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Perge, a magnificent ancient city amidst the rivers Catarrhactes and Cestrus, is located 15kms east of the beautiful Antalya, Turkey. Dating as far back as the Bronze Age, it is believed that the city was originally settled by Hittites around 1500 B.C. Invaded by Alexander the Great, Perge`s glorious and splendid architecture is a living proof of Hellenistic Period.

Soon after, it was followed by Roman Imperial Period for the first three centuries A.D. Ancient Perge is known for the fact that Saint Paul preached his first sermon here in 46 A.D. before embarking on his journeys. That is why it became an important city for the expansion Christians and Christianity during Byzantine period. Explore this historical gem, notable for its connection to Saint Paul, as part of your Turkey holiday packages, delving into its rich past that played a pivotal role in shaping the cultural tapestry of the region.

All the remains of these ancient eras can be seen in the city. The Greco-Roman Theater with fine marble reliefs and Stadium of Perge that could seat over 12000 people were excavated in 1946, are some of Perge’s best preserved sites. A Hellenistic-Roman gate-towers flanked by ruined towers are also most photographed and visited sites in perge because of their unique appearance and historic importance.

You can pass between the massive antique gates and stroll down the ruins of colonnaded boulevard to a nymphaeum to explore the ancient glory of Perge. Explore the history and beauty of perge and experience this archaeological paradise along the routes followed by Alexander the Great.

How To Reach

Perge is only 7.5 kms from the Antalya Airport which can easily be accessed by private car, taxi or bus.

By Bus
Take the T1 tram going to Expo from Antalya airport and stop at Aksu 1. From there, it is only 20 minutes walk to the site.

By Car
The best option to visit perge from Antalya Airport is by a private car. Follow the road D400 to aksu and then take Ataturk road for 2.5kms. You'll reach the site in just 20 minutes.

By Taxi
You can hire a taxi to drop you to the site from Antalya Airport. The ride will not cost you more than 10-15TL.

Best Time To Visit

Credits:- Image by yusufk53 from Pixabay

Spring, starting from march to may, is the best time to visit Perge. During this time, the weather is moderate, and days are long, making it perfect to explore the ruins of Perge.

Avoid visiting Perge in summers as the weather is extremely hot  and can reach upto 38 degrees making it difficult to stay out. Although the city is less crowded during these months so you’ll have the site to yourself. 

Other Essential Information

Perge is located at 18 kms east of Antalya and 2kms north of Aksu Village amidst the Aksu River. 

Distance from Antalya airport 
The distance from Antalya airport to Perge is 7.5 kms which takes approximately 12 minutes to reach.

History of Perge

Credits:- Image by yusufk53 from Pixabay

During the 12 century A.D., a large number of Greeks moved from northern Anatolia (at present Turkey) to the Mediterranean coast. A significant number of them settled in the east of the present Antalya, called Pamphylia, which was known as the "land of the tribes." The city Perge itself was established around 1000 BC and is almost 20km inland and it filled in as a cautious measure to ensure the city and maintain a strategic distance from the privateer groups that threatened this piece of the Mediterranean. 

In 546 BC, the Achaemenid Persians vanquished the local authorities and gained control of the region. During the Persian Conquest war in 333 B.C., around 200 hundred years after the fact, Alexander the Great's militaries showed up at Perga. The Pergans sent aides into the city to manage his military. 
The Romans came to Perge around 188BC and constructed many sites and monuments, including the 15,000-seater Greek-Roman Theatre, agora, gymnasium, historic gates and necropolis.

The city became an important Roman city and later Byzantine center during its Rome period. Perge experienced its golden age during this period, with an abundance of new public and private structures and monuments being built. However, the town was attacked and abandoned during and after the fall of the Byzantine Empire.
Today the city offers an epitome of roman architecture and culture with a plethora of historic structures and culture to explore.

Along with the ancient ruins, visitors can also see the magnificent colonnaded streets, the old theatre, and the Roman stadium, with its 12,000 seats. The remains of Roman baths, the imposing gates of the city and a number of other ruins can be found here, including the imposing Nymphaeum from the 2nd century AD. In addition, the Antalya Museum now offers many of the statues, artefacts and other finds excavated at Perge.

Tips for visiting Perge

Credits:- Image by yusufk53 from Pixabay

1. Make sure to book a private car or guided tour for a hassle free visit.

The Perge area is rugged so make sure to bring comfortable shoes to walk in.

If you’re visiting in summers, carry sunscreen and water bottles as it gets extremely hot and humid. 

Try to visit early in the morning or in the evening for best photographic light.

Must visit the bazaar on your way back. 
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