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About Bergen
Nestled on the southwest coast of Norway, the city of Bergen prides in its beautiful wharfs, charming neighborhoods, and deep fjords. Embraced by a series of mountains on all sides, the idyllic charm of Bergen has made it one of the most popular tourist spots in Europe. The second largest city in Norway, Bergen has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, owing to its unparalleled beauty.

The beauty of Bergen derives from the stunning mountains and fjords that surround the place, giving it a popular nickname of the ‘city of seven mountains.  Apart from its natural splendor, captivating old school towns imbue a rustic charm to the city.

While in Bergen, do not miss out on the opportunity of visiting the old town of Bryggen. Replete with wooden alleyways, charming buildings and a chock-full of studious, workshops and eateries, the streets of this 700-year-old town are simply begging to be explored. While in Bryggen, make sure to visit the Bryggen Museum, which chronicles the evolution of the city from the 14th century. Another amazing way to explore the city is to climb one of the seven mountains that gives Bergen its secondary title, with Mount Floyen being the best option.

A haven for adventure lovers, Bergen offers a variety of trekking opportunities- from scaling the scenic Mount Floyen, to hiking to the top of Bergen’s tallest mountain, Mount Ulriken. If hiking is not your thing, you may choose to scale both these mountains on a funicular or a cable car respectively.

You may also choose to explore the country’s history by visiting the various museums here, such as the KODE Museum, Grieg Museum, the Bergen Open Air Museum and Hanseatic Museum. 
The coastal town of Bergen experiences rainy weather throughout the year. Summers in the city remain cool and cloudy, while winters tend to be very cold, windy and overcast.
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