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Best Things To Do in Athens

The largest city in Greece, Athens is one of the most historically popular cities of all times. Athens is also the capital of Greece. This city, according to historians, dates back to the 7th century BC. If you are planning to visit this majestic city, you must be a little inclined towards history and archaeology. This city has places like The Acropolis, Plaka, Cultural Park and Ancient Agora which have their own historical significance. Some of the best things to do in Athens are visiting these authentic places. This city is accurate for a vacation since it is the blend of the old and the new. Its economy is one of the greatest in the country and is politically very stable. So, if you visit Athens, you would not have to face difficult situations in terms of unnecessary politics or rivalry. A visit to Athens means visiting some amazing mountains and plains. Athens itself lies in the great plain of Attica. Apart of that, you can even witness mountains Aigaleo, Parnitha, Hymettus, Pentelicus. These mountains are known worldwide. These cover Athens from all the sides.

The streams that are in Athens also have their own beauty and charm. The streams include Ilissos, Cephissus, and Eridanos. The climate of Athens remains hot and is almost like summer throughout the year. Also, the winter in Athens is not much cold. It could be termed as cooler. The best time to visit Athens is between March and May. You can also visit Athens in and around the month of September when it is neither too hot nor too cold. However, it is highly recommended to not visit Athens during the months of October to February since it is considered to be the rainy season in Athens during that time. You would not be able to enjoy the best things to do in Athens if you visit it at that point of time. If you are planning to go for a trip to Athens, wait no further.

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What You Should Know More About Things To Do in Athens

  • Q. Which are some of the best things to do in Athens?

    Athens is known worldwide for its culture, tradition and authenticity. It is one of the most trusted cities in terms of ethnicity. Apart from that, Athens also offers some exciting things that you could do or enjoy if you ever plan to visit it. Some of the best things to do in Athens are as follows –
    Day cruise at Poros, Hydra and Aegina
    Athens Sightseeing Trips
    Greece Tour for four days
    Delphi day trip
    Trip to Meteora and Delphi
    Tour at the Navel of the World
    Athens Acropolis Walking Tour
    Trip to Cape Sounion
    You can do all these and more if you go for a trip to Athens. These are budget-friendly and promise a whole lot of fun and enjoyment.

  • Q. Which are most romantic things to do in Athens during honeymoon?

    For the lovebirds or the newly-married ones, Athens is one of the best tourist destinations. There are many things that you could possibly do in Athens with your partner and set the mood right for a beautiful night. Some of the best things to do in Athens for romance and love are listed below –
    Stroll at the Cultural Park
    Visit the Acropolis
    Walk with your partner in a calm Mount Parnitha National Park
    Visit the Diomidous Botanical Garden and enjoy a day with nature
    Trek through the Lycabettus Hill
    Marathon Beach on a lovely day
    Sounion with your partner
    The National Garden of Athens
    These places have been proven to be the most romantic places in Athens. Also, you can go for some cruising or dinner at a fancy restaurant with your partner to enjoy the romantic night that you have been planning to do. If you are at Athens, your honeymoon would be perfect.

  • Q. Which are must see historical sites in Athens?

    Athens is typically known for its indulgence in history. It has an immense importance in mythology and many Greek stories of the ancient times would surely have Athens in them. That is why, one of the best things to do in Athens is to take a look at the sites which are of some historical importance. Hold your breath, because there are many.
    The Acropolis
    National Archaeological Museum of Athens
    Temple of Olympian Zeus, Athens
    Syntagma Square
    Acropolis Museum
    Temple of Athena Nike
    If you are planning to visit Athens, do not forget to take a trip to all these historical sites. They show you Athens in the truest form.

  • Q. What are some famous beach activities in Athens?

    Athens’ calm and coastal life is also quite famous. You get to witness a lot of beaches and popular beach activities in Athens throughout the year. Some of the famous beaches include –
    Cape Sounion
    Porto Rafti
    All these beaches offer many beach activities which keep you engaged and active. Some of the famous beach activities include –
    Scuba Diving
    Coastal Bike tour
    Apart from these, some of the best things to do in Athens’ beaches could be some outdoor sports too.

  • Q. Which are best places for scuba diving in and around Athens and what are the charges?

    Two of the best things to do in Athens are scuba diving and snorkelling. You can specify on scuba diving more since it is done by almost every visitor in Athens. Some of the best places for a fun scuba diving are –
    Free Dive Greece
    Extreme Divers
    Oxygen Tours
    Sotiriou Diving Center
    These places do not charge more than needed. For one person, you can expect the charge to be around $108.

  • Q. Which are best places for snorkeling in and around Athens and what are the charges?

    Snorkelling is one of the best things to do in Athens. What have you done if not been on a snorkelling activity while on a trip to Athens? Okay, for the best places for snorkelling, the suggestions are –
    Oxygen Tours
    Extreme Divers
    Free Dive Greece
    Sotiriou Diving Center
    If you are worried about the charges, you must know that the charges would be in and around $100. It could be more, according to your preferences. If you want to do basic snorkelling, you need not worry about the price much.

  • Q. Which all places can be seen during Athens electric bike tour?

    Athens’s electric bike tour is one of the most famous bike tours in Athens. People go for these bike rides for 3 to 4 days. Some bikers prefer the time of sunset for these amazing bike rides. These bike tours are done especially to enjoy the scenic beauty of Athens. So, you must know about the important places that these electric bike tours cover –
    The Temple of Zeus
    The Acropolis
    The Restaurant of Plaka
    Syntagma Square
    Marathon Beach
    Cultural Park

  • Q. Where can I enjoy nightlife in Athens and how safe is to go out in night?

    If you want to spend some quality time with your beloved partner, the best time is the night. Athens looks and feels majestic at night. Also, you can witness some great lighting which you might otherwise miss on the daytime. The best thing to do in Athens is to enjoy the calmness and solitude of the night with your love.
    You can try out these fun things in order to enjoy the night completely and spend some good time –
    Athens Greek Folk Dance Lessons
    Athens Bar Hopping
    Athens Small Group Walking Tours
    You can try out the different bars and restaurants which entertain guests to the fullest even after midnight. Also, a walk down the streets of Athens is enough to bring in a romantic mood and free spirit.

  • Q. Which are some of the best cruise trips in Athens?

    Cruising is a great activity which is very famous throughout Athens. You can try out cruising but you should be careful with the place where you are enrolling for a cruising experience. One of the best things to do in Athens in cruising and you should be careful while doing it –
    Hydra, Poros and Egina Day Cruise
    Catamaran Cruise
    Poseidon Temple to Sounio Cape Cruise
    Aegina Island to Athens Cruise
    Athens Riviera Cruise
    Go for these cruise trips and have the time of your life.

  • Q. Which are must visit sites in Athens during sightseeing trip of Athens?

    Athens is a great place for sightseeing. Even so, most people tend to visit Athens for the amazing places and scenic beauty it offers while sightseeing. The best things to do in Athens should definitely cover sightseeing. Some of the most popular places include –
    Acropolis Museum
    Ancient Agora
    Benaki Museum
    Temple of Hephaestus
    Museum of Cycladic Art
    Herod Atticus Odeon

  • Q. Where can I go for island hopping in Athens?

    There are many island hopping tours in and around Athens which offer complete enjoyment and relaxation to you and your family. Some of the best island hopping tours in Athens include –
    Athens – Paros Island tour
    Athens – Mykonos Island tour
    Athens – Santorini Island tour
    Athens – Naxos Island tour
    Athens – Corfu Island tour
    Athens – Rhodes Island tour
    Athens – Crete Island tour
    Athens – Ios Island tour
    You can also take trips to two or three of these islands at one go. Plan your trip according to your convenience.