Adventure Sports in Kathgodam

The quaint town of Kathgodam located in Nainital district of Uttarakhand serves as an entry point to numerous tourist hotspots in the state. So, if you are in a mood for some adventure and fun you can book for best adventure tours in Kathgodam. Kathgodam itself receives lot of tourists. The town houses several beautiful temples. People especially come here to visit temples which are dedicated to Hindu Goddess Sheetla Devi and Kali Chaud. There is huge influx of devotees during the festive season.The town also encompasses a dam which is built over River Gola. This serves as a well known picnic spot. As Kathogodam is situated on foothills of Himalayan range, you can have lovely views of the nearby hill stations from here. Nainital is located quite close by and you can have adventure special trip to Nainital from here. The place basically offers you respite from chaos and commotion of city life. The serenity and calm of pristine environs of Nainital are quite refreshing for mind and body.

You can even book for an adventure trip to Agoda from Kathgodam. This involves a moderate trek of 6 kms. Once you reach Agoda you need to trek to Dodital where you will be amazed by beauty of a sparkling clear lake. You can add more adventure to your trip and further trek to Darwa Top. From here you can have superb view of peaks such as Baderpoonch, Gangotri group, Chaukhamba etc. This adventure tour is simply out of the world and will leave you with memories for a lifetime. Besides these trek a lot of people book for the well known Roopkundtrek and Brahmatal trek which are quite treacherous and call for a lot of energy and stamina. So, go ahead and plan adventure tour in Kathgodam as per your wish and budget.

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