Cimitero Monumentale Overview
Cimitero Monumentale, also known as the Monumental Cemetery is currently one of the largest cemeteries in Milan, Italy. It was designed by renowned architect Carlo Maciachini. The main idea behind the establishment of this wonderful monument was to unify all the small cemeteries which were scattered at different parts of Milan during that period.

It helped all the cemeteries to come together and form into a single one. Once you enter the Cimitero Monumentale, you will be astounded to see the use of Greek Revival architecture in a brilliant way. With several mausoleums, monuments, and artistic tombs scattered all over the place, you will have a great time checking out each of them throughout the day.

Apart from that, there are several tombs of noted personalities like Adolfo Wildt, Giò Ponti, Lucio Fontana, Agenor Fabbri, Giacomo Manzù, Floriano Bodini, and Giò Pomodoro. The main entrance to it is through the large Famedio which is a huge Hall of Fame-like Neo-Medieval building that is constructed out of marble and precious stones.

This is the area where the tombs of some of Milan's most honoured citizens' rest. Inside this monument, you will come across the "Milanesi", or citizens of Milan Memorial that is dedicated to 800 citizens of Milan who were killed in the Nazi concentration camps in Milan.

The 62 acres of land, is covered with verdant greenery, beautiful sculptures, buildings, museums and much more. There are two prominent sections in the Cimitero Monumentale - a special section established for those who are not from the Catholic background and a Jewish section. You will need a whole day to explore all of that.

How To Reach

Once you get down at the airport, there are a lot of options you can opt for if you want to visit the Cimitero Monumentale. Take a look at them - 

Railway Stations - 

Monumentale station is 538 meters away.

You can also get down at Monumentale M5 which is 555 meters or 8 mins walk.

If you reach Via Farini, then the Monumentale is 667 meters away which roughly translates to 10 min walk

Travel to Cenisio M5, which is 1068 meters away and will be a 15 min walk.

Bus -
If you are travelling by bus from the airport, then make sure to get on these Bus lines which stop near the Cimitero Monumentale: 51, 94.

Metro -
Travelling by metro is a faster and more convenient option for many tourists. M5 Metro lines stop near Cimitero Monumentale and take about 12-15 minutes to reach from the airport.

Light Rail - 
If you are in no hurry, then take a light rail for a beautiful and scenic travel experience through the city of Milan. Get on the Route 4 light rail which is the closest stop.

Others -
Apart from these options, you can even opt for a private cab and head to the Cimitero Monumentale from the airport or railway station easily.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit the Cimitero Monumentale in Milan is during the months of June and December. During these two months of the year, you will be able to experience soothing weather in Milan. Also, Milan is flocked by tourists who want to enjoy the city's different museums and famous galleries during these two months.

In June, the weather is slightly warm yet it is not scorching hot. A lot of museums and exhibitionists organize different events in most of the renowned locations. But, keep in mind that the weeks of June to Mid-August are the peak season in Milan and it becomes expensive to travel to this city. If only you have a flexible budget, travel to Milan in June.

This is also a beautiful time to visit Milan. However, the tourist count is much less during this month due to the cold weather. Temperatures come down drastically and you will need a few layers of clothing to keep yourself warm. If you are comfortable with low temperatures, then December is your ideal month of travel to Milan. It is also cheaper to travel to Milan in December.

Other Essential Information

Before you visit the cemetery, take a look at this quick overview of some important information regarding the Cimitero Monumentale - 

Location - Piazzale Cimitero Monumentale, 20154 Milano MI, Italy

Entry fee - There is no entry fee.

Timing - Tuesday to Sunday - 8 AM to 6 PM. Closed on Monday.

Distance from Nearest Airport - Bresso Airport is the nearest airport from the Cimitero Monumentale about 7kms.

History of Cimitero Monumentale

The Cimitero Monumentale officially opened in the year of 1867 and was operational till the year of 1992. The main idea behind the establishment of this wonderful monument was to unify all the small cemeteries which were scattered at different parts of Milan during that period.

The Cimitero Monumentale helped to merge all cemeteries into one place and was once the epitome of Greek and Italian architecture. It was one of the first crematorium which was opened to the Western World back in those days.

Inside this monument is a Jewish Section which was designed by famous architect Carlo Maciachini in the year of 1872. It became the substitute for the Porta Tenaglia, Porta Magenta and Porta Vercellina cemeteries. This area came into being in 1913 during the enlargement of the cemetery.

Earlier, the central building used to be the entrance for this wonderful cemetery. This building holds significant importance during the Romanticism period of the mid-1800s.

Highlights of Cimitero Monumentale

Take a look at some of the main highlights of the Cimitero Monumentale -

- The moment you enter Cimitero Monumentale, you will witness that Milan's wealthy families have tried to top each other by constructing large tombs decorated with various elements like angels, putti, sphinx, etc. Different architectural styles have been used like Egyptian, neo-Roman and Byzantine. 

One of the notable monuments here is the family tomb of Bocconi - founder of Rinascente warehouse and Bocconi University. The tomb is made of decorated marble baldachin. You will find beautiful statues of mourning women at the very foot of Jesus Christ here when he was crucified.

Giannino Castiglioni was the main architect and along with him, others include - Giacomo Manzù, Medardo Rosso, Odoardo Tabacchi, Leonardo Bistolfi, Ernesto Bazzaro, and so on.

You will find several sculptures that have been inspired by The Last Supper which was commissioned by the Bruni Family.

An Open-Air Museum

Spread over 250,000 sq. metres, the Cimitero Monumentale is currently the home to a whole lot of souvenirs and artefacts which hold great historical significance. The main entrance of the Cimitero Monumentale is really beautiful. It is lined by several sculptures, mosaics and other souvenirs of that era.

On the left of the main entrance, you will find the photography exhibition where you can witness the development of the cemetery. Also, at the end of the exhibition, you will witness two electric hearses which are from the 1920s.

Travellers tip for Visiting Cimitero Monumentale

When you are at the Cimitero Monumentale, there are some tips you should keep in mind. Have a look at them in these points - 

- Don't forget to check the open-air museum situated inside the premise.

You can take local English-speaking driver-guide for better understanding.

Make sure to dress properly when you visit the cemetery and wear light clothes during the summers.

Always speak quietly here and avoid running or playing inside the premise.
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