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Srinagar, the land of beautiful valleys, refreshing gardens and lakes is not known for sightseeing but also for trekking. Embark on the best trekking tours in Srinagar to witness the scenic valleys, snow-clad peaks and towering mountain ranges and picturesque tourist destinations along the way.

Nature lovers can trek to heavenly lakes in Kashmir region such as Dal Lake to heavenly lakes in the Kashmir region such as Dal Lake, Vishansar Lake or Gangabal Twin Lakes. Head to Sonmarg and trek through Nichnai, Vishansar Lake, Gadsar, Satsar, Gangabal and conclude your trek in the beautiful city of Naranag. Wildlife lovers can consider trekking through the famous Hemis National Park, Ladakh. Start your trek from Leh, drive to Zingchen and trek along cascading gorges. If lucky, you can spot a blue sheep which are considered as the prime source of prey for the big cats. Capture these wild moments on the lens and treasure them for the rest of your life. When in Srinagar, tourists can also embark on an enthralling Tarsar Marsar trek, Trek to the highest peak in the region and revel in the stunning beauty enveloping the entire region.

Not just trekkers, the place is also a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. The presence of rare species like Bar Headed geese, Choughs, Golden eagles, black bulbuls, musk deer, snow leopard, brown bear and the golden marmot along the trek make the trip enticing. To watch snow leopards up and close, visiting Rumbak Valley is suggested. The best trekking tours in Srinagar to the valley not only gives you a chance to spot them but also serves an opportunity to visit monasteries, villages laden with rich culture and gorgeous landscapes. The Rumbak Valley trek when started from Leh takes you through a number of ancient monasteries in Hemis, Shey Palace and Thiksey. The ideal time to trek in and around Srinagar is September to October and January – March. The weather in the months of July and August is said to be unpredictable with uninterrupted rainfall lashing in sometimes.

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18 October 2016
The Kashmir Great Lakes trek is just amazingly beautiful, gorgeous beyond words. everyday it used to get better and beautiful. the pristine lakes, the endless meadows, the scenery, the view of twin lakes of gangabal and nandkul from 14000 ft zaj pass is all lifelong experience. this is the kashmir that one cant see on normal tourist itinerary and the hardwork is totally worth it . Our local operator has organized it pretty well, the trek lead and 2 guides were friendly, supportive and professional in their conduct. the food was just too good and never expected to have such yummy food on such remote high altitude trek. we were group of 13 n bonded really well. our batch was during the kashmir lock-down period but i'm glad that we didnt cancel it. the long walks were moderately tough so you definitely need prepare a bit for fitness but its totally manageable. the descent was daunting but thats always the case in my experience. we did face issues with accommodation n return transport on last day due to the curfew situation and operator could have done better job in co-ordinating it rather than just leaving us on our fate. that was the only sore point of the whole experience. I highly recommend this trek to anyone who wish to experience the real beauty of Kashmir and why its called jannat on the earth.
05 January 2016
kashmir, the haven on earth is my favorite destinations and trekiing there was just like icing on the cake... really enjoyed my trek.. camping was also something I was looking forward to and it turned out to be awesome as well.... planning to go for another trek soon..
15 November 2015
An absolute treat of a trek passing through the lakes. It was surreal like heaven on earth. Trekking with my friends were fun and the camping and the clear night stars were very beautiful to look at. Loved this trek. Worth every penny I spent.
19 June 2015
Sonamarg is indeed lovely. Kashmir is the unsung beauty of India and we had an amazing time while we were here with all our loved ones. It was truly an awe inspiring experience to traverse through the valleys and hills of this place.
12 June 2015
Slice or paradise. Kashmir stood true to its name, amazing journey. I just can't get over the fact that something that beautiful is considered as sensitive region. the lakes, the greenery surrounding the place is equally impressive and breathtaking.
Words would be less to describe the place and the entire experience, It is the awesome trek, You must-try once.
One of the best treks we had, Our guide was careful with all the traveler, wake up us in the morning, check we had foods or not and even full caring the whole trek such caring person which really hard to find, the place was too beautiful with the mountains, valleys, wildflowers, rivers and lots would be pleased by the never-ending natural beauty of the place... we took loads of photos of the panoramic views... Thank you for everything
"Filled with exhilarating sights, this is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful treks. A very good experience from the trek expedition organizers."
Though we are familiar with the beauty of Kashmir from pictures and stories, watching them with the naked eyes was really exciting for me. I am not a regular traveler type but I like traveling. Last time, when I got one long weekend, I took three more days leave and went to Kashmir. Dal Lake, Vishansar Lake and one more lake were there in the package. We trekked to these places and many of the climbs were tough for me. I was feeling the adrenaline rush in me when I was looking from the top of a hill to the valleys down. But I should agree to a fact that, the entire location is a fairy tale kind of place. I was wondered to see the glittering mountain ranges and the utmost beauty prevailing in each village. Dal Lake was the most beautiful attraction in the whole region, I felt. Such an extensive lake with a lot of traditional boats decorated with flowers. That sight was really appreciable from the shores. We stayed in one of the hotels in Leh watching the nearby areas from the windows and the next days, we visited the monasteries located near to Leh. From Srinagar, we went to Sonamarg also. The availability of food was limited during the trekking trip to Sonamarg and the walking along the Sindh River was captivating. The river looked so pretty with many trees on its either side. Vishansar Lake is another bundle of beauty with full of flowers and green meadows around. There are a lot of hilly regions near to it. They make the lake so amazing in the middle. No doubt why people call Kashmir the paradise on Earth. Such beautiful places are not existing in any parts of the world.
Kashmir Great Lakes trek was something beyond our expectations. I and my husband were going to visit Leh and other major parts in Kashmir. Two days in between, we have done the Great Lakes trekking as well. It was so amazing and the mountain ranges, rough valleys, tall trees, the villages were all looking so incredible. The blue, green lakes in the centre of the mountains had some extra ordinary charm, I felt. The trekking towards the Great Lakes were through some of the pine forests and along many streams and rivers. Some of the roads were really tough. We went alone, so that we found it difficult to reach the destination easily. But some travelers who were going after the activity helped us take the easiest routes. There was no shops or houses near the lakes but you have to come walking a lot to a stop where you can get some water at least. Hence, you should carry some water with you along with biscuits or energy bars. Camping was also done somewhere near and the night picture was superb. The wind was cold though it was not the time of an extreme climate. Dal Lake was also an amusement for us. We did a shikara ride along the lake and mind blowing it was. Overall, the trip was filled with pure joy. We continued to visit the other places near Kashmir.