Wildlife Tours in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is one of the best tourist destinations in India with its beautiful, colorful and exotic places. The place of myths and mountains, Uttarakhand has a dramatic terrain with towering peaks, placid lakes and gorging rivers. The twisting roads through thick forests lead to many spectacular sights. Boasting the best wildlife tours in Uttarakhand, it is home to 9 wildlife sanctuaries, the maximum in India. Uttarakhand is rich in flora and fauna and most of the state is covered with forest ranging from the alpine to tropical rainforests. The flame of the forest, jacaranda, yellow laburnum, pines, oak are some of the trees found in the forests.


The wildlife in Uttarakhand is made of a fascinating ragtag group and is home to many charismatic species both large and small. Best known for its signature species- tigers, elephants, monkeys, langurs, leopards, and antelopes. While the tigers and leopards are elusive and hard to spot, the antelopes and elephants are less shy. Enjoy wandering in the forests on the back of an elephant.


The legend of Jim Corbett lives on in the famed tiger reserve that bears his name and is home to the Bengal Tiger. This is India’s oldest and first wildlife sanctuary covered with Sal forests. Enjoy trekking and seeing alpine flora and fauna in India’s highest wildlife sanctuary- Nanda Devi National Park. The revered Valley of flowers is also a part of this biosphere. Gangotri National Park and Nellong Valley are dominated by alpine Oaks and Betula. The lucky few may spot a snow leopard, Himalayan blue sheep and musk deer on their wildlife tour in Uttarakhand.


If you love the excitement of uncertainty, then these wildlife safaris will enthrall you.

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