market

    Image Credit : shankar s
    Laos night market is the best place to shop, not because of the products but the location and ambience of the amazing night market. This is an open air mall located in Vientiane. Every night local people of Vientiane sell local and traditional items here. This market is located beside of river Mekong. So this unique shopping area is another attraction for the tourists. Red lights and sound of Mekong makes the environment delightful.

    Image Credits : shankar s

    This market gets crowded at night and becomes the busiest shopping area of Laos. You can easily get something beautiful and unique to buy as a memory of Laos. The interesting part of this riverside market is, it appears after evening time and disappears before it gets morning light. Things are not that expensive here, so you can buy anything for gifting purpose. So don’t miss the chance to visit the riverside night market of Vientiane.
  • 19Fullday Elephant Experience & Trails Of Falls

    Fullday  Elephant Experience & Trails Of Falls
    • h9 Hours
    • lHue City
    • NNNNN1 review
    • Toni Tran
      Toni Tran
  • 20Si Phan Don (4000 ISLANDS)

     The Four Thousand Islands have three primary destinations for travellers Don Island Khong is the greatest, yet separated from the typical chill&look there's nothing incredible to do there. A great many people head to Don Det or Don Khon, where convenience is less expensive, you can stroll to one of the huge Mekong-Falls independent from anyone else, and biking and strolling and swimming in the stream is only the same as in Don Khong. An excellent arrangement of islands, set against an apathetic and twisting area of the Mekong. Make sure to look at the biggest waterfall in Southeast Asia, and have discussions with the inviting local people. Outside of the visitor town, one can get a look at nearby individuals, rice ranches and a lot of homestead creatures, particularly cows.

    Image Credits : travelfreak_

    Highlights – Dolphins, Tham Phu Khiaw, Tat Somphamit, Khon Phapeng Falls, Wat Phu Khao Kaew

    Location - Champasak, Laos.

    Opening Hours: 7:30AM–9PM
  • 21Rock Climbing in Vang Vieng

    Image Credit : Rock Climbing in Vang Vieng
    Rock climbing in Laos is popular among the tourists. If you are not a climber, so there is a good option for you, which helps you to get some knowledge about climbing. There is a school where you can train yourself for rock climbing. Here you’ll get many information and instruction to climb the rocks in a day. This training costs around 250,000 kip. You can apply for some more days as well. Your guide will give you a list for useful things you have to carry during your climb journey.

    Image Credits : Rock Climbing in Vang Vieng

    Try to follow all the instructions of your trainer and your guide. After September, start your journey for Thakhek climbing. You’ll get place to take rest when you climb the rocks of Vang Vieng. June to September is the rainy season and won’t be that climb friendly weather. So try to avoid this time of the year.
  • 22Mountain Biking in Laos

    Image Credit : rtadlock
    Rock climbing in Laos is popular among the tourists. If you are not a climber, so there is a good option for you, which helps you to get some knowledge about climbing. There is a school where you can train yourself for rock climbing. Here you’ll get many information and instruction to climb the rocks in a day. This training costs around 250,000 kip.

    Image Credits : scarletfawth

    You can apply for some more days as well. Your guide will give you a list for useful things you have to carry during your climb journey. Try to follow all the instructions of your trainer and your guide. After September, start your journey for Thakhek climbing. You’ll get place to take rest when you climb the rocks of Vang Vieng. June to September is the rainy season and won’t be that climb friendly weather. So try to avoid this time of the year.
  • 23Caving in Laos

    Image Credit : damien_farrell
    If you’re a cave lover then you should go for the Laos caving experience. Vang Vieng is the perfect option for you. This place is surrounded by caves. Tourists love to visit Vang Vieng for cave expeditions. There are many small unexplored caves. Guide will help you in this expedition. You need to carry small kind of flashlights. This expedition gives a different kind of goose bumps.

    The helper person will give you more information about your expedition and also tell you to carry some useful stuffs for your safety. These caves are completely natural and undeveloped. Rarely there will be steps, or lights, or guiding ropes.

    Image Credits : Neil Hinchley

    Travel companies won’t help you in this, so you have to arrange this all by yourself, and for that your little extra effort will be needed.
    Hire a mountain bike or a cycle and ride to these beautiful Vang Vieng caves.
  • 24The Plain Of Jars

    Image Credit : Oiluj Samall Zeid
    Monster stone jugs of obscure antiquated starting point are scattered over many square kilometers around Phonsavan, giving the territory the deceptive name of Plain of Jars. Truth be told it's no to a greater extent a plain than the rice-dish valleys at Muang Sing or Luang Namtha, and surely the vast majority of the inquisitive container destinations are on slopes. Be that as it may, also intriguing than the jugs themselves is the secret of which civilisation made them. Surprisingly, no one knows. In the mean time, a whimsical legend guarantees that they were made to mix boundless amounts of rice wine to praise the neighborhood individuals' sixth century freedom from unfeeling overlords by the Tai-Lao saint Khun Jeuam.

    Highlights – Thong Hai Hin, Visit the MAG Information Centre opposite Craters restaurant, Stop at the excellent Plain of Jars visitor information centre.

    Location - Laos

    Entrance fee - US$ 1.30

    Opening Hours: 9 am to 5 pm
  • 25Kuang Si Waterfalls

    Image Credit : Marina & Enrique
    Kuang Si waterfall is an amazing beauty of Laos, which will take your breath away. This beautiful creation of nature will mesmerized you. It is located in few kilometers away from Luang Prabang. This waterfall is surrounded by trees which have beautiful green and yellow leaves. This scenic beauty and the sound of the waterfall make a dramatic ambience and a small natural pool kind of area. Visit this place early in the morning and don’t forget to take a natural bath in this beautiful waterfall.

    Image Credits : Mild Delirium

    You might have to pay to visit this area. The money they collect from the tourists, use to maintain the whole area of Kuang Si. This place is maintained nicely for visitors. People often come here not only to enjoy the scenic beauty, but also for swimming. It gives you a pleasant experience and relaxation after a long adventurous journey of Laos.