Museums in Budapest

Budapest has many museums which showcase its culture and history dating back hundreds of years. One of the top Museums in Budapest is the Hungarian House of Parliament which is set in a beautiful and gigantic Gothic Revival building along the beautiful Danube river. You can go on a guided tour with a professional expert and learn more about the city's history. One of the most visited museums in the city is the House of terror which showcases the brutality of the Hungarian fascist and the Soviet-led Communist regimes towards the people of the city. Another interesting museum to visit in the city is the Holocaust memorial center where you can synagogue and a memorial garden with a wall of victims. The museum has an amazing exhibit where you can experience the artifacts through newsreels, paintings, photos, and also interactive objects.
If you love art, Budapest has some amazing museums such as the Museum of fine arts which is also one of central Europe's important museums. You can witness some of the most important works such as the Italian Renaissance collection including the works of Raphael and Titian. You can also admire the works of renowned artists like El Greco, Rembrandt, and Velázquez. Another popular museum for art lovers is the Hungarian National gallery which is home to many Art Nouveau paintings and works from artists like József Rippl-Rónai, Lajos Tihanyi, Tivadar Csontváry Kosztka and many more. If you are looking to explore modern artwork, visit the Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art which has an amazing collection of pop art and works from many upcoming and lesser-known artists.

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Budapest Museums FAQs

Are Museums in Budapest worth visiting?

Budapest is one of the most charming cities in Hungary and has a rich history and culture. The Museums in Budapest are definitely worth visiting if you are looking to learn more about the rich history of the city. You can go on a guided tour along with a professional expert who will help you learn many interesting facts about the city.

Which are the best museums in Budapest to go to with kids?

1. Hungarian National Museum: One of the top museums in Budapest, the Hungarian National Museum is the best place to deep dive into the history of the city. The museum has four permanent collections which are focused on the Carpathian Basin's history right from ancient times to the Romans and Hungarians. Kids can look at various artifacts throughout the years and learn more about the city and its people.

2. Museum of Fine Arts: If your kid loves and appreciates art, head over to the museum of fine arts which is one of the main museums in central Europe for international art. One of the most popular works here is the Italian Renaissance collection which was purchased in 1871 and is considered the best work in Europe. Children can spot many paintings from famous artists like El Greco, Rembrandt, and Velázquez.

3. House of Terror: One of the most visited museums in Budapest, where kids can learn more about the cruelty committed by the fascists and also by the soviet communist regimes to the people of the city. One of the most interesting parts of the museum is that the same building was used by the Hungarian Arrow Cross Party and the communist Secret Police for the detention and torture of the people.

4. Aquincum Museum: Visit the Aquincum Museum with kids to learn more about the city of Aquincum which was once a roman city. The museum is home to a small collection of Roman artifacts and also many items such as statues and mosaics. Kids can also visit the Aquincum ruins and look at the thermal baths, underground central heating system, and also sewer gate.

What are the most popular museums in Budapest?

1. Holocaust Memorial Center: The Holocaust Memorial Center is dedicated to more than half a million people who died in the Holocaust. Visit this center and look at the memorial garden with the wall of victims and also a synagogue. You can also explore the tower which is the name of all the Hungarian towns where Jews were known to live. Experience this center with photos, newsreels, and fun interactive objects.

2. House of Terror Museum: One of the most popular museums in the city, the House of Terror Museum depicts the torture and cruelty faced by the people from the Hungarian fascist and the Soviet-led Communist regimes. An interesting fact is that the same building was used by the police to torture and interrogation people.

3. Museum of Applied Arts: If you are a fan of art and paintings, the Museum of Applied Arts has an amazing collection of contemporary and historical works from the past. You can witness many contemporary Hungarian art remains which depict the history of the city. One can also look at the antiques which were transferred from the Hungarian National Museum.

4. Aquincum Museum and Archaeological Park: Aquincum was once an important Roman city and home to the Celtic tribe. Visit the Archaeological Park where you can experience life in ancient times and visit the thermal baths, and the underground central heating system. The museum also has a beautiful collection of historic Celtic and Roman artifacts including statues and mosaics.

How long do you need in the House of Terror Budapest?

The House of Terror Budapest museum is spread across four levels and it is recommended to spend at least 2-3 hours at the museum. You can take your time to witness all of the artifacts and you can also go on a guided tour and learn more from a professional expert.

Why is the Hungarian National Gallery popular?

The Hungarian National Gallery is known to have the largest public collection which documents the development of arts in Hungary. The museum also has an amazing collection of Italian Renaissance paintings outside Italy including works of famous artists like Florentine and Venetian masters.

What are the hours of operation for the Museum of Ethnography in Budapest?

The Museum of Ethnography in Budapest is open from 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM every day and is closed on Mondays. It is recommended to visit the museum in the mornings as you can avoid crowds and experience the museum in peace.

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