Jakar, Bumthang - 2020 (Photos & Reviews)
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Located near the foothill of the Chokhor Valley, Jakar is the principal trading centre of the region.

Highlights: Jakar is a town that lies in the heart of  Bhutan. It is the district capital of the pivotal Bumthang district as well as the location of the Jakar Dzong which is the regional fortress of the dzong. Roughly, Jakar translates to ‘white bird’ which is in reference to the foundation myths. According to a prevalent myth here, a roosting white bird signalled the auspicious and proper location to locate a monastery here in 1549.

Location: Jakar is located in the Bumthang or the Choekhor Valley. It lies within the Choekhor Gewong in the central Bumthang.

Timings: Open all year round – 24/7.

Pricing: Entry to the place is absolutely free of Pricing.

the places to visit in Bhutan have a certain charm of their own wherever you go in this country.
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