Things to Do in Danang

There is no dearth of amazing things to do in Danang, the Vietnamese city which connects the three World heritage sites namely, Hue Citadel, Hoi an ancient town and My Son Sanctuary, together. It is known for its beautiful sand beaches, which are ranked among the best and most beautiful beaches in the world. The city is uniquely placed, supported on one side by the Truong Son Mountains and dipping down to the sea as part of the Son Tra Peninsula on the other side. The Hai Van Pass adds to the geographical uniqueness as it offers a site of the landscape and sea which is unforgettable in its majestic splendour. Motorists find the pass as quite a lure to try and test their biking skills on the notorious and challenging route. To enjoy the best things to do in Danang, head to the beaches that offer a range of water sport activities for those seeking an adrenaline rush while the Ba Na Hills open up a Fantasy world through the biggest indoor amusement complex in SouthEast Asia.

To the southeast of the Ba Na Hills, one comes across the marble mountains which preserves culture and religion to marvelous effect, making it a captivating destination within Vietnam packages from India. It makes for a truly enchanting sight. For recreation and evening walks, the Bach Dang street has a lot in store as well. Da Nang, in all its glory is the perfect blend of nature, culture and modernity. With the best things to do in Danang, one could not ask for a more all encompassing location. There is something for everybody.

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Ba Na Hills
Ba Na Hills are one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Da Nang. The place has a year round cool climate which is a welcome relief from hot and humid coasts. The top of Ba Na Hills provides a panoramic view of the sea and other adjoining hills and vegetation. You can start your adventure at Ba Na Hills with a ride on the cable car. It ferries passenger up and down the hills. Suspended mid air in the clouds watching mountains and waterfall is breathtaking. Ba Na Hill Fantasy Park is an amazing entertainment zone for kids and adults. Wax museum with statues of celebrities and politicians, Mo stream at the base of the mountain and Le Jordin D’ amour are other interesting places to visit in Ba Na Hills. Location: The Hills are located in Hoa Vang district, 40 kilometers from Da Nang. Price: Avg. 1,100,000 VND 
Danang Cathedral
The Danang Cathedral is an impressive structure which is a bit intriguing in its candy pink colour. It is an important religious site in Da Nang. Locally the cathedral is known as ‘Rooster’ (Con Ga) Church. It got its name due to a rooster perched atop its tower. Built in 1923, the cathedral is a famous place for daily worship. If you arrive late, it is highly unlikely for you to get any place to sit. The church has Gothic style architecture, with a number of gorgeous stained glass windows. From inside, the church is much bigger and beautiful than it looks from outside. A grotto of the Blessed Virgin Mary is located right behind the church.

Location: The Danang Cathedral is just a short walk away from the Da Nang CBD. It is also just a few minutes’ drive away from the Da Nang International Airport.

Price: N/A
Site Archeologique De My Son
For someone who loves to explore ancient ruins, Site Archeologique de My Son is the perfect place to visit in Da Nang. The site was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999. Site Archeologique de My Son is abandoned ruins of more than seventy Hindu temples constructed between 4th Century to 14th Century AD. The temples are said to be built by Champas and are the remnants of the rich history of Cham Clan. The people of the clan were majorly Hindus. The temples constructed on the site are devoted to Lord Shiva. Much of the ruins were destroyed during the second Indochina war, due to US carpet bombing.

Location: The temple complex is located in a valley near Duy Phú village. The area is surrounded by picturesque mountains and overlooked by Hon Quap Mountain.

Price: You can get inside the complex by paying a fee of 150,000 VND.
Marble Mountains
The Marble Mountains is one of the popular attractions in Nang, and it is a cluster of five hills. These hills are made of a combination of marble and limestone. It is a well known pilgrimage site comprising of tunnels, caves, peaks and temples.

Highlights: It exists in an area that is famous for stone cutting and sculpture. The caves hold many secrets with bullet holes. Hosts of places of worship and Buddhist sanctuaries make it a must visit spiritual site. The pagoda temples and circular cave offers some of the most panoramic views.

Best time to visit: Getting started early is best so that the weather does not turn out too hot. The total tour might take up to 4 hours and wearing comfortable shoes is must.

Price: The entrance fee is about 22, 300 Dong and an additional 22, 300 extra for entering into the caves located at the mountains.
Phap Lam Pagoda
Phap Lam pagoda attracts the attention of the locals and tourists alike. It features lots of trees, beautiful Buddhist sculptures and manicured gardens. Apart from being a spiritual site, it is also a beautiful site.

Highlights: Regardless its location in the heart of the city, the atmosphere in the Phap Lam Pagoda is very calm and serene. Locals and monks praying each morning is a beautiful site to see. The 1.1 high Buddha Statue present in the courtyard of the pagoda is very appealing. In addition to that, the Goddess of Mercy statues also attract the attention of the visitors. The cafes and local restaurants here serve vegetarian foods and anyone can enjoy them.

Best time to visit: It opens daily from 5am to 11. 30am and from 1pm to 11.30 pm.

Location: The location of this pagoda is 574D Ong Ich Khiem Street, Da Nang

Price: Entry is free for all.
Museum Of Cham Sculpture

In order to witness the culture, language and heritage of Vietnam, one must take a tour to Museum of Cham Sculpture. The indigenous people of Vietnam, Cham and their lifestyles are greatly reflected and displayed in this museum.

Highlights: The museum houses some of the largest Cham sculptures with more than 300 works of stone and terracotta works. The interior works of the museum is no doubt an added attraction. Apart from that, even the external building itself is crafted with different items of worship like holy animals and idols. The museum is a great example of the Cham architecturewith some flowing and simple lines from the French architects.

Best time: It is open daily from 7 am to 5.30 pm.

Location: It is possible to access the Museum of Cham Sculpture at 02, 2 Thang 9 Street, Da Nang.

Price: The price for students is 5,000 Dong and for adults, it is 40, 000 Dong

My Khe Beach
My Khe Beach is one of the finest beach in the world. The whole area is set in a very picturesque setting with very soft sand and clear water. One of the best thing about this beach is that it is very centrally located. But because of this the beach is full of locals from 4pm to 8pm. The beach is around a 9 km stretch with the water varying between 50 m to 70 m. the beach itself does not have any shops but the perimeter of the beach is surrounded by many different shops that you can grab a bite from. There are options of paragliding as well making this one of the best options for those who are looking for some adventure.

Location: Da Nang, Vietnam

Highlight: If you visit the beach between 8am and 4pm then you will be met by a different sight all together. It will be quite empty and very peaceful.
Pham Van Dong Beach
Pham van Dong Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the city. Its beauty attracts a lot of different people, locals and tourists alike. This beach is famous for different movies being shot here. You can go ahead and have a nice stroll on the beach. It has very soft sand and if you walk on it bare feet then you will feel a lovely sensation on the feet. The water is very clean as well. You can take a nice dip in it. If you are planning on a swim then do be aware of the jellyfish that are present in the water. There are many good hotels around the area. If you are looking for small eateries, you will get many of them at a stone’s throw from the beach.

Location: da Nang, Vietnam

Highlight: There are many different activities that you can take part here. There are a few exercise equipment on the beach as well that you can utilise.

Bac My An Beach
Bac My An Beach located in Da Nang in Vietnam is considered as one of the cleanest beaches in the area. You will find it does not have too heavy a footfall as it is mainly owned by a lot of private hotels. The private areas are great to go with your family and enjoy a good dip. The water is very clear and clean and you will enjoy a nice swim here. Though the water is not too deep it is quite nice for a dip. The place Is well connected to a lot of small eateries as well. So you will not have to travel far if you want to grab a bite. The place is a really nice way to relax during your vacation.

Location: Da Nang, Vietnam

Highlight: Since it is located a little far from the actual hustle and bustle of the city life, you can enjoy some peace and tranquility here.
Non Nuoc Beach
Non Nuoc Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Vietnam. If you are looking for a good swim then this is the place for you. Though there are quite a few jellyfish in the water. Yet since the water is quite clear you can stay away from them in general. The restaurants or food shacks on the perimeter offer lip smacking food and lovely beverages. You can stroll on the beach or sit on the lounge chairs that are near the restaurants. If you want to go for a swim it is recommended you choose s spot that already has people in it in order to avoid being stung by the jelly fish that are present in the water.

Location: NguHanh Son, Da Nang, Vietnam

Highlight: The sand is extremely soft and it is a great place to do some exercise. You can take part in the exercises or aerobic classes that happen all over the beach.
Tien Sa Beach
If you are visiting the Da Nang area of Vietnam then it is recommended that you visit Tien Sa Beach. The crystalline water and the soft sand will definitely make the visit a very memorable one. A very positive thing about the beach is that since it is on the upscale side, the place is not at all clustered. The clean environment makes you feel nice and relaxed while you take a stroll on the beach. Apart from the resort, there are many eateries on the perimeter that have some amazing Vietnamese delicacies on offer. So make sure that you try out the food while you are on this picturesque beach.

Location: da Nang, Vietnam

Highlight: When you are in the area, you can visit the resort that is situated right 1 km off the beach. The resort offers a spa facility that will help you relax during your vacation. The food is amazing as well and
made to order.
Bai Bac Beach
BaiBac Beach is famous for the island tours that you can take. When you book the tour you can choose the islands that you want to see or go for the complete tour. This particular beach is also a part of the tour and one of the more popular destinations. When you are travelling to the beach the first thing that will strike you will be the crystalline blue water and the soft sand. The place is beautiful on its own and you can just stroll around the area. If you want to go for a dip you can choose a spot that is not too crowded in order to get the best experience, this is definitely a very good beach to visit.

Location: De Nang, Vietnam

Location: When you are visiting the De nang area you can opt to take the island tour as you will be shown around different islands that make up the different beaches.
Bai Nam & Bai Con Beach
Bai Nam & Bai Con Beach is set away from the city and has a beautiful sense of peace around it. It is located on the absolute touristy area of the city hence not many locals visit the place. There are many hotels present on the perimeter of the beach itself. The best thing about these hotels is that most of them offer a one day stay facility that covers a lot of beach facilities as they own the private areas of the beach. The food is very good at these hotels. If you are in mood for some authentic Vietnamese dishes then you can try the different eateries nearby as well for that.

Location: ThoQuang Ward, Sontra District, Da Nang, Vietnam

Highlight: If you are lucky you might find yourself a spot on the beach where you might be the only person there. It is a very quiet area but that helps you to enjoy the wonder of the place even more.
Bai But Beach
This particular beach in Da Nang in Vietnam is famous for the different activities you can partake here. Bai But Beach in general is very beautiful and has a lot of footfall. When you are vesting the beach you will get a lot of option to eat the authentic Vietnamese dishes on offer at this place. You can be sure that you will get to try the delicacies of Vietnam without having to spend too much as there are many small eateries all across the beach. The beach is somewhat crowded most of the time though.

Location: Da Nang in Vietnam

Highlight: Para gliding is one of the most popular sports that you can do here. If you are in mood for some adventure then you can take up this activity. There are professional trainers who will help you to understand the sport and then take you up. The gears are all present there, all you need to supply is the courage.
Bai Rang Beach
Bai Rang Beach is called the unspoiled masterpiece of Vietnam as the beautiful clear water and the soft sand make for an exquisite get away for people who want to leave behind bathe hustle and bustle of the actual city,. The undulating cliffs add to the beauty of the place. The water in the Bai Rang Beach area is absolutely crystal blue and you will find many different types of tropical fishes in the shallow water as well. They are quite a lovely scene as well, set against the blue water and the green and brown cliffs in the background.

Location: HoàngSa, Th?Quang, S?nTrà, ?àN?ng, Vietnam

Highlight: Though snorkeling is not a possibility, yet if you can go to the borders of the cliffs you will be able to see them through the surface itself. There are some very pretty thatches built near the water itself, some of which house local owned eateries. You can grab some authentic Vietnamese dishes from there.
Xuan Thieu Beach
You are definitely going to fall in love with XuanThieu Beach if you visit it during sunset. This beautiful place is also known as the red beach because the water seems to have red glitter in it during the sunset. When the sun is setting in the west, the water that flows westward reflects the beauty of the sunset and makes it look like it has red glitters in the water. The best part about this beach is that it is very clean and the water is surprisingly blue. You will find a lot of people in the area but from 8 am to around 4 pm the place is relatively empty.

Location: Nguyen Tat Thanh Street, Da Nang, Vietnam

Highlight: The whole beach is surrounded by a lot of greenery and small shacks that houses eateries that make the place a lovely spot on the whole. You can walk around on your own or just lounge on the beach itself.
Thanh Binh Beach
Thanh Binh Beach is situated right in the center of the De Nang village in Vietnam. If you are into adventure sports then this is the place for you. One of the best thing about this beach is that though it is situated in the heart of the village yet you are bound to get a lot of free space on the beach. The beach also has many different eateries strewn across the perimeter of the beach that allow you to try some authentic Vietnamese delicacies that are on the menu. On the whole this beach is definitely one of the best places to visit while you are in Vietnam and visiting the De Nang area.

Location: central Da nang in Vietnam

Highlight: It has on offer many different activities like canoeing, windsurfing and paragliding. There are trained professionals in the area who have all the gear required for you to take part in any of these sports.
Son Tra Mountain
The breathtaking national park located in Da Nang is located at a height of 693 meters above the sea level. Locally, Son Tra Mountain is known as Son Tra Peninsula, and it is a popular spot for motorcycling and hiking.

Highlights: Tourists come here to enjoy the jungles with some rare species of red monkeys that are hardly found anywhere else in the world. Another prominent attraction of the place is Linh Ung Pagoda, which is renowned for the tallest statue of the Goddess of Mercy. The 21 miniature Buddha sculptures within 17 levels make it highly appealing and attractive. The Journey to the top is worth the effort because of the beautiful panoramic views. It is a popular source of retreat for the tourists and locals alike.

Location: It is situated 12 km north of Da Nang in the Son Tra Peninsula.

Price: Entrace is free.
Dragon Bridge
Renowned as the longest bridge in Vietnam, the Dragon Bridge offer some amazing display of fire, lights and water. Any visitor to this place should not miss out the wonderful display that will give a lifetime experience. The bridge is about 666 meters in length and it is constructed in the shape of a golden dragon.

Highlights: The Bridge crosses the Han River and appeals to the travel photographers. The dragon signifies nobility, power and good luck, as per the belief of the locals.

Best time to visit: The Bridge is magnificent to witness at any time of the day, but during the evening, it becomes more beautiful. This is because of the colourful LED lights. On weekends, the dragon breathes out fire. Plenty of restaurants, cafes and bars overlook the bridge and add to the beauty.

Location: The Bridge can be seen at Da Nang City Centre.

Price: There is no entry fee.
Linh Ung Pagoda
Linh Ung Pagoda is a famous temple and the largest pagoda in Da Nang. In the backdrop of beautiful hills and primitive forest this architectural masterpiece is an interesting tourist spot. The main attraction here is the 67 meter tall statue of Goddess of Mercury( Shakyamuni Buddha) standing on lotus platform. The 17 levels of the building at different heights provide excellent panoramic view of the surroundings. It also contains 21 different Buddha statues. The courtyard is no less impressive with 18 Arhat statues arranged in two rows on both sides of the path to protect the main hall. The picturesque surroundings, the awe inspiring structure and the mysticism of Buddhism are sure to stir up the spiritual side of the visitors.

Location: The pagoda is situated in Son Tra Peninsula, 10 km north east of Hoang Sa street, in Son Tra District of Da Nang city.

Price: N/A 

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Danang Things To Do FAQs

What are the best things to do in Danang?

Danang is an adventurous destination to be in. There are many activities available to the eager traveller which allow them to experience the best of Vietnam in one place. From adventure sports to religious tours, there are many great things to do in Danang. If you wish to experience Danang at its best, you can:
· Try Vietnamese cuisine in the restaurants
· Visit Ba Na Hills
· Rock climbing in Marble Mountains
· Water sports along the beaches
· Motor cycling along Hai Van Pass
· Visit the Fantasy World
· Visit important religious sites in Quan Am.

What are the best adventure activities to do in Danang?

Danang is a region bursting with adventure, enthusiastic tourists will find many exciting ways to occupy their time in the region. Since it is a coastal town, water activities abound on its shores. Land and aerial sports are also popular. Danang is an adventure hub that allows tourists to enjoy a plethora of activities and thus have a memorable time. Some great adventure activities to enjoy here are:
· Parasailing
· Jetskiing
· Scuba diving
· Canoeing
· Rock Climbing
· Motor cycling

Which are the best places to get cruising experience in Danang?

Danang is a bustling town by the seaside with the Da Nang Han river flowing through it. This bounty of waterways allows tourists to experience cruises in all shapes and forms. From cruises in luxuriant yachts to cruises in traditional boats, tourists can enjoy unique experiences in the sea and on the river. If you want a more comprehensive cruise experience, you can also partake of the international cruises that begin at Danang harbour. Heading over to the Danang port or river jetty will let you find cruise boats that will help you enjoy cruising in Danang.

Where can I enjoy helicopter ride in Danang? How much will it cost?

Riding a helicopter in Danang is a magical experience. Gazing at the vast and varying landscape from the aerial perspective of the helicopter gives you a different insight into the lifestyle of the region and also allows you to admire the majesty of its landscape in all its glory. There are many helicopter tour providers in Danang and they offer several packages. The cost of the tour depends on the provider and the package you choose. On average, the costs range from USD 100 to USD 3000. Some tours that can be enjoyed in Danang include:
· Tour of the Hai van Pass and Son Tra Mountain
· Tour of Hoi an Old town and My Son Holy Land
· Tour of Cham Island
· Tour of Ly Son Island.

Which are the best destinations to experience wildlife safari in Danang?

Danang is a region blessed with nature’s bounty. Rich in rainforests and exotic birds and animals, wildlife safaris in Danang allow tourists to experience the beauty and magic of the region in all its depth. My Son National Park in the Son Tra Peninsula is the only place in Danang where wildlife can be enjoyed.

Which are some famous locations for rock climbing in Danang?

Rock climbing is an activity fast gaining in popularity among tourists in Danang. Climbing up the steep rock faces in the region is exciting not only because of the thrill it brings but also because of the views it reveals. The majestic Marble Mountains and the serene Son Tra mountains are two of the best places in Danang where great rock climbing can be experienced.
Which are the best destinations for caving adventures in Danang?
Caving adventures are very popular amongst tourists in Da Nang. Caves form an
important feature of the landscape in general and is thus an intrinsic part of
exploring the landscape. The best destinations to indulge in cave visits are:
· Phong Nha Caves and National Park
· Huyen Khong Cave
· Hoa Nghiem Cave
· Tu Lang cave System

Where can I enjoy sea kayaking in Danang?

Sea Kayaking is most popular off the coast of Son Tra Peninsula. Enjoying the dashing waves as you navigate the seas alone is an experience worth partaking of. Sea kayaking has recently gained in importance in Danang and is mainly organised by Da Nang Kayaking Club.

Where can I do cable car ride in Danang?

Riding the famous cable car in Danang is a must-do activity in the region. Ba Na Hill, an eco-resort, is the best destination for cable car rides in Danang since it boats of the longest and the highest cable car in the world. The entire city of Danang, including the beaches kissing the sores and the rice fields in the distance, is opened to the eye from this cable car.

Which are the best destinations for parachuting in Danang?

Parachuting, and its sister sport, skydiving have recently been making the headlines in Danang. These amazing adventure activities allow you to experience Danang’s beauty in a whole new aspect. There are few places in Danang that offer good parachuting and skydiving experiences, and the best is Nha Trang.

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