Park Zoo in Al-Kharj Overview

Located in the north of Al-Kharj Governorates, about 29 kilometers south of Riyadh area, Al Kharj Park Zoo is a stunning amalgamation of park and zoo. This beautiful green belt is spread across thirty thousand square meters housing a plethora of pets, birds and other reptiles. It is a one of a kind zoo and park where you will find all kinds of animal species and entertainment in a clean and green environment.

The Al Kharj Park Zoo is one of the fun and entertaining Al Kharj tourist places. The zoo is not extremely big, but definitely has its own share of unique experiences and activities that are enjoyed by adults and loved by kids. Recently added to the mesmerizing backdrop of Al Kharj, the Park Zoo is an amusement park with a zoo and therefore the best place to visit with kids.

The zoo itself is home to many amazing wildlife animals like exotic lions, tigers, leopards, bears etc. People can also enjoy bird watching while visiting the zoo as it houses some amazing species like the Eagle, flamingo, vultures and many more. 

In addition to the wildlife, the Park Zoo also has some rides in the amusement park area where adults and kids can spend their time. Enjoy the experience of various rides and make it a picnic with your friends or family. The lush green gardens are well kept and you can relax in the beautiful surroundings during the tour to this wonderful place.


• Al-Kharj Zoo is a government project with pleasant and clean environment to spread the awareness of significance of forests
• This zoo is one of the largest zoos in the region and is spread across thirty thousand square meters of natural vegetation
• It includes a zoo, a tourist resort, swimming pool, tents, an entertainment center and a lot more facilities ready available to the visitors.
• You can also find some rides for children so this park is suitable for people of all ages
• Wild animals such as leopards, tigers, bears, rhinos, elephants, and birds such as vultures, ducks, eagles, flamingos can easily be found in the zoo.

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