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Bumthang Owl Trek, Bhutan @ Flat 15% off
Bumthang Owl Trek, Bhutan @ Flat 15% off



About Bumthang Owl Trek:The Bumthang Owl Trek for 2N/3D takes you through the pristine valleys and forests of Bhutan, especially Thimphu.After an airport pick-up , you will begin your Trek to Bumthang Owl from Menchugang, moving along to the village of Dhur. The next day you can explore the local vegetation as you walk via Dhur to Kitiphu. On the last day, you will tread a distance of 7 kms and visit monasteries on the way, as you head to Kikila and finally reach Bumthang.You will begin camping at an altitude of 3450m and then move up to a height of 3870m at the Kitiphu Ridge.The trek is approximately 22 kms long and is an easy one if you have an active lifestyle.For the duration of the trip you will be accommodated in cold weather tents with sleeping bags and insulated mats, and all necessities of the trek will be taken care of.The tour will be in English by an English-speaking experienced guide.About the Bumthang Owl:Bumthang Owl is an untouched, lush green district in Bhutan, nestled within nature’s bounty. The exotic fauna and flora here is what captures one’s attention while the gently flowing lakes, rivers and deep valleys will leave a tourist in awe! On your 3-day Trek to Bumthang Owl you will enjoy fantastic views of dense forests with rare blue pine, bamboo, fir and maple trees. The visit from Dhur to Schonath leads one through the quaint villages of the Kheps and Brokpas, who are the local tribes of Thimphu. Further down is the Drangela Pass at an altitude of 3600m and you can breathe in the beauty of Mt. Gangkar Phuensum, the world’s highest peak at 7541m, yet to be conquered. While on the last leg of your journey via the Royal Heritage Trail, take a halt at the vibrant, peaceful Zambhalha, Chuedak and Thappaling monasteries. Between April and June the area looks splendid, covered with beautiful rhododendron flowers. Bumthang also has some interesting wildlife and plump owls hooting into the night, that lend their name to this trek. The destination is like a piece of paradise to be marvelled at, and certainly not to be missed

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25 Ratings

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