Best Snorkeling Tours in Koh Samui - 2020

Leave behind all the stress of your life and jump headfirst into the opportunity to do snorkeling in Koh Samui. This isle is flushed with beaches and a few hidden coves that offer the perfect snorkeling opportunity. While snorkeling over here you can meet the underwater beauties and can feel the waves taking away all your stress.

Whether you’re a professional or a beginner in snorkelling you must follow all the safety measures for an enriched experience. The Koh Samui Snorkeling Tour presents an exciting opportunity to rise beyond your fears as you dive into the beaches. Snorkeling is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Koh Samui and every year tourists flock into Koh Samui in a huge number to try this adventure sport.

You can rush for an excellent snorkeling experience at Koh Tao or can experience the breathtaking beauty of the coral reefs while snorkeling at Koh Nang Yuan. Here is a guide to help you along your way to go snorkeling on this island of Koh Samui.

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  1. What are the best places for snorkeling in and near Koh Samui?

    Koh Phangan

    Since the temperature remains more or less constant throughout the year, snorkeling is favored in this part of Thailand. This island can be easily reached from Koh Samui on a ferry ride in 45 minutes at the most. It has stunning beaches with luxurious amenities that are less frequently visited by the people.

    Koh Phangan has several shallow coral gardens and mesmerizing marine life especially in the north-western patches of the island. The Koh Ma Island and the Mae Haad Beach is considered as one of the best places to do snorkeling in Koh Samui.

    Location: Koh Pha-ngan District, Surat Thani, Thailand
    Cost: 500 Baht/ INR 1180

    Koh Nang Yuan

    Located at a distance of 71.3 km from the Koh Samui Island, this place is a scene out of a painting. The scenic beauty along with polished waters that house fascinating aquatic animals make this place a popular spot for snorkeling.

    Species such as butterflyfish shoals of parrotfish, green and purple sea anemone, clownfish, and clams are some of the creatures that you can see here. The nearby spots such as the Shark Bay and Tanote Bay are also famous snorkeling sites.

    Location: Nang Yuan Island, Surat Thani, Thailand
    Cost: 2000-2500 Baht/ INR 4,690-5,860

    Koh Samui Snorkeling Resorts

    The Koh Samui Island has a lot of popular destinations that provide residence and also help you organize your Koh Samui Snorkeling Tour. Resorts such as the Amari Koh Samui, Silver Beach, and the Bandara Resort are ideal for a peaceful escapade.

    Sareeraya Villas and Suites are among the many places that are well-endowed with luxuries such as outdoor pools, beach views, spa, etc. They book rides for you to go around to spots that conduct snorkeling activities around the famous beaches of Koh Samui.

  2. Which beaches are famous for snorkeling in Koh Samui?

    Coral Cove

    This is a small bay resting in the eastern patch in Koh Samui. Coral Cove is considered as one of the best sites for a Koh Samui Snorkeling Tour. It has huge boulders both inside and outside the water and a massive diversity of corals.

    Coral Cave is the home of several species of fish and other enchanting marine animals. You can have an amazing time with the water beauties while snorkeling over here. There are also a few popular hotels by the beach where you can stay and easily access the coast.

    Location: Bo Put, Ko Samui District, Surat Thani 84310, Thailand

    Choeng Mon

    A number of smaller bays constitute this place which is located on the north-eastern side of Koh Samui. It has a number of hotels and resorts that makes it the perfect destination to enjoy a relaxing holiday in Thailand.

    The main beach has excellent snorkeling spots at both its extremes and also in the middle of the two small islands. Your adventure thirst will surely be quenched by the richness of explorative opportunities at Choeng Mon.

    Location: Bo Put, Ko Samui District, Surat Thani, Thailand

    Silver Beach

    Also known as Haad Thong Ta Kian, this is a tiny bay which is situated in between Lamai and the Chaweng beaches on the eastern side of Koh Samui. It has four central resorts that give access to the public beach located over here. This beach is beautifully surrounded by rocky capes.

    Several granite boulders in this area mark some of the best sites to opt for snorkeling in Koh Samui. Little patches of colorful coral reefs house the exotic marine life of this region.

    Location: Maret, Ko Samui District, Surat Thani, Thailand

    Taling Ngam

    This is a beautiful beach popular for long walks. It is located at a short 20-minute ride away from the central port in Koh Samui. This area is seldom visited by tourists and remains mostly quiet and calm. The whole beach provides marvelous potentiality for snorkeling.

    The very mood of this place puts a deep spell of serenity and absolute freedom from the banal existence that seems like a distant reality. Enjoy the divine beauty of this beautiful scenic island while snorkeling on the beaches.

    Location: Taling Ngam, Koh Samui

    Ao Phang Ka

    This is a popular bay shaped square situated at the southern trail of the Taling Ngam Beach. It is known as a magnificent spot to escape from the city life in Koh Samui. The Phang Ka beach provides tremendous potential for snorkeling.

    You can find another beach located at the southern end of the bay. A short adventurous drive through the lush forests takes you to this mesmerizing spot where you can enjoy snorkeling.

    Location: Ko Panyi, Mueang Phang-nga District, Phang-nga 82000, Thailand

  3. Is Koh Samui good for snorkeling?

    Yes, Koh Samui is one of the best places for snorkelling in Thailand as it has a colourful marine life swimming across colorful coral reefs.
  4. What is the best time for snorkeling in Koh Samui?

    The best time to go for snorkeling in Koh Samui is between June and August when the weather is considerably warm, and the skies are clear. The water during this time is generally calm and clear.

    The temperature in Koh Samui stays more or less constant throughout the year so you can go anytime. But you must consider a few factors such as tides, rain, and moisture level of this place before opting for snorkeling.

  5. How deep do you go when snorkeling?

    Using a snorkeling pipe of about 12-15 inches in length, one can go at an average depth of 1 meter beyond which the pipe starts facing compression. The biggest danger is that your lungs may get compressed before you even realize it, and you may lose consciousness while you are inside the water.

  6. What are the essential things for Snorkeling?

    Essential things while going for snorkelling is a mask, mask defogger, snorkel, swim cap, float vest, wetsuit, rash guard, biodegradable sunscreen, fins and neoprene socks. All these important things will be made available for you by your service on the site of snorkelling.
  7. What things/tips should I know before going for snorkeling activity in Koh Samui?

    Always choose a day with clear skies and when the sea is not choppy. Snorkeling is best done in calm waters.
    Take caution to use only the swimwear that fits you.
    Put on your equipment once before you go in the water to check if everything is working properly.
    Practice basic floating first before you jump for the main event.
    Read up a bit on what to expect so you have a slight picture in mind of what all can happen.
    Try not going solo. Groups are always preferable for this activity.
    Abide by the norms of the place before you go snorkeling in Koh Samui.

  8. Is there any medical restriction to go for snorkeling in Koh Samui?

    Snorkeling is a sport that can be done by an overall healthy individual. People who suffer from cold and other respiratory disorders such as asthma, bronchitis, wheezing, etc. must avoid it at all costs.

    Other medical conditions such as epilepsy, seizures, migraine, seasickness, previous injuries in the spine, head or the back, and cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure issues, diabetes, etc. must also avoid it. A medical check-up must be undertaken before you go in for the game.

  9. Apart from snorkeling what other activities can be done in Koh Samui?

    Kayaking in Ang Thong National Park

    There is no dearth of places to visit in Koh Sumai. Ang Thong national park is endowed with natural splendor and is a perfect spot to go for activities such as snorkeling and kayaking when in Koh Samui. The kayaks take you through beautiful caves and awe-inspiring lagoons and an all-over breathtaking beauty of nature.

    Samui Muay Thai

    Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand and is also called Thai kickboxing. This sport is a kind of dance called the dance of the eight limbs and has been a part of the Thai tradition for centuries.

    The contestants perform a gripping dance piece before the fight begins, which is a sight to behold truly. Considered as a totally new ballgame from the western style boxing, this is a fascinating attraction for tourists and not to be missed.

    Scuba Diving

    This is a famous adventure sport that is one of the primary highlights among all the activities that one could do in Koh Samui. You get to delve into the deeper recesses of the ocean and see the beautiful marine life that flourishes there. Several spots that Koh Samui has for scuba diving include The Dive Academy, Lamai Scuba Diving, Silent Divers, etc.


    Open all throughout the year, every day of the week from 10 am to 1 am; this is a massive attraction for adventure lovers in Koh Samui. EasyKart near Chaweng Lake has a number of interesting activities for kids and adults alike, and you can spend an incredible time with your family when you are here.

    The complex is easily accessed, and it has a number of other go-to activities than just go-karting.

    Safari Tour by 4WD

    A 7-hour long trip takes you to a jungle safari IN Koh Samui. It is an absolutely soul-enriching adventure that is a must-try when you are in Koh Samui. The safari tour is conducted in jeeps and it takes you through the dense rainforests of Koh Samui.

    Popular spots such as Namuang waterfall, grandmother rocks, and the mummified monk are some of the highlights of this adventure.

    Fishing Trip

    The beautiful beaches are the hallmark of Koh Samui. One has multiple options for conducting fishing trips when on the island. To have the once in a lifetime experience you could choose to organize a private beach picnic or a fishing trip over here. You can opt for a day-long fishing tour that takes you on a ferry in waters, or you can opt for fishing with professional escorts!