Pinacoteca Di Brera Overview
The majestic grandeur and simplicity of Pinacoteca Di Brera welcome you with extravagant Italian paintings that are rich in nuances of the religion and culture. Its baroque architecture lures you in to witness exquisite interiors.

It is one of the finest museums that exist in the present era and yet preserves the fragrance of history. Also known as the ‘Brera Art Gallery,’ it presents to you more than 400 works of art varying from the 14th to 20th centuries. It also offers an interesting description of each painting, making it easier for you to understand them. 

Located in the stunning and happening neighbourhood of Palazzo Brera, this gallery is a centre of interest to many art connoisseurs. Some of the worth seeing pieces of art here include ‘The Marriage of the Virgin’ by Rapfillerhael, ‘Supper at Emmaus’ by Caravaggio, ‘Finding of the body of St Mark’ by Tintoretto.

The gallery also provides audio guides at €5 in several languages like French, English, Italian, German, Spanish and Russian. If that is not enough, you can let your hearts sing to the tunes of a musical evening here that happens every Thursday.

Pinacoteca di Brera also has a photographic library which was founded by Corrado Ricci, Giuseppe Fumagalli and Gaetano Moretti in 1899. Photographs with a variety of techniques like aristotypes, salted pepper, carbon prints, albumen prints, and cyanotypes can be spotted here.

Not only this, but Brera Art Gallery is also a house to Photoradiographic Laboratory which is bent on inspecting and examining the history and technique of works of art. The professional expertise of its staff has led to a significant increase in the knowledge of the nature and conservation of the works of art in the gallery. So explore this lesser-known museum and behold art in its true essence.

How To Reach

- By Bus:

From the nearest, Linate airport around 9.6 km from the museum, X73 bus to San Babila bus stop will drop you around 1 km away from the museum so that you can begin the terrific experience. 

- By Metro:
It is viable to take a metro with Lanza (M2 line), Montenapoleone (M3 line), and Cairoli (M1 line) being the nearest stations to the gallery. Trains from stations Centrale, Garibaldi, and Cadornacan can also help you on your journey to this beautiful gallery. 

Trams are other possible options to reach the museum.

Best Time To Visit

Well, it varies on your purpose of visiting Milan. Although, June and December are the best months to visit museums and galleries in Italy. The temperatures start to warm up in June and it is hot, Milan is still embraced by tourists and experiences a high footfall.

Because of this reason, the most spectacular exhibitions are put up during that time.The hustle and bustle begins in the latter part of the month, and hence you need to plan your stay well in advance. On the other hand, December is cold with not very pleasant weather, the holiday season attracts the tourists and so museums host their most exceptional shows.

Other Essential Information


Pinacoteca Di Brera is located at Via Brera 28, 20121, Milan.

Opening Hours:
Pinacoteca Di Brera is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 8:30 am to 7:15 pm but remains closed on Monday.

This gallery charges a standard fee of €15, but there’s also a little surprise for you. The first Sunday of the month is free, and there are reductions on the fee with valid documents based on a few terms and conditions. 

Distance from Nearest Airport:
Linate Airport which is the nearest to the museum is just 9.6 km away. It is also viable to take a metro with Lanza (M2 line), Montenapoleone (M3 line), and Cairoli (M1 line) being the nearest stations. Trains from stations Centrale, Garibaldi, and Cadornacan can also help you on your journey to this beautiful gallery. Trams, buses, and cars are other possible options to reach the museum.

History of Pinacoteca Di Brera

Pinacoteca Di Brera was founded by Napoleon I and was established in 1809. This gallery is located in Palazzo Di Brera which was initially built by Francesco Maria Ricchino as a Jesuit college. It is also a house to other Milanese cultural institutions like the Academy of Fine Arts and Braidense National Library.

The very first collection that existed here was solely for educational purposes. Mary Therese requested those paintings to provide the students with a fantastic opportunity of carefully studying the extraordinary works of art.

Brera was initially only to display the works of art conquered by the French armies. Hence, this museum opened as a result of a deliberate policy decision. However, it expanded later when the works of art that were confiscated from churches started pouring in this museum in the early 19th century.

In 1882, it became a state gallery and was separated from the Academy of Fine Arts. Pinacoteca Di Brera is also home to artworks from various areas of Italy, thus making it one of the essential museums. It also delineates how the collection at Pinacoteca Di Brera is that of masterpieces by the most talented artists in Italy.
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Pinacoteca Di Brera FAQs

How long does it typically take to cover the entire museum?

You will need at least one day to visit the museum. With over 400 works of art to see and read about, you cannot enjoy it all in its true essence if you are in a hurry to go somewhere else. And if you are interested in interpreting paintings on your own, well, then that depends on you. Take out a day or two, and you still won’t get enough of it.

Is the camera allowed in the museum?

Mobile phone cameras are allowed in the museum. However, flashes and any professional equipment like tripods, steady cams and selfie sticks are strictly prohibited inside.

Is there a locker to keep my belongings?

The Brera Art Gallery provides you with luggage lockers to enjoy the experience with a peaceful mind while you are at ease.

Is photography allowed in the museum?

Amateur photography is allowed in this museum for personal and academic use only.

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