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One of the best places for hiking in Cappadocia, the Pasabag valley is a must visit if you wish to witness the raw beauty of this region. The valley brilliantly showcases the surreal charm of the place with some of the most exquisite fairy chimney formations. Also known as the Monks Valley, you can find the famous chapel of Saint Simeon here.

Boasting of an outlandish landscape, Pasabag is one of the most popular places to see in Cappadocia. Paşabağ in Greek means "Pasha’s Vineyard," and just as the name suggests, Pasabag is set amidst vineyards. Adding to your Turkey travel itinerary, the valley is also known as the Valley of the Monks owing to the mystically beautiful landscape.

The valley is popular today for its spectacular mushroom shaped fairy chimneys that form picture perfect backdrops. One of the fairy chimneys with three heads has a chapel dedicated to St. Simeon (Simon), and a hermit's shelter that are a must-visit during your Pasabag day out.


70000 Paşabağı/Karaman Merkez/Karaman, Turkey


1.6 $ | 10 TL


8.00 AM - 7.00 PM

Best Time to Visit:

April - June; September & October


• Enjoy a bird’s eye view of the surrounding region from the Pasabag valley of Cappadocia and appreciate the rich and raw beauty of nature here
• Get the best sights of the unique fairy chimney formations here like nowhere else in the world
• Learn about the mythological tales associated with this place that also lends it the name Monks Valley
• Go hiking up the valley to find the famous chapel dedicated to Saint Simeon which was formed by the Simeon monks who revered this place as a holy spot
• Get fascinated by the history of Saint Simeon who is said to have inhabited these areas and is believed to have gone downhill only when necessary
• Experience the adventurous steep slopes of the valley to hike up to the very head where you will find the unique mushroom-shaped tops which are an absolute must when you visit this region

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