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What You Should Know More About Belgium

  • Q. Travel Advice

    ·         Book your stay and hotels in advance so that you do not have any last minute inconveniences.

    ·         Take care of your cash and other belongings.

    ·         Book all your tours and excursions through an authorized travel agent.

    ·         Do not get scammed into fake offers and schemes for tourists. Stay wary all the time and do not talk to strangers.

    ·         Keep your passports and other identification proofs with you all the time and keep a copy at the hotel in case of emergency.

    ·         Have police, ambulance and all other emergency contacts noted down with you.

    ·         Do not litter at any place and give your contribution in maintaining the charm of the beauty of this place.


  • Q. Drinking Law

    The legal age to consume beer and wine in Belgium is 16 years and 18 years for consuming spirits and hard drinks. Tourists are advised to carry valid age proofs for the verification of the same.

  • Q. Our Recommendations: What you can't afford to miss?

    Famous Craft Beer

    Who does not want to go to a place which boasts about serving the finest craft beer in the world? You can chill at one of the many beer bars of different themes and budgets and you will easily find the nearest one after enquiring at your hotel. The beers here have a high percentage of alcohol compared to other places and hence, you should drink accordingly. You cannot miss out on trying craft beer in Belgium and some of the must try ones are Leffe Broun and Westmalle Tripel.



    Often referred to as the Venice of the North, Bruges is a total replica of Venice with similar canals, ornamented with boats which you can ride on, and also take some pretty pictures. It is a really relaxing experience to sway on the waters sitting in a boat and cruising along the canals, enjoying the beauty of the city around you. This sight-seeing place is a must-visit when you are in Bruges.


    Eat Belgian chocolate and Waffle

    Belgium Chocolate and Waffles have their fame spread all over the world and hence, it is not possible for a tourist to not have Chocolates and Waffles here. The culture of making these foods is appreciated all over the world and once you try it, you will get indulged into their taste and flavors forever.

    City of Ghent

    Located near Bruges, this beautiful city is ideal for a one-day trip while you are on a tour to Belgium. It is one of the hidden treasure in Europe when it comes to the landscape it showcases. You will be mesmerized to see the sheer and pure beauty of nature and country civilization which is the main charm of this amazing place.


    Royal Museum of Fine Arts

    The Royal Museum of Fine arts is a place which showcases some of the finest art works of different forms, cultures and movements of Belgium as well as other parts of Europe. If you are specifically interested in art, this place is guaranteed to leave you stunned with the masterpieces it displays and even if you are not a fan of art in general, you are going to love the beautiful displays at this museum.

    Manneken Pis Landmark

    Though it is just a small bronze statue, it is a famous monument all over the world. A little boy having water coming out like piss is a statue which a lot of us want as a background in our pictures. Hence, you cannot miss visiting this picture worthy destination when in Belgium.

    Mini Europe

    Well, you can take a trip to the entire Europe, right in Belgium. Located in Bruparck, the Mini Europe is a miniature park with little models of famous places and monuments in Europe. Exact replicas of the monuments and places are created in this park in an intricate and artistic way. The perfection of making of these monuments will leave you stunned and give you the feel of travelling all over Europe in one day itself.

    Castles of Wallonia

    The Castles of Wallonia are some of the best ones out of the many dotting and magnificent castles in Belgium. This country is famous for having a really high density of castles per square kilometer and each one of it is different in its own way. The Castles in Wallonia range from houses to big fortresses and each one of it has a different style of architecture and construction.

  • Q. What you will like there?

    Beautiful Monuments

    From statues to beautiful buildings and houses to castles, everything in Belgium is constructed in the most beautiful way. Many world famous monuments are located in Belgium and hence, you will get to see many places which you have seen only in computer wallpapers till now.

    Bar Culture

    Belgium has a bar culture and nightlife like nowhere else. With people relaxing and chilling while sipping on beer at roadside bars as well as luxurious resorts, you will find different types of bar cultures of here, and you can thus enjoy according to your preferences. You will fall in love with the way Belgians enjoy their life in this free culture.

    Friendly and Happening environment

    There is a different kind of excitement in the air of Belgium. You will feel all excited, free, relaxed and rejuvenated when you are here and everyone around you is generally very friendly and welcoming. This is indeed one of the most happening places you will ever visit in your life!

    Tourism Friendly Atmosphere

    Belgium is a place frequented by tourists and hence, all the facilities required by tourists are very well arranged and easily available. Right from basics to luxuries and emergency facilities, everything is sorted in Belgium.

    Beauty of the cities

    It is often said that with infrastructural development, the charm of a place is lost, but this is not the case with Belgium. Even if the places are completely developed, the charm of the cities is still maintained, and you will feel a different kind of beauty even in the development, mainly because the locals have effectively managed to preserve the charm of the places.

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