Teatro Dal Verme Overview
Teatro Dal Verme is a Milanese theatre, located on the Via San Giovanni Sul Muro. Designed by the famous Giuseppe Pestagalli, the theatre stands on the site of the previous private theatre the Politeama Ciniselli. First opened in the year 1872, Teatro Dal Verme has an unpleasant history attached to it. During the Second World War, the theatre was severely bombed by Allied soldiers and also looted by attacking German troops.

Initially, through the 19th and early 20th centuries, the theatre was primarily used for plays and opera performances. Today it is not used for opera, but musical plays, concerts and dance performances, along with conferences and exhibitions are still arranged at the venue.

Today it is not used for opera, but concerts, plays and dance performances, as well as exhibitions and conferences, are still regularly arranged at the venue. Home to numerous artefacts, this fantastic auditorium's interior endured reformation and revamp multiple times over the years. 

Teatro Dal Verme currently has four modern auditoriums, including a large size theatre named the Sala Grande, with almost 1420 seats. Also, a minor performance space identified as the Sala Piccola, with just 200 seats, and a better space for displays and conferences named the Sala Terrazzo are a part of the theatre. 

Teatro Dal Verme is considered a hidden gem of contemporary Milan; it is one of the top places to visit to see a running production and is especially admired by art connoisseurs all over the world. Some popular performances to see, include Pomeriggi Musicali - featuring the resident orchestra conducted by the in-house conductor Antonello Manacorda, it is a Saturday matinee concert. Or the nightly shows, Mahler, Rachmaninov and Mendelssohn.

Moreover, the place has other concerts and performances organized, the details of which can be checked on the official website.

How To Reach

By Car: The economical way to get to Teatro Dal Verme from Malpensa Airport is to book a car which will cost you around  INR 472 to 787 or 6€ - 10€. This is best to explore nearby places.

By Shuttle: 
There is a regular shuttle between the city and airport every 30-35 mins to reach the Teatro dal Verme.

By Bus:
if you are looking for some budget-friendly option, then bus service is the best way to travel from Milan Malpensa Airport to Teatro Dal Verme is through taxi Which will cost you around INR 6,302 to 7,879 or 80€ - 100€ and takes a lot more time. You can also take a bus running in every 15-30 mins frequency.

By train:
You can board a train between Milan Malpensa Airport to Teatro Dal Verme which will take approximately  37 min. The train tracks at least 2 times per hour from Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP) to Teatro Dal Verme. The trip time can be longer on weekends and holidays.

Best Time To Visit

When you are in Milan to visit Teatro Dal Verme Italy, the city is full of life and liveliness all around the year. Here’s a proper guide that will help you plan your trip for the Teatro Dal Verme tour.

The best time to visit Teatro Dal Verme is April to Mayor September to October. These spring and fall months bestride the city's tourism season, and they also spurt the summer's scorching temperatures.

1. Spring Season (March to May):

During the spring season is the peak season to experience Teatro Dal Verme city, the city looks vivacious and dynamic as this season. Take a tour around as the weather is great with sunny days to explore the city as much as you can without worrying about the weather. There are several other events this time, including its very own Marathon - Stramilano.

2. Summer Season(June to August ):

Summertime in the city is a memorable experience, simply because of Milano d’Estate. This festival transforms the city into lively movies, art, exhibitions, dance, and theatre. The temperature is around 28°C- 36°C during the summer months.
3. Autumn season (September to December):

The temperature during Autumn is around 20°- 22° C. This is the best time for a visit as Italian Premier League starts in September, and the city goes into a rage again. You can see popular events like Milan Fashion Week, which are hosted by the city. If you want to experience some solace then autumn should be your first choice to travel to Teatro Dal Verme.

4. Winter Season(December and February):

This is one of the best times to visit Teatro Dal Verme. Christmas in this lively city of Italy is worth living through. This is the perfect time to have a mug of hot chocolate or have some wine with locals! So plan your trip to Teatro Dal Verme during Christmas, Milan is among one of the cities you explore.

Other Essential Information

Location- Via S. Giovanni sul Muro, 20122 Milano MI, Italy

Opening Hours - 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Tickets- 1,106.49 Indian Rupee

Distance from Nearest Airport- The distance between the Milan Malpensa Airport and to Teatro Dal Verme is 48.5 km.

History of Teatro Dal Verme

One of the veiled amusements of modern Milan, the Teatro Dal Verme, in reality, opened in 1872 and numerous Puccini premieres were held here. The construction fell into disorder after being bombed in the course of World War II. It was used as a motion picture and then ultimately reopened in 2001 after much revamp work. The amusingly re-established Liberty external now covers four modern theatres and excellent sound quality, it now clamps rock concerts, musical performances, dance shows and plays of all kinds and swarms conferences in the Sala Terrazzo.

The Teatro Dal Verme was gravely bombed by Allied soldiers during World War II and also burgled by conquering German groups. Night concert lists include Mahler, Mendelssohn, Rachmaninov; lately, there have been “music marathons” held here, which have elaborate orchestras from all around Italy performance concerts.

Travellers Tip for visiting Teatro Dal Verme

1. Book the tickets of chief tourist sites like the Colosseum and museums online- this will help you in saving a lot of money while booking tickets.

2. Plan a tour during Autumn or Spring- These seasons are best to enjoy the lively life of Italy locales.

3. Learn a little Italian language and download a translator app- As there are language issues in Italy so, you will need a translator or should know some basics.

4. Must pack comfortable shoes- As these places need to walk a lot. So, it is very much required to have comfortable shoes.

5. Ensure you have a backup for traveling around- You must have some backup plan while you roam around the place as there are times when you miss a play or reach early.
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