Children’S Railway Budapest Overview
Children's Railway accounts for being one of the unique attracts and is also one of the best places to visit in Budapest. The railway is run by trained children and has everything a normal railway line has -  ticket offices, diesel locomotives, signals, switches and a timetable - just that, it is run completely by children!

Stretching among the magnificent Buda Hills from Szechenyihegy to Huvosvolgy, it crosses the Cogwheel Railways and serves Normafa along with Janoshegy, known for being the highest point of the city. On selected days of the week, steam locomotives also operate on this line. The journey is an exclusive experience for both children and adults and takes approximately 40-45 minutes.

Location: Budapest, 1029 Hungary

Best Time: March to May and September to October; Closed on Mondays

Highlights: Exploring the attractions located nearby, such as forest playgrounds, lookout towers, and places to pilgrimage
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