Duden Waterfalls Overview

Discover Düden Waterfalls in Antalya, where the Düden River cascades over dramatic cliffs into the Mediterranean Sea. With lush greenery, misty trails, and a serene ambience, this natural attraction offers a tranquil escape. Explore caves behind the falls, stroll through surrounding parks, and soak in the beauty of this unforgettable Turkish gem.

Düden Waterfalls in Antalya, Turkey, are a stunning natural attraction around 8 kilometres from the city centre. Formed by the Düden River, they comprise two main cascades—the Upper and Lower Düden Falls. The Upper Falls, once called "Alexander Falls," drop 20 metres into a serene pool surrounded by lush vegetation. The Lower Falls, with a dramatic 40-metre drop, cascade into the Mediterranean Sea. The surrounding caves and trails allow for unique perspectives and up-close experiences, making them a must-visit destination for travelers with Turkey packages.

The falls have been admired for centuries due to their beauty and power. The ancient Seljuks used their flow for watermills and the Ottomans for irrigation. Today, visitors can enjoy the tranquil ambience, explore caves, take boat tours, or enjoy a picnic at Gençlik Park. Düden Waterfalls provide an idyllic escape for those seeking nature's beauty, fascinating history, and refreshing mist. From exploring caves to capturing the dramatic cascades, the Düden Waterfalls promise an unforgettable journey into nature’s splendour.


• Marvel at Düden Waterfalls as the Düden River dramatically plunges into the Mediterranean Sea.
• Explore the caves beneath the Upper Düden Falls to uncover ancient rock-cut tombs.
• Capture panoramic views of the Lower Düden Falls as they cascade 40 metres into the sea.
• Take a boat tour from Antalya Harbour to fully appreciate the waterfalls' striking beauty.
• Stroll through Gençlik Park for spectacular views, peaceful trails, and photo opportunities.

How To Reach

1. By Road: Düden Waterfalls are located just 8.1 kilometres from Antalya.

2. By Car: From the city centre of Antalya, the Lower Düden Waterfalls are about 10 kilometres east and can be reached via the D400 highway. The journey takes roughly 20 to 30 minutes, depending on traffic. Follow the signs to Lara Beach or "Düden Şelalesi."

3. By Bus: Local buses (KL08, LF09, LF10, LC37, VC30 and LC07) frequently run from Antalya city centre and other parts of the city to the waterfalls. The journey takes approximately 40 minutes.

4. By Metro: You can also reach the Upper Düden Waterfalls by taking the Antalya metro to the Aksu station. From there, you can walk about 1.2 km to the site.

5. By Boat: Another popular way to reach the Duden Waterfalls is by taking a boat trip from the Antalya Harbor. This allows you to fully experience the falls from the water and appreciate the dramatic setting.

Best Time To Visit

Düden Waterfalls can be visited all year round, offering beauty and relaxation every season. The waterfall’s flow remains consistent, providing a stunning sight at any time of year.

1. Best Season: Spring and summer, particularly from April to August, are the best times to visit. The temperatures are warm, flowers bloom vibrantly, and the lush foliage enhances the area’s natural beauty. The flow of water is strong, creating a picturesque sight.

2. Best Day of the Week: Weekdays are ideal for visiting to avoid weekend crowds and enjoy the serene surroundings. Choose a day early in the week to have more paths to yourself and enjoy the tranquil surroundings with minimal noise and interruptions.

3. Best Time of Day: Early morning or late afternoon provides quieter moments, perfect for unobstructed views and photography. The light is softer, giving a golden glow to the water and the surroundings, making the visit more visually stunning.

Other Essential Information

  • Wear sturdy footwear due to uneven terrain and potentially slippery rocks around the waterfalls.
  • Visit early in the morning or late afternoon for quieter paths and pleasant temperatures.
  • Bring sunscreen, a hat, and plenty of water, especially when visiting in the summer.
  • Carry a camera to capture stunning views, but keep your distance from the waterfall’s edge.
  • Respect local wildlife by not littering and staying on designated paths to preserve their habitat.
  • Prepare for some steps and steep sections, especially at the Upper Düden Waterfalls.
  • Consider packing swimwear and a towel if you plan to enjoy the refreshing natural pools.
  • Use weekday visits to avoid the weekend crowds and fully appreciate the tranquil setting.
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Point of Interest for Duden Waterfalls
Wander through Gençlik Park

Wander through Gençlik Park

Gençlik Park, perched above Lower Düden Waterfall, is a relaxing retreat with scenic overlooks. Here, you can enjoy a peaceful stroll along winding paths lined with benches, lush trees, and vibrant flowers. The benches offer the perfect spot to sit back and soak in the beauty of the falls cascading into the sea below. The cool breeze from the water refreshes you as you gaze at the horizon, watching boats sail by. With its tranquil atmosphere and excellent views, Gençlik Park is ideal for quiet contemplation or simply spending time in nature.

Take a Boat Trip to Lower Düden Waterfall

Take a Boat Trip to Lower Düden Waterfall

A boat trip from Antalya Harbour is the perfect way to fully experience Lower Düden Waterfall’s dramatic beauty. The relaxing cruise lets you see the rugged coastline and the waterfall's impressive flow as it crashes into the Mediterranean. Captains often share fascinating stories about the area's history and point out key sights along the way. You can feel the mist and marvel at the power of the water as the boat circles around the base. It is a refreshing way to explore Antalya's natural beauty and appreciate the grand scale of this magnificent waterfall.

Discover Ancient Rock-Cut Tombs

Discover Ancient Rock-Cut Tombs

Explore the caves beneath Upper Düden Waterfall and discover rock-cut tombs dating back to ancient times. This archaeological site provides insight into the region's rich history, showcasing the craftsmanship of early civilisations. Venture into the caves through narrow stone steps, where ancient burial chambers are carved into the rock walls. The cool, dark interiors reveal how ancient people shaped their final resting places. The historical significance and unique rock formations make this an enriching and memorable experience.

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