Benaki Museum Overview

Founded in 1930, the Benaki museum is one the most visited museums in Athens, and has an impressive collection of the ancient Greece relics and its colonies. The Benaki Museum depicts the story of the evolution of Greek culture, from the olden times till the present date. Home to over 45,000 objects and artefacts, the collection here is ever-growing.

Among some of the famous museums in Athens, Benaki Museum is also among one of the finest Athens places to visit. It is nothing less than a treasure trove of the beautiful Byzantine icons, impeccable collection of Greek regional costumes and some of Greek masterpieces.

This museum caters to people with different interests and has three floors of enlightening information. The sitting rooms are also brilliant and intricately carved and painted along with the agricultural tools that will blow your mind.


• Depicting the story of Greece from the ancient times to date, the Benaki museum is home to a large collection of relics from Greece. 
• The objects here date back to as old as 3000 BC, and are placed across four floors of this neoclassical building. 
• Explore the diverse forms of art, you can find here the Byzantine Art; Prehistoric, Ancient and Roman Art, and the Chinese Art.
• Some other famous art forms include Post-Byzantine and Neo-Hellenic Art, and the ancient heirlooms, among the many.
• One of the notable highlights of the Benaki museum are the works of art by the popular painter cum sculptor, El Greco. 
• Get to view the most rare and impressive collections belonging to the history of Greece.
• Indulge in the many informative and educational tours to learn more about each artform and artefact. 

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