Seychelles Nightlife Tours: Explore Nightlife in Seychelles

Seychelles Nightlife

Known for its vibrant night, bars, and casino, Seychelles nightlife holds the top rank for night birds who love to party. Seychelles is a combination of emerald greenery and a tranquil environment. As the sun sets down, life in Seychelles starts taking up a new shape. Apart from charming beaches, casinos, and bars, there are multiple gaming houses where people come to test their luck.

Along with the most expensive gaming casinos in Seychelles, they have a massive love for cinema in Victoria that screens diverse international productions. The nightlife is not only for party lovers but also for people who love to laze around the beaches and enjoy the calmness and dreamy beauty of these islands. When the beats are high, the environment starts dimming the background giving exotic vibes to Seychelles nightlife.

Let the thumping music feed energy to your soul and groove it to the beat of happiness and peace of mind. Wonder island of Seychelles is packed with many hidden joyful treasures which add to your list of what to do in Seychelles at night. As hotels in Seychelles have room for entertainment, barbecues, and breathtaking live shows, thus making space for every visitor who comes on board at Seychelles. If you’re into enjoying till the last sip of the pulsating nightlife of Seychelles, you have come to the right spot.
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People Also Ask About Nightlife in Seychelles

  1. What are the best things to do in Seychelles at night?

    1. Dance your heart out at nightclubs: As the saying goes, dance like no one is watching is proven to be true at Seychelles nightclub. Get ready with your dancing shoes and on and show your groovy moves at the clubs. Seychelles nightlife allows everyone to dance like crazy, have endless drinks, and mingle with locals and fellow travelers. There are limited discos, clubs, casinos, and pubs on the streets of Seychelles, but not to worry about it as mainstream resorts and hotels have opened up spaces with in-house environments to party. This attracts tourists to crawl down to the party spot at night and experience the nightlife in Seychelles.

    2. Try your Luck at Casinos: Seychelles has a perfect blend of everything that you could be looking for, and if we’re not wrong you must be planning to get some extra money for booze by testing your luck. Right? Seychelles nightlife has multiple in-house casinos where you can go and test your luck to get extra booze. Feed your pride by bringing out your inner James bond and play the game of sheer luck. You can play games at a casino with the currency you have in your pocket and also if you trust your gut feeling and want to go for high stakes then special private rooms are created. Betting with the vibrant music background adds to the experience of nightlife.

    3. Watch a movie at Deepam Cinema: What to do in Seychelles at night? Well, If you love cinema, you’ll be delighted to know that Seychelles at night has a spot for people to entertain through their cinema setup irrespective of its remote location. There are multiple cinemas which are open during day time but if you plan to enjoy the nightlife of the cinema theatre then Deepam cinema is the only cinema which is open till 12:00 AM. Deepam cinema has a holding capacity of 247 viewers with a profound music system giving it a sense of thrill and excitement. Just grab your snacks and lay back at night while watching your favorite Bollywood, Hollywood, French, and Telugu movies.

    - LocationAlbert Street, Victoria
    - TimeAll days open ( 10 AM - 12 AM)

    4. Dine in at Baobab Pizzeria: After spending a whole day fighting with a sunny day and waves then you must be wondering what to do in Seychelles at night. Well, it’s time to relax and feed your body. If you plan to have an appetizing meal to energize your body after the tiredness then Baobab Pizzeria is the perfect spot. You can keep your hands away from hot mouthwatering pizza, fish, sandwiches, spaghetti, and refreshing drinks. The aura of this beautiful place is minimal and gives a relaxing and refreshing vibe while having your favorite food. Having a meal in the evening time with a cool breeze glancing over your tired body creates a mesmerizing experience.

    - LocationBeau Vallon, Mahe
    - Time12.30 PM - 3.30 PM, 6 PM - 9.30 PM
    - Fee: 514 INR (for one)

    5. Shop at Beau Vallon night market: The sky full of stars and carrying shopping bags in the night is a perfect combination. Many people love to spend the night shopping and enjoy street food, you can have this too at Beau Vallon night market. This night market is completely insane; it is situated at one of the most captivating beaches in Mahe, therefore catches the attention of tourists. It holds more than 25+ stalls including shopping stops and food chains to burst your hunger. Your shopping experience won’t be tiring as it has food stops where you can engage yourself to have your food and charge yourself for more shopping. The place is packed with the most delicious local cuisines, beautiful handicrafts, art, and cultural items.

    - Location: North-Western coast of Mahé
    - Time: Wednesday and last Saturday of every month at 04:00 PM

    6. Enjoy the Street Food: Nightlife gives you an amazing experience where you can explore different street foods. If you’re a street food lover then the streets of Seychelles have a lot of options to serve your tummy. Starting from mouth-watering local cuisines to fried fish to a bowl of rice, you can enjoy your food full to the last bite. For vegetarians, there are stalls that serve veg food but if you are looking for a pure veg stall then you just need to explore the place and find the best spot for yourself. Seychelles never leaves a chance to entertain you as you can find vendors singing and even dancing to make your visit more memorable.

    7. Try some cocktails at Level 3 Bar: If you’re searching for a place to sit and enjoy your meal with music running in the background then Level 3 bar is the place to be. There are multiple in-house bars and pubs but the Level 3 bar located at the Docklands building is considered the best bar in Seychelles at night. This place offers a wide range of premium quality cocktails at reasonable prices. This pocket-friendly budgeting makes it a favorite spot for tourists and travelers around Seychelles. Cheerful people with exotic music make the ambiance at level 3 bar more lively.

    - Location: Level 3, Docklands, New Port, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles
    - Time: 10:00 AM to 2:00 AM

    8. Bar And Pub Hopping: Seychelles nightlife can be boring and simple if you don’t hop into any bar or pub. The best place to go for clubbing is in and around Mahe and Praslin island. If you don’t find space in bars or pubs then you can shoot for hotels and resorts offering in-house casinos and bars. You can easily make your nightlife moments more joyful with the dynamic and vibrant music playing within the cafe. Just take your booze and make the most of the night with energizing live shows and delectable local cuisines.

    9. Clubbing at Katiolo: Want to embrace the feel of tropical vibes in the night then Katiolo in Seychelles is the spot you must be looking for. This open-air nightclub gives an immense experience of the fresh ocean breeze and untouched lively music. The music surrounds itself with a diverse collection of genres from the 70s, 80s, trending, local tracks, and dynamic music. Get rolled out to enjoy different music at a tropical spot to enjoy your hot fries, fried chicken, and burgers. Just make sure you don’t wear shorts or flip-flops whenever you plan to go clubbing at Katiolo.

    - Location: Anse Faure, Mahe
    - TimeWednesday, Friday, and Saturday (08:00 PM - 4 AM )

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  2. Which are the best night clubs in Seychelles?

    1. Barrel Nightclub: Your love for reggae music is fulfilled at Barrel nightclub, the shining star of victoria. The club is not limited to an underground dance floor where you can see people grooving on hip-hop or local music but it also has an outdoor space with pool tables in it. The Night Club is the best place if you want to feel yourself and at the same time jell up with locals. It offers the best nightlife even at a low budget and lets you experience the best nightlife in Seychelles.

    - Open Days: Thursday to Sunday
    - Location: Mt. Fleuri Road, Victoria

    2. Tequila Boom: If you will ask anyone in Seychelles for the most happening nightclub here. Everyone will direct you to The Tequila Boom - since the day it has opened its gate for partying. It has maintained its luxury and amazing ambiance where you get various club offers, VIP booths, dancers performing on hip-hops, and local music, and many more. Worrying about spaces? No need to worry, Tequila Boom is quite spacious with centralized ACs. Get your friends ready to spend a night in the most happening nightclub.

    - Open Days: Wednesday to Sunday { floor dance- Saturday and Happy hour on Sunday }
    - Location: Beau Belle, Mahe
    - Entry: INR 1700

    3. Ozone: Experience the best party of Seychelles at this Night Club - Ozone. It not only delivers space for parties but delivers a value-packed night which is worth spending. The Club offers cocktails, mocktails, and an amazing service with live jamming sessions which makes it the most crowded or visited place in Mahe. The Decent Crowd allows you to experience a hassle-free night in Seychelles. There are special events running which allows customers to win prizes. The most famous thing about this nightclub is that it also hosts various social events which makes it an attractive place to visit.

    - Open Days: Saturday((10 PM - 4 PM), Sunday (10 AM - 2 AM)
    - Location: East Coast Road, Mahe

    4. Oxygen: If you want to experience a calmer yet a nightlife to remember, the Oxygen in Praslin is the place to visit. Famous for its amazing loud music and the crowd from everywhere- the locals, and the tourists rush towards it as the sun goes down. The place might sound very cool and chilling but it has its own rules and regulations- starting from a strict dress code, and an age limit for entry inside it. The Nightclub operates on weekends and only attracts maximum tourists.

    - Location: Praslin
    - Time: Friday and Saturday (10 PM - 4 AM )
    - Entry: 380 INR

    5. Katiolo: Want to show your dance moves? Get your dancing shoes to katiolo. They have a dance floor which is bigger than the normal one and the Music here is amazing as a variety of sounds are being played - from the 80s, 90s to hip hop, and also local tunes. Also, there is a sitting place on the backside of the Nightclub where you can relax and enjoy the hot beverages. The Night Club is free for ladies on Wednesdays and has a strict dress code that needs to be followed for entry. The Club follows its rule very strictly and makes no exception.

    - Location: Anse Faure, Mahe
    - Time: Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday (08:00 PM - 4 AM )
    - Entry Fee: INR 200

    6. Zez lounge: If you are looking for a place with romantic space and a beautiful ambiance for a candle night dinner with your partner. Zez Lounge at Four Season Resort is the place for you. The lounge has both open and covered spaces where you can sit and enjoy the time with your partners by having International and domestic foods. The best time to enjoy its ambiance is during the evening when the sun is setting down and a cold breeze from the sea is running by.

    - Location: Petite Anse, Mahe Island
    - Time: 6 PM - 10.30 PM

    7. The Jungle: If you want to experience something modern and electrifying, the best club to visit is The Jungle in Praslin. It is one of the most famous clubs around as it offers an amazing ambiance with a power pack sound system. Getting into the Jungle club will cost a small entry charge but a complimentary drink nullifies the charge. With the best mixologists working on the bars to make amazing drinks. It also has personal DJs making sure everyone grooves on their sounds and making it the most happening place around in the Praslin.

    - Location: Grand Anse, Seychelles
    - Time: 7 PM - 1 AM

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  3. Which are the best casinos to visit in Seychelles?

    1. Club Liberté Casino: When it comes to spending time in a luxurious gaming area then the casino that first comes to mind is the Club Liberté Casino. The casino offers a mix of a full bar with light meals and the main floor for gaming. The main gaming floor has 2 roulettes and 3 blackjack tables with a semi-private gaming room for higher stakes. The casino gaming house is massive as it has 31 gaming machines and the best part is you can play a power-packed game with all currency accepted. Be ready to test your luck at the gaming hub with a night full of glamour and a dazzling cocktail bar.

    - Location: Four Season Resorts
    - Time: 12 PM - 4 AM

    2. Gran Kaz Casino: Gran Kaz Casino has set their own level of gaming standard in Seychelles and is well known for its tagline “Experience the magic where winners play”. The casino is fully ready to hypnotize with an exotic night with tables and slot games. You can enjoy your love for gaming at the old traditional reel machines or high-tech-oriented slot machines. Visiting this magical casino is a visual treat, all thanks to the vibrant ambiance and energetic music, thus, making a perfect spot for game lovers.

    - Location: Francis Rachel Street, Victoria
    - Time: 10 AM - 2 AM

    3. Amusement Centre: Are you the champion in the league of slot machines? Try your luck with more than 200 slot machines at the Amusement Centre. This place has achieved a special reputation in the eyes of locals and tourists as it has delivered multiple jackpots and prize money which no one can imagine. The place is comparatively smaller than other casinos but it can be compensated with the gaming budget that easily fits in your pocket. This is the oldest casino in Seychelles and the vibe it creates in the air will surely push you to test your luck!

    - Location: Oceangate House Extension
    - Time: 10 AM - 2 AM

    4. Casino des Iles: After relishing your mood with charming nature and peaceful waves touching your feet, it’s time to reveal the casino champion in you. Casino des Iles is situated at the Praslin island and is the only casino on this charming island, to no surprise it’s the most visited casino in Seychelles. To cater to you it has multiple gaming tables and pokers, with over 50+ gaming machines it can hold more than 300 guests. Bring out your mastermind and play blackjack, poker, roulette, or backgammon.

    - Location: Cote D’Or, Praslin
    - Timings: 12:30 PM - 2:30 AM for slots and 8:30 PM - 3:00 AM for table games.

    5. Pallagames Slots Bar: Once you are off the shores after lightening your mood with some mind refreshing breeze of the ocean, it’s time to spend some time and have fun at the Pallagames Slots Bar at Grand Anse, Praslin. The Pallagames Slots Bar is one of the 4 outlets running around the globe, one at Praslin and three others are situated in Mauritius, The casino has around 300 slot machines and around 26 games tables, which includes games like Poker, dice games, Black Jack, and many others that you can enjoy while sipping your drinks. Want to add one more star to your night with melodic music? Get your seat reserved with Pallagames Slots Bar.

    - Location: Grand Anse, Praslin
    - Time: 12 PM - 4 AM

    6. Berjaya International Casino: If you like to play poker or a blackjack enthusiast and want to try your hands on them. You should visit and enjoy games at Berjaya International Casino that has around more than 30 roulette and blackjack tables. It also has 55 slot machines which are very fun to play and have an amazing time trying your luck. The casino also offers gaming lessons such that you can learn and understand different games. No need to worry about betting in your home currency as Berjaya International Casino accepts all types of currency. Just remember the winnings will be transferred in US dollars only.

    - Location: Berjaya beau vallon bay resort and casino
    - Time: 8 PM - 2 AM

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  4. Which is the best time to visit Seychelles?

    To enjoy the beach scenic beauties and nightlife at Seychelles, you must plan your trip in the months of April to May and October to November. The overall weather in Seychelles is much complex as it has mixed climatic conditions.

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  5. Is it safe to walk in Seychelles at night?

    Yes, it is safe to walk on the streets of Seychelles at night. The streets are safe and you will find many people even in late hours. But one should always take basic precautions. So, whenever you plan to walk at night make sure you carry less expensive items with you and try to avoid traveling in empty streets.

  6. Does Seychelles have a good nightlife?

    Definitely yes, Seychelles has good nightlife in terms of music, food, travel. You can get yourself pumped up and refreshed with the environment created with vibrant music and dimming lights.

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