Clock Tower Overview

The Clock Tower is located in the middle of Antalya. It was built in 1901 and is a great example of Ottoman architecture. It is in the middle of Turkey's most beautiful coastal town. 

One of the most beautiful buildings in Antalya is this one, which has a square base and a circular top with a working clock. Many people love this tower, and it's not just a clock; it's also a place where people gather. It has a complicated pattern that looks like European style. 

When tourists reach the top, they can see beautiful views of Antalya's rich history and lively presence. To learn about the history of the Clock Tower, it's fun to walk around it. Around it, there are a lot of busy bars and one-of-a-kind shops. A lot is happening in the city, but this building is a work of art. People can enjoy its timeless beauty and learn more about Antalya's rich cultural history.


• Get stunned by the Clock Tower's unique Ottoman design and European influences and marvel at its superb building reminiscent of Antalya's rich history.
• View the city of Antalya from the top of the tower and experiencing its rich history and vibrant present.
• Enjoy the tower's vibrant atmosphere, where locals and tourists create a culture hub full of life, stories, and a love of the city's history.
• Take a picture of the tower's lighted silhouette against the night sky, showing how gorgeous Antalya is and giving you lifelong memories.
• Try one of the neighbouring outdoor restaurants to savour the gourmet feast that matches the tower's magnificent atmosphere for a unique sensory experience.

How To Reach

By Foot: On foot, the Clock Tower is close to Cumhuriyet Caddesi Avenue, north of Antalya Old Town and very handy. It's easy for tourists to get there; they can walk through the Old Town's alleys or stroll along Ataturk Caddesi from the harbour.

By Bus: Public transportation choices like the KL08 bus from Ataturk Boulevard or the T2 tram make it easy to get to the area around the tower.

Best Time To Visit

You can enjoy the popular Clock Tower in Antalya year-round if you plan your trip there.

Best season: The best time to visit Antalya is spring and fall when the weather is good and there are fewer people.

Best day in the week: It is better to visit the Clock Tower in weekdays. There are fewer people using these days which means more fun and better photos during the week.

The best time of the day: Early morning is best to avoid crowds, or late afternoon or evening is best to enjoy the lit-up tower and eat outside

Other Essential Information

Visitor Tips:

1. When taking pictures, early morning is the best time to visit the Clock Tower because it is less busy.

2. The night is a great time to see the tower's magical change because it's so bright and makes a great background for pictures.

3. Walk around Antalya's Old Town's small lanes, hidden gems, and charming cafes to experience its culture.

4. Make sure your shoes are comfortable before you walk around the area around the tower, which may include going up and down hilly streets and alleys in the Old Town.

5. When you go to the Clock Tower and talk to people who live there, please respect their ways of life. This will help you enjoy your time in Antalya more.

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