King Abdulaziz Historical Center Overview

Also called the Saudi National Museum, the King Abdulaziz Historical Centre preserves the biggest collection of personal artefacts previously owned by the eponymous emperor. The Historical Centre sits on the former grounds of the Murabba Palace, and is one of the most prominent historical attractions in the city. There are several units to explore at the Abdulaziz Historical Centre.

Amongst the top places to visit in Riyadh, King Abdulaziz Historical Centre has been attracting zillions of tourists from all over the world. King Abdulaziz historical center is an amalgamation of luxuriant and opulent royal quarters with an exemplary historic centre housing opulent artifacts and royal souvenirs.

A tour of this historic centre will take the tourists through pivotal archeological artifacts on display. Adorned with Arabian, Islamic and Egyptian architectural marvels, this enthralling historic center begins with a marvelous hall called “Man and Universe” with display of a huge meteorite, mastodon skeleton and other royal intriguing artifacts.

Followed by which, tourists can also spot prehistoric rocks on displays with 1 BC old writings over it. Discover whimsical displays of Qurans of Prophet Muhammand, and mini structures of Medina and Makkah. Uncover the true essence of Arabic luxury and take home a bag full of memories from your splendid heritage tour.

  • Location - Historical Center، King Abdul Aziz، Al Murabba, Riyadh 12631, Saudi Arabia
  • Timings - 8am - 8pm


• Explore the momentous life of this erstwhile Emperor with a tour of the Historical Centre
• Stroll through the luxuriant gardens that flank the Museum
• Admire the “living museum”, or the preserves of the Murabba Palace with its ornate Diwans
• Admire the age-old paintings that now adorn the halls of the Art Gallery
• Explore the eternal literature preserved in the libraries of the Historical Centre

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