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Matsutake Festival, Ura Valley

  • Matsutake Festival is a festival of the people of Ura Valley in celebration of mushroom season. This is the time to celebrate the harvest of Matsutake mushrooms of Bhutan, enjoy mouth melting Bhutanese cuisine and get a peek inside the lifestyle of people in the Bhutanese villages. Ura valley is quite famous for its pictorial setting and the people here are extremely warm and hospitable. Visitors attending the festival can enjoy the mushroom picking excursion and the panoramic forests and hilly areas.

    One can enjoy the delicious dishes out of this mushrooms picked and can dance and do absolute merry making with the locals. In the backdrop of awe striking scenic location this festival gives an excellent experience to remember forever

    : Picking Matsutake mushrooms and relishing special local dishes from it.

    Festival time
    : In the month of August



Ura Yakchoe Festival

Ura Yakchoe is referred to a famous dance performance shown in the Ura Valley of Bumthang. In this festival the sacred dance is performed along with other popular folk dances with a sacred relic on display so as to have blessings from the same. According to the historic reference, a lama visited one local woman in her house suddenly and asked for a glass of water.

She went to fetch water and after coming back found the lama gone leaving the sacred relic behind. It is this relic before which the Ura Yakchoe dance is performed. This relic has been passed on for generations after generation of the woman’s family. This is one of the pious and religious festiuvals of Bhutan and many devotees visit the place to take part in worshipping the relic.


: The sacred relic

Festival time
: In the month of April

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