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Kathgodam Tour Packages

 Kathgodam Tour Packages are available around the year at justifiable cost bringing tourist to this place. Located near the splendid hills of Nainital, the place Kathgodam is a real immaculate gem of Uttarakhand that caters as a gateway router for the visitors of Nainital. Though here, there are few tourist sites to explore around but still the pristine glamour, beauty and rustic appeal of this tiny town convinces the tourist to spend few days in this beautiful place. Most of the captivating attractions in Kathgodam are the religious pilgrim temples which the tourist can visit during the festive time as there are various celebrations organized in these pilgrim places for the tourist.

The ultimate gateway to the heavenly abode delineating the Kumaon Hills, Kathgodam is situated on the embankment of the Gaula River in the district of Nainital, Uttarakhand. The area is roosted at a height of five hundred and fifty-four meters above the sea level which rallies on the foothills of the Kumaon Hills. Haldwani – Kathgodam Council, is the 2nd largest Municipal Council located in Uttarakhand which was originally established in the year 1942. Kathgodam is the name which is derived from the term “timber depot” which is felicitous for the town. Considering the major fact that it is the main center where all the trade and commerce activities take place, Kathgodam is also a highly attractive hamlet. Kumaoni is the local language which is spoken in this region besides Garhwali and Hindi. Previously, Kathgodam was an unnoticed village, with less populous.

However, Kathgodam came to notice when it was brought into the Indian railway map by the Britishers in the year 1909. The railway track of Haldwani was extended till Kathgodam in the year 1884 and now it is the last station of NE Railways (North East Railways). Two of the major distinguished attractions of Kathgodam are the temples that are highly dedicated to the Hindu divinities Kalichaud and Sheetla Devi. A number of religious devotees visit Kathgodam to pay respect to these temples at the festive time. So, avail Kathgodam tour packages to witness the beauty of the place.

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    Roopkund Trekking in Uttarakhand, 2017
    d8 Days n7 Nights

    About the Destinations: The Roopkund trek is an invigorating expedition from the high altitude region of Loharjung, in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand at 3200m, to the ‘Skeletal Lake’ of Roopkund shadowed by the mighty peak of Trishul standing tall at 5000m. The trail for the trek that leads to the frozen Roopkund Lake also overlaps with the religious pilgrimage of Nanda Devi thus making this experience of trekking in Uttarakhand, an overall mix of culture and adventure. Going by legends, the ‘Mystery Lake’ is immersed and circled by hundreds of skeletons which is the major attraction of this trek. The skeletons happen to belong to pilgrims who fell to their deaths due to the unexpected natural calamities. For trekking enthusiasts, the Roopkund trekking is an idyllic one comprising of trails cutting through dense thickets, surpassing the gushing waters of brooks and streams as well as charming lakes and  vast expanse of lush grasslands, also known as ‘Bugyals’. At the top of the mysterious lake of Roopkund, get the opportunity to witness and marvel at the stunning views of  Roopkund Glacier, Trishul, Nandaghungti and Choukhamba peaks.  Temperature: May – June: 15 to 20 degrees (during daytime) and 7 to -2 (during night), Sept – Oct: 15 to 10 (during daytime) and night 5 to -5 degrees (during night)

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    Roopkund Trek, Uttaranchal 2017
    d8 Days n7 Nights

    Available Group Departure:May 2018: 5,12,19,26About the Destinations: A trek to Mystery Lake of Uttarakhand i.e. Roopkund Lake is a must-do for an avid trekker! Battling several adversities common to the Himalayas, this water body perched in the laps of the snow-clad Mt. Trishul is situated at an altitude of 16,499ft. Most attractive for the human skeletons lying at the bottom of the lake, which are distinctly visible when the snow melts, the lake is swarmed by the plenitude of visitors. The route along this trek is a fascinating journey of discovering the most pristine of the Himalayan contribution of oak and blooming rhododendron forests. A moderate trek, the trek trails through mountainous rivers, enthralling ridges, lush forests and scenic meadows.About the Trek: Blessed with deep virgin forests, gurgling brooks, breath-taking campsites and the beckoning meadows Roopkund trek is a must do trek for you. Get a chance to taste adventure as you climb from 8,000 ft to 16,000 ft in a period of 8 days. The adventure starts for you from the second day onwards as you start trekking to Roopkund Glacial lake. Take the Lord Curzon trail starting Lohajung and follow a steady uphill trek through the Lohajung Pass and then reach the Bedni River. Get a chance to admire the stunning view of the Garhwal Himalayan ranges as you trek from Didna Village to Ali Bugyal on your third day. On your fourth day, you will be trekking from Ali Bugyal to Ghora Lotani and witness the beauty of the Himalayas. Also, spot a Himalayan Magpie on the way. On your fifth day you will be trekking from Ghora Lotani to Bhagwabasa, here you will face the challenges of high altitudes, zig-zag trails and the icy cold winds. Passing through Kalu Vinayak, you will finally reach Bhagwabasa. On your sixth day, you will pass from Bhagwabasa to Roopkund Lake and then to Bedni Bugyal. The uninhabited landmark in the laps of Mt. Trishul has overwhelmed many travellers with its innumerable stories. Admire the charming Garhwal Himalayas in full glory extending up to Gangotri. On your seventh day you will start trekking back from Bedni Bugyal to Lohajung and pass through the hundreds of blooming rhododendrons and then take a steep turn for the Neel Ganga and arrive at Wan. You will complete you trek on the eight day. Roopkund trek is definitely the one which will make your dream come true of trekking in the mountains.Roopkund Trek Highlights:- Feast your eyes as you see the gurgling brooks, breath-taking campsites during this amazing Roopkund trek.- Enjoy camping near the cascading water and the clean night sky under the billions of stars. Also, enjoy a small bonfire with your friends.- Trek through some of the most alpine and forests of fir, Rhododendron, and Oak.- Get a chance to witness the rare flora and fauna of this region as you continue your trek.- Feast your eyes at the majestic view of the Mt Trishul looms over the place as you continue climbing.- Enclosed by mountains, this is the perfect place for taking some amazing photographs.- Admire the imposing Chaukhamba range, Neelkanth peak, Kedarnath, Kedar Dom.- Spend some time staring at the might white peaks and pass through the small streams on your way.- And also meet the local people here and share a cup of tea while you learn about their culture.Quick Facts:Temperature: Day: 13-18°C and Night: 0-7°CTrekking Distance:  53kmMaximum Altitude: 115,696Difficulty Level: Moderate To Difficult Railway Station:  Kathgodam Railway station is the nearest railway station 

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    d11 Days n10 Nights

    About the Destinations: The second highest peak in the Indian Himalayan Range, Nanda Devi Base Camp Trek is indeed a jewel that gives you an unforgettable experience of trekking in India. The scenic beauty of the snow-clad peaks, the surreal nature that prevails around the peak, the exotic range of flora and fauna in the vicinity has earned it the fame of being one of the most magnificent peaks in the world. Originating from Munsyai, Uttarakhand, this high altitude trek takes you through some of the exhilarating passes, winding trails, lush forests and several pictorial meadows. Following the ancient trade routes between India and Tibet, this astounding trek also offers glimpses of life in the higher altitudes and several cultures that are indigenous only to the Trans Himalayan Range.

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  • d4 Days n3 Nights

    About the Activity:Embark in this exciting Himalayan 4 days 3 nights trekking expedition and get a chance to explore the stunning beauty of this region. Get picked up from Uttarkashi taxi stand by 12 noon and then drive to Sangam Chatti. Reach Agoda after a short trek of 6 kms and camp for the night.After a delicious morning breakfast start trekking to reach Dodital via Manghi and head towards Dodital. Get amazed by the amazing view of the crystal clear water at Dodital and the beauty of the lake.Continue trekking to reach  Darwa Top and admire the stunning view of the significant peaks like Gangotri group, Baderpoonch, Chaukhamba, etc. from the top.Start trekking back towards Bevra via Dodital. and start your journey towards Sangamchatti. End this exciting tour by getting transferred to Dehradun.

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    d8 Days n7 Nights

    About the Activity:Fixed departure: 18-09-2016Indulge in an eight day long trek to Roopkund which is a high altitude glacial lake in Uttarakhand and a salubrious nature for the accompaniment.Arrive near Kathgodam Railway Station at 6:30 A.M get driven to Loharjung and enjoy the sights of a beautiful place with snow covered mountains.Grab energy to trek to Didina, Ali Bugyal, Ghora Lotani, Bhagwabasa, Roopkund lake and finally to Bedni Bugyal.Mark the seventh day of the trip with a challenging trek to Wan and then get driven to Lohajung after six hours of trek and one hour journey.Return to Kathgodam from Loharjung at 5:00 P.M. and your trip ends on the eighth day.The tour includes food, accommodation and transportation during the trek.

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    d7 Days n6 Nights

    About the Activity:Embark in this exciting 7 days 6 nights trekking in Rupin pass and get a chance to explore the amazing beauty of this region.Start you get driven from Kathgodam to Bageshwar and explore the Bageshwar town.Visit the old Bagnath temple at the confluence of Saryu and Gomti River and reach Loharkhet by the evening.Start trekking to the Pindari Glacier and trek through Khati the biggest village en route Pindari Glacier. Spend the night at Khati. Continue trekking to Dwali another largest village on the banks of the Pinder Ganga and cover a distance of 8 kms.  Next trek to the Phurkiya for 11 kms while enjoying the amazing view of the waterfall. Hike through the amazing view to the summit of the  Pindari Glacier also named as Zero Point for 7 km. Enjoy the mesmerizing view once you reach the top. After enjoying a delicious breakfast trek to Khati via Dwali and then drive to Loharkhet from Dwali.

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    d6 Days n5 Nights

    About the Activity: On this rip-roaring rafting extravaganza, get to Kali River rafting that is plonked on Indo-Nepal border. Savour the adventure as rafting on Kali trip takes you down the upper sections of this river. Your journey begins at Kathgodam, a charming town in the Nainital, Uttarakhand. It forms the last station on its Indian Railways line. From here onwards, you would have to take the automobile to reach the Kumaon region of the Himalayan Mountains. Uttarakhand is the ideal playground for adventure sports. Displaying breath-taking beauty, it enchants with dramatic and arrayed landscape of pretty lakes, windy rivers, high mountains and soaring sights of the mighty Himalayas.   Lap up the journey amidst varied landscape comprising thick forest, farms, sandy beaches and more before you dash off to the plains. Enjoy run amidst remote and desolate area that opens up natural splendours. Through this activity, pass many stalactite and stalagmite formations. Making this trip all the more delightful is all the natural beauty and the chance to challenge Class II – IV rapids rafting on Kali river. Temperature Range: The expected temperatures would be 12-20°C during the day and 7-8°C during the nights

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    d9 Days n8 Nights

    About the Destination:Snuggled in the lap of snow-peaked mountains, the Panchachuli Base Camp trek originates in the Darma valley of Pithoragarh district between the borders of Nepal and Tibet.  Bestowed with nature’s splendour, the route to the Panchachuli glacier, lying in the lap of Kumaon Himalayas, is adorned with enchanting landscapes, snow-capped mountains, cascading waters, Alpine meadows and a rich variety of flora and fauna. Situated in Eastern Kumaon Himalaya, the trekking route forms the watershed between the Gori Ganga and Darma Valleys. The entire trek to the glacier is a walk along the river Dhauliganga.The last road head Dar is 42km from Dharchula, and from Dar to Panchachuli Glacier will give us a pleasant walk. The trails unwinding through the tribal villages of Bongling, Sela, Nagling, Baaling and Duktu along the river Dhauliganga and thick forests of deodar and Bhojpatra and conifer are the best ones to enjoy the natural sights. The five peaks of Panchachuli form majestic visuals and enhance the Him Khand, Yuli River skirted by the forests of Devdaar, Bhoj Patra and conifer trees. This amazing Panchachuli Base Camp trek is truly a feast to the eyes and the scenery throughout the journey is one that can only be experienced, not explained.If you are someone who would love to roam around the mountains then Panchachuli Base Camp trek is one of the best options and the journey would come up with a lot of astounding moments. The five different peaks of Panchachuli sector numbers 1 to 5 are located at an elevation of 6904 meters, 6437 meters, 6355 meters, 6334 meters and 6312 meters. And almost all of them were conquered by many trekkers in the 1970s itself.About the Trek:Here is a 9-day Panchachuli Base Camp trekking package that begins after you reach Kathgodam and the first point of stay is Dharchula. The picturesque ways to Dharchula crossing the towns of Bhimtal, Almora and Dhaulchina will be amazing and you will come across the various little villages and gorges. From Dahrchula, the next destination of yours will be Urthing via Dar. The pathway takes you along small tribal settlements of Tawaghat and New Sobla. Upon arriving at Dar, take a 3-4 hour walk to reach the campsite of Urthing all the way through a narrow cliff edge with the Dhauli Ganga River gushing on your right. Then comes the easy route to Naagling going through the suspension bridge across the river.Son will be the further destination on the tour after Naagling and on that day you will be passing through rocky, the high oak and birch forests and finally arriving the highland meadow of Naagling. Surrounded by the Himalayas, the sight of the distant glaciers from this viewpoint is spellbinding. As you continue walking through the dense thickets found at Dantu Bugyals and the Meola River gushing on the other side, you will reach Panchachuli Basecamp. This steep descend into the Panchachuli base camp also offers amazing views of wildflowers, strawberries, glaciers and sprawling meadows bordered by trees. The peak of Panchachuli stands tall at 6904m towering as the backdrop.After exploring the mind-blowing beauty of Panchachuli, trek back to Naagling along the same picture-perfect landscapes and trails. Urthing, Dar, Darchula and Kathgodam will be coming your way once again before you wind up this exciting trekking trip.Panchachuli Base Camp Trek Highlights:- Get an amazing chance to climb up a height of about 13975 feet which could let you feel at the top of the world and view the entire region covered by thickets and glaciers.- The blooming forest trails have a lot to share with you on the way to the summit and the gushing rivers play an important role in making the trails tricky as well as exciting.- The famous wildlife of Uttarakhand may come your way if you are lucky and the rare birds found in the forests are the right companions for your trek.- Different bugyals, landscapes, and bridges across the rivers together create an astonishing sightseeing option before you.Quick Facts:Temperature: 1 to 8 degrees in nights, days are relatively warmerTrekking Distance:  60kmMaximum Altitude: 13,975 Ft.Difficulty Level: Easy To Moderate Railway Station: Kathgodam is the nearest railway station Airport: Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun

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    d9 Days n8 Nights

    About the Destination: Treat your senses to landscapes that have been a source of inspiration to many an artist! Hidden in the most remote corners of the extensive Kumaon Himalayas are landscapes that are diverse and strikingly beautiful. Visit villages that are significant with regard to mythology and mingle with locals to get a taste of the local life and culture. Trek through charming rhododendron forests and walk along paths that are lined with colourful flowers, flora and exotic fauna. You will also make your way across wooden bridges and cross over rivers! The Pindari Glacier trek is a must-visit for adventure seekers and nature lovers alike! About the Departure: The Pindari Kafni Glacier trek is one of those that leaves you completely rejuvenated and relaxed. Travelling to remote villages tucked away along high peaks gives you an experience that you will cherish for a lifetime!  Stunning and calm lakes with crystal clear waters, snow clad mountain peaks, charming wooden bridges, everything just add for a mystic and exhilarating experience! Villages in this region are small and comprise of people who take hospitality to new heights. Get familiar with the lifestyle and culture of regions in the vicinity. Trek to Pindari Glacier has diverse landscapes and is a one stop shop for people who want to witness the most stunning lands and waters the planet has to offer.

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    d6 Days n5 Nights

    About the Activity:Embark in this exciting 6 days 5 nights trekking expedition in Brahma Tal and get a chance to explore the enchanting beauty of this region.Arrive at Kathgodam in the morning and get picked up from the Bus stand or the Railway station in a Tata Sumo.Travel a distance of about 225 km in 9 hours from Kathgodam to Lahajung and pass through the beautiful Kumaon region.Pass through Almora and Kkausani while enjoying the spectacular views of peaks like Kamet and Panchachuli. Reach Lohajung by late afternoon and get acquainted with your trek team to begin your trek the next day.Start trekking from the Lohajung while witnessing the magnificent view of the Nandaghunti Peak. Trek through the jungle of Conifer, Cedar, Oak and Fir.Reach the Bekaltal  lake after trekking for 4-5 hours and covering a distance of 8 kms and enjoy the stunning views.Continue trekking to the Bramatal and get a chance to spot Monal. Enjoy the views of the peak like Trishul,Bithartoli and Nandaghunti.Enjoy trekking to the top of the Brahmatal to (3846 M) and get astonished with the magnificent views of the Himalayan range and the peaks Mt. Trishul, Nandaghunti.Continue trekking through the same route for Lohajung and spend the night in a guest house.Next morning board a vehicle to Lohajung and reach there by the evening.

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    d6 Days n5 Nights

    About the Destination:Another jewel of the Himalayas which is a favourite among the trekkers around the world is the Brahmatal Trek. A blend of challenges and the picturesque beauty this trek is another of the most sought off treks in the world. Nestled amidst the Himalayas and covered with blankets of snow, the Brahmatal trek proves to be challenging for a few trekkers. Starting at Kathgodam, this trip will take you to some of the most amazing locations and visit famous tourist spots. Apart from the uneven terrain, the trek is filled with beautiful landscapes and sprawling forests and a mesmerizing view of the Himalayas. Reach 12,100 feet approximately covering around 22 KMs with this trek. Brahmatal is also famous as the winter trek taking you to the land of snow and the snow-covered mountains.  As you continue trekking you will come across the frozen lake of Brahmatal. The full grandeur of the trek hits you when you come across the snow-covered mountains of Garhwal region touching the sky. The frozen lake with the grand Himalayan peaks overlooking it creates a gripping ambience. Make way through some of the majestic beauty of the region as you continue your trek.  Trek through the oaks and fir trees and then cross the steep paths. You also get glimpses of the Garhwal Mountains in the distance on a clear day. As you walk through the upper region of Lohajung and then through the forest trail with a few more houses. It is another of the most beautiful sight you will see during your Brahmatal trek. Spend some time exploring the beauty of the region while you head out for this trek. About the Trek:Known as one of the most enchanting treks, the Brahmatal trek is a great winter trek for the nature lovers and adventure seekers. You will start this amazing trek from Kathgodam and make your way through some of the beauty of the region. Upon your arrival in Kathgodam early morning, you will be picked from the railway station or bus stand. You will be travelling for 9 hours to reach Lohajung which is 225 KM away from Kathgodam. By late afternoon, you will reach Lohajung where you will be staying at night in a guest house. On your second day, you will be trekking from Lohajung to Bekaltal. En route, let your eyes enjoy some awe-inspiring views of Nandaghunti Peak. Trek through the forests of oaks and firs. Conclude the 4-5 hours long trek after you reach Bekaltal. The total distance you cover would be 8 km.  On your third day, you will trek from Bekaltal to Brahmatal which is another of most beautiful rail for you. The trails go through a forest and when you reach Telindi top, behold the enchanting views of the mighty Himalayas. On your fourth day, you will be covering from Khabekhal to Bhramtaal to Daldum. You will be treading along the tricky pathways which go through Chota Jhandidar and Bada Jhandidar. This trail is encircled by a mountain ridge with valleys on both sides. Catch the glimpses of magnificent Himalayan Ranges. Mt. Trishul is very close along with the views of Nandhaghunti. On your fifth day, you will be trekking from Brahmatal to Lohajung and trek through the same route. Then on your last and sixth day, you will take the trail from Lohajung to Kathgodam. The Brahmatal Trekking package is the perfect adventure that you have been long waiting for. Brahmatal Trek Highlights:- Get a chance to witness the many small hamlets and stream through the trek.  Feast your eyes as you witness the beauty of the whole region from the top- Enjoy camping at a high summit and the clear night sky under the billions of stars. Also, enjoy a small bonfire with your friends.- Trek through some of the most alpine and forests of fir, Rhododendron and Oak.- Get a chance to witness the rare flora and fauna of this region as you continue your trek.- Catch the glimpses of magnificent Himalayan Ranges. Mt. Trishul is very close along with the views of Nandhaghunti.- During your trek you will also trek through Chota Jhandidar and Bada Jhandidar.- The snow-capped mountain and the distant valleys will definitely make you wish to come back here once again.- And also meet the local people here and share a cup of tea while you learn about their culture.- Also, taste the local cuisine of this region while you head out for this trek.Quick Facts:Temperature: Day: 8°C-15°C and Night: 0°C-7°CTrekking Distance:  22kmMaximum Altitude: 12,000ftDifficulty Level: Moderate Railway Station: Kathgodam is the nearest railway station Airport: Jolly Grant Airport, DehradunATM: Dewal has the last ATM point before your trek begins. It's advisable to withdraw money in Kathgodam itself.

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    d6 Days n5 Nights

    About the Activity: Perched at a very high altitude, the Roopkund Lake in the Garhwal region of Uttaranchal remains frozen throughout the year. Legend has it that this ‘Mystery Lake’ or ‘Skeletal Lake’ is surrounded and immersed with hundreds of human skeletons Trek to Roopkund is the typical Himalayan trek because it takes one through deep forests, cascading brooks, lakes, verdant meadows and folklores. Moreover, one gets a chance to come across vast stretches of green pastures, called ‘Bugyals’ during the course of this trail. At the end of the steep climb to the summit is the pristine frozen water body of Roopkund from which one can marvel at the magnificent peaks of Trishul, Nandaghungti and Choukhamba. The Roopkund trek route also overlaps with the Raj JatYatra, a festive pilgrimage to worship Nanda Devi. Thus, one often stumbles upon the warm-hearted and kind locals participating in the pilgrimage and dressed in their traditional attires. As a result, it encompasses a mixture of culture and adventure giving one an ideal trek. Temperature: 12-20 degrees (days) and -2 to 6 degrees (nights) between May to June, 10-16 degrees (days) and - 5 to 5 degrees (nights) between September and October Max Alt: 4750m

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    d11 Days n10 Nights

    About the Destinations: An ancient magical and inspiring Himalayan peak, the Om Parvat trek has a vast collection of mythological stories around it. Rising to an altitude of 6,191m, this peak is also referred to by several other names such as Adi Kailash, Chota Kailash, Baba Kailash, and Jonglingkong. A virgin peak largely because of its religious significance, the most astounding trait of this peak is the miraculous impression of “OM” naturally formed with the deposition of snow against black background of the mountain. Being the only one to be discovered among 8 such natural “OM” formations in the Himalayas, Om Parvat is also part of the Kailash trilogy in the Himalayas which consists of Kailash Manasasarovar (Bada Kailash – Tibet, China), Adi Kailash (Chota Kailash, Om Parvat – Kumaon, Uttarakhand), and Kinnaur Kailash (Himachal Pradesh). A moderately difficult alpine trek, this trail is for the experienced seasoned trekker. Duration of the Tour: 11D/ 10N Altitude: 14,816ft Meal Types: Veg meals Activities: Trekking, Camping Total Trekking Distance: 86km Difficulty Level: Moderate

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    d9 Days n8 Nights

    About the Destinations: Standing guard over the Pitthoragarh settlements in Uttarakhand, the peaks of Panchachuli match each other almost perfectly in their size and shape. The name roughly translates to mean ‘Five hearths.’ According to the legends, the five Pandavas brothers of Mahabharata cooked their last meal before embarking on their final journey towards heaven. The Dharma valley on the way to Panchachuli Base Camp, is blessed with an abundance of spectacular beauty. Snow covered peaks and streams gushing alongside, make up for a picture perfect trail! The region is richly endowed with a lush variety of vegetation and animal life. Cutting through the Gori Ganga and Darma valleys on either sides, the Panchachuli trek opens up vistas that soothe your eyes and hearts. Duration of the Tour: 8N/9D Meal Types: Vegetarian (with Eggs) Activities: Trekking, Camping Total Trekking Distance: 61km (approx.) Highest Altitude: 13,975ft Temperature Range: 5 to 8 Degrees Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate

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    d11 Days n10 Nights

    About the Destinations: The second highest mountain in the Indian Himalayas, Nanda Devi forms an integral part of the Trans Himalayan peaks in the Kumaon region. This is indeed the heartland of excellent and rare experiences and adventures! Not just snow capped mountains, open green pastures of the high altitude meadows, or diverse flora and fauna, it also adds for an enthralling trekking paradise. Another added feature of Nanda Devi trek is the easy access to some of the best glaciers in the world outside the polar region. Other than this, visit Munsiyari a gorgeous hamlet on the arterial water body of the Gori Ganga River, the Nanda Devi reserve, and the Martoli Village with houses at least one hundred and fifty years old reminding every one of the extent of Indo-Tibetan trade through the old silk route. Duration of the Tour: 11D/ 10N Altitude: 3,880m Meal Types: Vegetarian Total Trekking Distance: 150km Difficulty Level: Moderate

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What You Should Know More About Tours in Kathgodam

  • What are the famous places to visit on a sightseeing tour in Kathgodam?

    Sightseeing in Kathgodam is one activity that you can opt for to thoroughly explore the place. The famous places to visit on a sightseeing tour in Kathgodam are as follows:

    • Sheetla Devi Temple and Kalichaud Temple – Kalichaud Temple and Sheetla Devi Temple are the two most prominent and renowned sites of Kathgodam. These are the much famed and visited destination spots in Kathgodam. These spots are most visited during the festive season by the devotees of these divinities.
    • Sat Tal – Sat Tal represents to be a basic assortment of 7 interconnected lakes and is around twenty-three kilometers from the place Kathgodam. It is articulately covered by the pines and oaks and is considered to be a heavenly abode that invites copious migratory birds. This place is an ideal escape exhibiting various species of birds, freshwater lakes, chirping migratory birds and well-clustered lake representing the beauty of nature. Sat Tal as the name suggests exhibits seven assorted lakes namely Nal Damyanti Tal, Sukh Tal, Garud Tal, Sita Tal, Purna Tal, Lakshman Tal and Ram Tal. Moreover, Sat Tal is considered to be one of the pristine and unpolluted lakes of the place.
    • Hanuman Garhi – Located at a distance of about twenty-one kilometers from the Kathgodam, Hanuman Garhi is a famous destination spot for those who come to explore Nainital. Originally constructed by Baba Neem Kiroli, Hanuman Garhi is a picturesque temple which is highly devoted to Hanuman. Considered to be one of the most famous and popular places for its alluring sunset points, this place is a worth visit by the tourist.
    • Naukachia Tal – Naukachia Tal in actuality stands for the nine-sided lakes exhibiting to be a quaint attraction for the travelers located at a distance of just twenty-six kilometers. An amazing place, Naukachia is a profound beauty delineated by the Himalayas and swindles into real senses with the sweet little tweeting of the little birds. The tourist can happily explore and wander around the pretty little lake of Naukachia Tal. Naukachia Tak is an ideal destination for the tourist who blindly loves and relishes the lakes, the snow covered peaks, fauna and flora, and beauty in totality.
    • Ranikhet – Ranikhet is a heavenly abode of the Kumaon and Naga Regiment of the Indian National Army. Originally clambered from the phrase “the meadow of queen”, Ranikhet as stated by the locals in the place, was previously a dwelling town for Padmini, the Queen. A spellbinding place with stunning and alluring valleys and mountains located amidst the wonderful escapes of nature, Ranikhet is truly a worth visiting place for the travelers if they visit Kathgodam by any chance.

  • Which are the most adventurous trekking tours in Kathgodam?

    Trekking is one of the most common adventure activities that you can involve ib while touring Kathgodam. The most adventurous trekking tours in Kathgodam are as follows:

    • Roopkund Trek
    • Brahmatal Trek
    • Rupin Pass Trek
    • Nanda Devi Trek with Panchu Glacier
    • Trek to Ronti Saddle
    • Dodital Darwa Pass Trek

  • Which are the best camping sites in Kathgodam?

    The best camping sites in Kathgodam are as follows:

    • Weekend Camping in Pangot near Nainital
    • Amritpur
    • Camp Pine Riviera Bhimtal
    • The Fair Light Trails Nainital
    • Jungle camping adventure
    • Ayar Jungle Camp
    • High Mountain Trekking Camp
    • Nature Drops

  • Which are the best cycling tour routes in Kathgodam?

    The best cycling tour routes in Kathgodam are as follows:

    Cycling and Hiking in Kumaon Himalayas

    Chandrashila Trek

    Cycling at the mountain range in Chopta

    Mountain cycling in the Himalayas

    Mountain Trekking and cycling in IRIS Resort, Corbett

    Haldwani Cycling Tour

  • Can I do the Roopkund Trek in Kathgodam? Is it a difficult trek?

    Yes, you can do Roopkund Trekking in Kathgodam. It is not a difficult trek as it is guided by the professional trekking team in Kathgodam. There is no risk involved in Roopkund Trek. Moreover, it is an eight-day long trek. Roopkund Trek enrolls on several mysteries and charms. Also known as the Skeleton Lake, Roopkund is surrounded by skeletons of the human for some unknown reason. This is a must experience trek for all the travelers visiting Kathgodam.

  • Which are the best places for a biking tour in Kathgodam?

    The best places for biking tour in Kathgodam are as follows:

    • Mountain Biking in Kumaon
    • Solo Biking Excursion to Ranikhet and Nainital
    • Kathgodam to Maheshkhan Biking tour
    • Haldwani Biking Tour
    • Mountain Biking in the Himalayas
    • Biking in the IRIS Resort, Corbett

  • Which are the places for a wildlife experience in Kathgodam?

    The places for a wildlife experience in Kathgodam are as follows:

    • Kathgodam
    • Ranikhet
    • Nainital
    • Jim Corbett National Park
    • Chobe National Park
    • Ranomafana National Park
    • L Isalo National Park
    • Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary

Traveller Tales From Kathgodam


Nikhil Murali

04 July 2017

Our first trek was exciting. It was Roopkund. One of the best treks in India. Thanks thrillophilia for suggesting us. Trek was organised in a very professional way and thoroughly enjoyed out trek all 6 days. Now this is becoming addictive. Planning for rupin pass soon with Thrillophilia again.

  • 1499168732_img_20170628_094857.jpg
  • 1499168732_img_20170628_094849.jpg
  • 1499168732_img_20170628_091758.jpg
  • 1499168733_img_20170628_090826.jpg
  • 1499168733_img_20170628_090318.jpg
  • 1499168733_img_20170628_090306.jpg
  • 1499168733_img_20170628_090300.jpg
  • 1499168733_img_20170627_083858.jpg+3

Himadri Bhat

15 March 2016

The trekking experience was great. I had a really really fun filled trek. The beautiful surrounding, the bird’s eye view of the place, and everything else added more beauty to the travel experience. the roopkund was mostly frozen, and when we went close you could actually see the skeltons on the bed of the lake. oThis trip is something that I can never ever forget the final climb to roopkund was very difficult and tedious but it was worth it. I totally loved this trek. I wish I could take more such treks in the future.

  • 1461669104_trekking_in_roopkund__uttarakhand_1_162.jpg
  • 1461669104_trekking_in_roopkund__uttarakhand_1_232.jpg
  • 1461669104_trekking_in_roopkund__uttarakhand_1_278.jpg
  • 1461669104_trekking_in_roopkund__uttarakhand_1_296.jpg
  • 1461669104_trekking_in_roopkund__uttarakhand_1_431.jpg
  • 1461669105_trekking_in_roopkund__uttarakhand_2_06.jpg

Ashutosh Dubal

09 February 2017

"perfect trek to starters , helps gain confidence really enjoyed lot ,management was perfect nothing to suggest. . . Thanks Thrillophilia\n"

  • 1486608216_fb_img_1486480069402.jpg
  • 1486608216_fb_img_1486480226362.jpg
  • 1486608216_fb_img_1486479936347.jpg
  • 1486608216_fb_img_1486480031048.jpg
  • 1486608216_20170203_194646.jpg
  • 1486608216_20170203_205213.jpg

Harita Achari

28 November 2015

Wow! So finally a big thing off my travel bucket list. A trek to Mystery Lake of Uttarakhand. Also known as the Roopkund Lake, this place is a must-trek spot for any avid traveller and trekker. Well, to start with this trek is not for everyone. To complete this trek you must battle many adversities. I was successfully able to do it, and hence I finished this trek. If you sense pride when I say this, yes I am proud. I worked out for 3 years to achieve this and I trekked other less risky and less intense mountains ever fortnight to improve my willpower and stamina. This trek is a must for serious trekkers.

  • 1461669940_trekking_in_roopkund__uttarakhand_1_345.jpg
  • 1461669940_trekking_in_roopkund__uttarakhand_1_535.jpg
  • 1461669940_trekking_in_roopkund__uttarakhand_2_45.jpg
  • 1461669940_trekking_in_roopkund__uttarakhand_2_55.jpg

Gopaal Gandhi

18 January 2014

Roopkund was something that I wanted to visit and see since the time I read about the rumours on it. However, as time went by, the rumours subsided and so was my eager. Recently, when my friends and I were thinking of out of the box places to visit, one girl suggested this, and we ended up visiting here. It is a nice vacation spot to take with your gang.

  • 1461670355_trekking_in_roopkund__uttarakhand_1_229.jpg
  • 1461670355_trekking_in_roopkund__uttarakhand_1_401.jpg

Piyush Gupta

03 July 2017

Roopkunda, one of the most mysterious and surprising trek-- each and everyday a different surprise waiting for you on next turn.. I have done this trek on may-2017. That trek contains everything from nature - forest, meadows, snow , rain and hailstorm too.. :-) Trek begins from the day you land on Kathgodam.. its a 10 hrs long and beautiful journey passing via beautiful hill stations of Uttrakhand.. once you cover that part you reach WAN\Lohanjung, a small peaceful village where you will forget all your tiredness of 10 hrs long journey. You will meet your guide here and from next day the real adventure begins.. Day 1: WAN - Ran bugad - Didina -> 4-5 hrs trekking - easy trek with gradual uphill and downhill through dense mountain forest.. campsite at Didina is amazing.. we reach there by mid 2 PM and then enjoyed rest of the day here.. Day 2: Didina - Ali bugyal - Bedini Begyal -> 4-6 hrs -> moderate day, very steep ascent in some part, most of the part is via dense forest, you need lots of stamina and water in first half , in later part you will trek on asia's largest green meadow with amazing view of snow capped mountains.. when we reach Bedini it starts raining very hard for 2-3 hrs.. it was thrilling as temperature is freezing during rain.. 10C.. Day 3: Bedini - patharnachuni --> easiest day.. trekking on almost a flat track and downhill.. I enjoyed a lot on that day, singing , photography , everything we did during this part.... no difficulties at all apart from height gain. so you need to be relax.. it took 4 hrs to complete.. Day 4: Patharnachuni - Kalu vinayak -Bhaguwabasa --> One of the tough day..trekking on Mud and snow at a very low temperature.. here we got really tested with our stamina and fear of height.. till Kalu vinayak its a difficult part as it was on mud and snow mixed slippery narrow and rough trek( steep climb).. On kalu vinayak we felt relax and enjoyed Ganesha's arti.. after kalu vinayak , till campsite trekking was on fresh snow, comparatively easy (descent only) but trek was narrow so you need to be very careful while stepping.. When we reach baguwabasa it starts raining or I can say hailstorm which lasts for 3 hours.. out campsite got completely covered in snow.. I haven't seen that much snow in my life.. once hailstorm stops, we came out from tents and started playing on snow.. you will fall in love with this campsite.. however you will feel headache here.. fortunately we didn't face this for a long time.. Only precaution drink as much water as you can and cover your self with woolen. temp is 0C and below here.. Day 5: Bhaguwabasa - Roopkunda- Bhaguwabasa - Patharnachuni - Bedini Summit day, for which we were awaiting for a long time.. a very long day almost 10 hrs of trekking..started very early at 4 AM..on that day our guide provided us crampon to wear on shoes as it was slippery and soft snow on trek.. crampon helped us a lot , without that it was almost impossible to trek.. from bhaguwabasa to ropkunda it took 3 hrs.. most difficult part of trek as it was on narrowest edge of mountain covered with snow.. very sharm turn where you have to be very very careful.. without guide it is pretty difficult.. on some turns i thought to moving back but our guide motivate us and finally we were able to complete.. I was speechless when I saw roopkunda.. lost in its beauty and peace for 10 mins and was senseless.. i wasn't that much excited and emotional when india won world cup.. finally all the efforts were paid a beautiful result.. we enjoyed there for 30 mins and then started back to reach Bedini .. we covered maximum distance and reach Bedini in late afternoon.. at Bedini we were welcome with a massive hailstorm which turn the entire green meadow in white starts raining from patharnachuni.. raincoat is must here.. Day 6:: Final day:: Bedini -Neel ganga - Wan ->steep descent via forest and then 2 km gradual ascent - easy day.. lots of walking, enjoyed a lot during forest pass , you can hear birds singing.. once you finish downhill part you will reach Neel ganga river.. we had a break and rest in neel ganga river water.. freezing cold but relaxing.. after that gradual climb for 2 km and then 1 km downhill to reach WAN.. Best part of entire trek:: Quick weather changes and maggie at every point.. Must carry :: raincoat, woolen and drink lots of water About me:: I am 31 year old guy with normal physique, not a regular gym guy with normal stamina.. but I must say that you should practice lots of walking and running before hitting this trek... it was my first trek and I enjoyed this a lot..

  • 1499075245_img_20170525_072720.jpg
  • 1500440714_img_20170521_082639.jpg
  • 1500440714_img_20170521_144424.jpg
  • 1500440714_img_20170522_050806.jpg
  • 1500440714_img_20170524_084502.jpg
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  • 1500440714_img_20170524_110016.jpg
  • 1500440715_img_20170525_060213.jpg+6

Arun Pandey

06 April 2015

I would rate this Panchachuli Trek as one of the best in Uttarakhand. Forget Uttarakhand, this can be the best in India as well. With not so much of difficulty, I completed the trek on an exciting note. It was a bit chilling though, but you can expect this kind of temperature in the Himalayas. Hats off the dedicated team of Thrillophilia for not letting out entire group down when we were too exhausted or down during the trek. Would love to join another trek with Thrillophilia team.


Kaiya Gupta

07 April 2015

You can pick up this trek if you are in the mood of mediocre level of difficulties during the trek. Plenty of good things on the way will keep you filled with excitement. Do not miss the sunrise views in any of the day. They will simply add more fun and excitement to your Om Parvat Trek. Also, make sure that you pack your backpack well and avoid carrying too much load. All the best folks!


Manish Ostwal

15 April 2015

One thing that I just can’t forget about Nanda Devi Trek is that entire time we were so lost in the beauty that we kept on standing at places and the entire team used to wait for few of us. they did a fabulous job for the enteire group. also when you get to cam with the view of nanda devi peak you will just die to the core and just be amazed. amazing vibes.

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