Adventure Sports in Laos

Laos is beautiful country which retains a flavour of old-fashioned charm even as rapid development pushes the country towards a more fast-paced and modernised aspect. It has retained traditions and timeless quality of rural life with stilt houses and paddy fields. Though small, this country offers a magnificent range of activities for tourists, and is well worth the visit if you want to enjoy the best of South-east Asian culture infused within a calm ambience. Rave and marvel at the many shades of green from dark and brooding jungles, glowing emerald rice fields, and the glistening tea gardens covering the mountains. Experience the authentic Laos with a village homestay and get enthralled by natural surroundings during treks.

Explore the best adventure tours in Laos with underground river caves, jungle ziplines and climb karsts for a soul-searching experience. Walk on the wild side and spot exotic animals such as gibbons or elephants. Immerse yourself in spirituality and discover ancient temples. Marvel at hundreds of saffron-robed monks gliding through streets in Luang Prabang. Tantalize your taste buds with spicy Lao food or gourmet French cuisine.Whether it is cities of the lowlands or the remote villages of highlands enjoy local interaction in one of the ethnically most diverse countries of the region. The hardy Hmong people live off the land in remote mountain communities of the north, the remote Kahu and Alak communities of the south have the last remaining traditional face tattoos, and the Katang villages of central Laos sleep with the spirits of the forest.

With so much diversity, ethnicity and multiple interesting things to do, we have selected and comprised the best adventure tours in Laos for a truly exciting and rejuvenating experience on your holiday here.

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