Temple Of Athena Nike Overview

Among the oldest temples in Athena, the Temple of Athena Nike is known to be the first of the ionic structures to have been built in Acropolis. Built on a 6 metre stone, extending up to the southwest Acropolis, this temple also offers splendid views. Dedicated to the goddess of victory in Greek mythology, the name Nike literally translates to ‘a form of Athena’. 

Built in the honour of Athena Nike who is known to be the goddess of victory, this temple holds considerable importance. It is also one of the smallest structures but is a paragon of political and military strength.

This temple has also survived massive attacks and destruction but was rebuilt restoring its importance. It has been built with Pentellic marble and also has sculptural friezes. The temple dates back to the Bronze Age and is home to sculptures of Athena Nike in different presentations.


• Known to be among the oldest temples in Athens, the Temple of Athena Nike is a classic example of Ionic structures in Athens. 
• Built between the period 426-421 BC, the temple was designed by a famous architect Kallikrates.
• Situated on the southeast part of the Acropolis of Athens, this temple offers sweeping views of the entire cityscape. 
• Dedicated to the Greek Goddess Nike, you can learn a lot about the history and architecture of the temple as you explore around.
• The altars and the columns of this temple are preserved till date, and can be viewed inside the bastion, below the floor of the monument. 
• Admire the style of architecture of the temple, and know as to why this structure is called amphiprostyle.
• Indulge in clicking some amazing photographs as you stroll around the ruins and historically rich premises here. 

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