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Queensland Packages

Duration Price
Australia - Gateway To The Great Barrier Reef10 days & 9 nights
INR 2,48,990
Gems Of Australia - Highlights of Gold Coast, Cairns & Melbourne10 days & 9 nights
INR 2,18,350

Get ready to experience some new adventures and entertainment options by opting for the Queensland Tour Packages from Thrillophilia. The wide range of packages offered by us will fit all kinds of travellers and will make sure that even a child or a solo traveller will be able to take full advantage of the tours. From special catered itineraries, to top notch facilities and from private travelling facilities to luxurious stay, the Queensland Packages offered by thrillophilia will ensure that you get the best of everything.

Whether you wish to customise your packages or are looking for some sort of extra addition like more activities/more sightseeing or more solace, our special package curators will ensure that you get what you want. To make your decision even more precise, the packages come in various forms like the ones for the group travellers and the others specially crafted for couples. From bargain values to special offers and deals, Thrillophilia’s Queensland holiday packages will ensure that this trip does not burn a hole in anyone’s pocket. Above all, if you intend to make a memorable experience out of your trip, then make sure that you look nowhere else and choose from the array of Queensland tours offered by thrillophilia.

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Queensland Tour faqs

What are the top attractions for a sightseeing tour in Queensland?

Queensland is a state which has numerous sites which one can visit on a sightseeing tour. The top places which attract tourists in Queensland are:

  • The Great Barrier Reef- The Great Barrier Reef has been blessed with the greatest coral reef in the whole world. It has been enlisted by the UNESCO as a world heritage site and one is sure to be blown away by its beauty.
  • Fraser Island- Fraser Island is also listed as a heritage site. It is the largest sand on the planet, stretching for more than 120 km. The island offers an amazing insight into nature to the tourists.
  • Cape Tribulation- Cape Tribulation is a major tourist attraction of Queensland. Queensland has the Daintree National Park which offers people an amazing experience of wildlife and nature.

What are the best places to visit on a Queensland tour?

1. Cairns Botanical Gardens: Letting visitors know what real natural beauty looks like, the Cairns Botanical gardens is one such place which is a must include in any of the Queensland tour Packages. Finding its name in the list of world heritage sites, this botanical garden is an abode to numerous species of rafe flowers shrubs. In the middle of the garden lies a scenic manmade pond in which you can find various pink and blue lotus. The Cairns Botanical garden also has a cactus park where one can find various species of cactus living in their natural habitat.

Location: Collins Ave, Edge Hill QLD 4870, Australia

2. Grand Barrier Reef: Considered to be one of the largest living structures in the world, the Grand Barrier Reef is a collection of more than 700 islands. So vast that one can view it from space, this place is a must visit for everyone opting for Queensland tour Packages. Other than being a visual attraction, the Grand Barrier Reef is also famous for offering a plethora of amazing watersports and being a home to numerous species of rare sea creatures. Around 1600 species of tropical fishes find their home here and make adventures like diving and snorkelling even more beautiful.

3. Sea World in Gold Coast: Offering a home like habitat to various endangered species of the sea, the Sea World in Gold Coast is a waterpark kind of location. If you are looking for fun, amusing rides, various once in a lifetime experiences and interaction with creatures like dolphins then make sure that you add this location in your Queensland tour Packages. Some of the major attractions of this water park include Dolphin Cove, Shark Bay, Penguin Point, Seal Harbour and the Polar Bear Shore. Above all this, various shows are held here in which you can interact with these sea animals and have a joyous day with your loved ones.

Location: Maine beach, Brisbane, Queensland.
Timings: 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM

4. Fraser Island: being the largest sand islands in the world, Fraser island is known for offering the perfect spot to enjoy a four wheeler drive. Along the shore, you will stumble upon various small pools made of rock and bubbling with water. The beaches here are loaded with various sandstone cliffs which act as a perfect spot to sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful view below. The beach is also a famous spot to indulge in various water sports such as diving and snorkelling, and the shores are home to some of the most fresh species of water animals including dolphins Whales and Tiger sharks.

5. Kuranda: Being a charming Rainforest Village, Kuranada is one such place which will let you get close to nature on your Queensland tour Packages. This small town boasts of various hidden gems in the forms of colourful markets, local craft shops and a plethora of fun activities to try your hands on. The most prominent attraction of this place is its railway system which passes through high gorges, lush green forests and numerous scenic passes.

6. Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary: By visiting this natural abode, you will be giving yourself a chance to meet the cute Koalas. Creating a home-like spot for these almost endangered animals, the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary has gained fame across the world. Various tourists from many international locations visit here to spend some time with these cute little wild animals. From feeding the baby Koalas to clicking pictures with them, one can indulge in a plethora of once in a lifetime experiences.

Location: 708 Jesmond Rd, Fig Tree Pocket, Brisbane

Which are the different biking trips to do in Queensland?

Biking is an exciting activity. It is a very popular activity in Queensland and is often considered to be a better mode of transportation. Biking trips are the best kind of trips one can have. People feel the wind while riding and also get to see the picturesque view on their journey. Many biking tours take place in Queensland and one often finds groups of people traveling to a place on bikes. There are a number of biking trips which one do in Queensland. The most famous of the lot are:

  •    Murray to Mountain Rail Trail
  •    Great Ocean Road
  •    Rottnest Island
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What are the best things to do on the Queensland tour?

1. Diving and snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef: Whether you are a water baby or an adventure enthusiast, the marine life of the Great Barrier Reef will provide you with numerous options to entertain yourself with. Consisting of a total 700 islands, this place has numerous coasts offering a plethora of water based adventures to try. As you opt for diving or snorkelling, you will be provided with spellbinding scenery of marine animals and various varieties of fishes. Some of the areas around here are known for offering a change to dive along with sharks as well.

2. Explore Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary: Home to numerous species of rare reptiles and animals, Currumbin Wildlife Park is a must add location in your Queensland tour Packages. Whether you wish to indulge in guided walking tours or want to spend some time at peace wandering in the greens, this place will let you do everything. The sanctuary covers up an area of around 27 hectares, thus offering a green and surplus abode as well as numerous nature based shows.

Location: 28 Tomewin St, Currumbin QLD 4223, Australia
Timings: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Price: 25$ per person

3. Take a Dolphin Cruise: While the Bay surrounding Queensland is known for some of the majestic wonders of nature, one of them includes the flocks of dolphins swimming around. By taking a dolphin cruise, you will provide you a chance to travel towards Marine Park and enjoy the view of bottlenose dolphins dancing around in the water and playing along with the waves. Apart from the mesmerising views of nature, you will also get to enjoy freshly prepared drinks and some snacks on the cruise. Various dolphin cruises also pass through shipwrecks and fish feeding areas.

4. Enjoy an open air movie: all the fun lovers who wish to enjoy a movie experience like never before can head to Fortitude Valley to enjoy watching open-air movies. This place is known for being one of the most famous locations to be included in Queensland tour packages. Just like an indoor movie theatre, this place also has a seating area which is designated for each person who has booked a ticket. Apart from watching movies you can also shop for various items to take back home.

5. Train ride to Kuranda: A rainforest in Atherton Tableland, Kuranda is known for offering some of the most rare glimpses of nature. The railways to this place pass through some of the most scenic awards including Steve George’s sudden turnabout and lush green passages. The whole experience is unmatchable, this becomes one of the most famous activities to be included in any Queensland packages. Once you reach the station you will be welcomed by colourful markets from where you can shop for gifts, local crafts and artistic items.

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Which are the best camping tours in Queensland?

Camping is the most enthralling one can ever be a part of. It is the ideal activity to do when one just wants to escape from their life. Camping in Queensland is all the more fascinating. One has to cut off from the rest of the world and stay in the lap of nature in camping. People generally feel close to nature and understand oneself better after going on camping tours. Lying on the green lands at night and gazing at the starry sky are some of the things people do when they go for camping tours. The best camping tours in Queensland are:

  •    Near Lake Wabby
  •    Near Lake Mckenzie
  •    Moreton Island
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What are the adventure things to do on a Queensland tour?

1. Scuba Diving: scuba-diving in the cranberry a reef is considered to be a must include activity in Queensland packages. Being a home to more than 700 islands, the shores here are home to various species which can be only seen while driving

2. Explore Lava Tubes: along the shores of north Queensland, one will find the most famous and the largest lava tubes in the world. Dating back to more than 200,000 years, these tubes are open for all and people can explode these by taking their own kayak.

3. Sailing in Whitsundays: Imagine shining white beaches surrounded by aqua blue waters, this is what Whitsundays look like. Sailing across the water here will let you enjoy some of the most scenic views as well as a certain rush of adrenaline.

4. Enjoy Skypoint Climbing: enjoy a great jump from a height of 270 m above the sea level from the tallest building of Australia. Hop up towards the observation deck and enjoy a jump like never before.

Where can I go on wildlife safari tours in Queensland?

Australia is an amazing country and the best thing about it is the weather conditions here which helps in the thriving of animal habitation. Queensland is one such state of Australia which also a home to a different variety of animals. One can find different species of animals present in Queensland. The flora and fauna of the place are not like the rest of the Australia. People from across the globe come to Queensland in order to go on wildlife safari tours here. A wildlife safari is the best way to experience wildlife as one gets to observe the animals from a very close proximity. There quite a few wildlife safari tours which take place in Queensland and the best among them are:

  •    Eco Safaris Queensland
  •    Wilderness Eco Safaris
  •    Whitsunday Crocodile Safari

How to Reach Queensland?

1. By Air: The easiest way to reach Queensland is by taking a flight towards the Brisbane airport. This airport lies at a distance of 13 km from the city.

2. By Bus: various roadways run to and from Queensland, therefore offering tourists a chance to enjoy a delightful long drive towards the destination.

3. By Rail: The nearest railway station to Queens land is located in Brisbane, this people can head to Brisbane and then take a bus ride towards Queensland.

Which are some famous spiritual tours in Queensland?

Australia is a country which is not a very diverse country. Majority of the people here follow Christianity. The same thing is reflected in Queensland. People are very religious here and have a strong connection to their spirituality. In fact, people from all over Australia come to Queensland in order to find their spirituality. There are many spiritual tours which take place in Queensland which is a major tourist attraction. Some of the most famous spiritual tours that take place in Queensland are:

  •    The Brahma Kumaris Australia
  •    Outback Spirit Tours
  •    Spirit of Queensland

What is the best time to visit Queensland?

The months between march to october are considered to be the best time to opt for Queensland packages. Around this time, this place experiences summers and winters, which are perfect to enjoy pleasant climates.

Which are the best cycling tour routes in Queensland?

Cycling is a really fun activity and is often considered to be the best way to keep oneself fit. Cycling is a very popular activity in Australia and Queensland. People love to ride their cycles on trails. The best things about going on cycling tours are that one gets to ride with groups of fellow riders and one’s cycling skills are also tested because people ride on uneven planes. Most of the cycling tours, which take in Queensland, are on terrains, therefore one gets to enjoy the stunning picturesque view of the surrounding while riding their cycles. Queensland is a state which has a number of cycling routes. The most famous and used cycling routes in Queensland are:

  •    Brisbane Valley Rail Trail
  •    Kingaroy Rail Trail
  •    Mount Tamborine
  •    Little Nerang Dam to Springbrook

What are the best public transport modes to commute around Queensland?

Buses are one of the most common means of public transportation to commute around Queensland. One can easily find regular running buses at intervals on the bus stops.

Which are some famous walking tours in Queensland?

Queensland is the ideal place to spend a vacation. The state has everything one looks for while planning a trip. It has several places which one can visit during their stay at Queensland. The perfect way to explore the sites in Queensland is by walking. One notices tiny details of the site when they go on a walking tour, these details are generally missed by people when they do not go on a walking tour. Walking tours are a very common in Queensland and people love to go walking tours here. Some of the most famous walking tours in Queensland are:

  •    Brisbane City Essentials Walking Tour
  •    Gold Coast Ghost Walking Tour
  •    Hill Inlet Walk

How many days do you need to see Queensland?

2 to 3 days long Queensland holiday packages are enough to cover all major highlights of this city. With 2 days set apart for activities and sightseeing, you are still left with one day to indulge in shopping and local cuisine.

Where can I do river rafting in Queensland?

Queensland is a coastal state and has been blessed by a number of rivers and water bodies. Due to the presence of these water bodies in Queensland, water sports activity are very popular in Queensland. The most sought-after water sports activity in Queensland is river rafting. River rafting is a pretty safe activity. A group of people is made to sit on a raft with an oar, they are then made to row their rafts through the currents and against the rapids of a river. One enjoys the activity more if the river has a lot of rapids. Few places where one can do river rafting in Queensland are:

  •    Barron River
  •    Tully River
  •    Barron Gorge
  •    Mission Beach

How much does a trip to Queensland cost from India?

A Queensland trip from India can cost you around INR 2,00,000 or $2700 per person for a five days long trip. The amount will cover all the major inclusions like travel charges, stay, fool and sightseeing.

Which are some famous scuba diving tours in Queensland?

Scuba diving is arguably the best activity to do in Queensland. Queensland is bordered by amazing seas and ocean, thereby ensuring that there is an abundance of aquatic life around the state. The aquatic animals present in the water bodies near Queensland are some of the rarest species in the world. The experience one gains from scuba diving are unparalleled. One feels as if they are in a dream because they get to hold the fishes in their hand, swim with them and explore the marine life. People from all over the country come to Queensland to try out scuba diving. Some of the most famous scuba diving tours in Queensland are:

  •    Gold Coast
  •    Cairns City
  •    Port Douglas

Which are the beaches to visit on your Queensland tour?

1. Palm Cove: None of the Queensland holiday packages will be complete without a visit to Australia's cleanest beach, Palm Coast. Loaded with Mediterranean vibes, the beach is laden with swing palms and party-like atmosphere.

2. Cape Hillsborough: providing tourists with a chance to view kangaroos roaming around, this beach is one of the most iconic beaches in Queensland. Close to A national park, the whole area of the beach comes under wildlife wildlife reserve where various animals find their home.

3. Nudey Beach: if you’re looking for a place where you can enjoy various water-based activities like swimming is not clean, then make sure you visit the beach. The waters around here are calm, offering tourists a perfect spot to enjoy marine life.

4. Noosa Main Beach: One of the prettiest beaches in Queensland, NASA is known for attracting millions of tourists every year. From wild parties to a plethora of water-based activities, an area of entertainment options are available here.

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Where are the best sites for snorkeling in Queensland?

Snorkeling is a very exciting activity. One does not need many diving gears like they do in scuba diving, they just need a snorkeling mask. One is not able to get deep in the water while snorkeling but they do get to view few of the fishes and marine animals if they are lucky. Although snorkeling is not such a dangerous activity, it is advisable only to those people who know how to swim. People who do not know swimming might drown in water. Due to the presence of several water bodies in Queensland, there is an abundance of snorkeling sites here. The best sites for snorkeling in Queensland are:

  •    Port Douglas
  •    Moreton Island
  •    Whitsunday Island

Which are the best cities to visit on a Queensland tour?

1. Cairns: Home to the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns is known for being a home to One of the UNESCO world heritage sites. The rainforest along the barrier reef is also a major attraction here. Karens is known for being a home to numerous adventures like water activities and thrilling activities like trekking and hiking, therefore attracting various adrenaline junkies from various corners of the world. Some of the major attractions of currents include the Green Island, Palm Cove, Saint Monica‘s Cathedral and Trinity Beach.

2. Gold Coast: famed for being a surfers Paradise, Gold Coast is known for the luxurious life it thrives with. Having humongous sky lines on one side and dark blue coloured sea on the other makes it a wonderful place to visit. From nightclubs to restaurants and from water activities to inland adventures, one can find everything here.

3. Brisbane: Brisbane is one such city which entertains all kinds of tourists be it a couple on a honeymoon or a solo traveller looking for some fun. Being the capital of Queensland, this place is the main spot where all the tourists gather and spend the first few days of their vacations.

Which are the different cruising experiences in Queensland?

The experience of going on cruise trips in Australia is something which one cannot have anywhere else in the world. People generally go on cruise trips on seas but one gets to go cruising on oceans in Australia. Queensland is the hub for cruise trips in Australia. One can be sure of having a luxurious time if they go on any cruise trip in Queensland. The thing that is often the highlight of one’s cruising experience is being surrounded by water with no glimpse of land, and watching the sunset and rise from the horizon. The different cruising experiences one can have in Queensland are:

  •    Carnival Cruise Line
  •    Island Cruises
  •    Great Barrier Reef Cruise

Which are the famous sailing sites in Queensland?

Queensland is a beautiful place to visit as one gets to enjoy the outstanding scenic beauty of the state when they go on a vacation there. Water activities are the most popular activities in Queensland and one of those water activities which is very famous here is sailing. Sailing is an extremely difficult activity, one needs proper training before they can go about sailing. The activity is quite enthralling and one should do it if they visit Queensland. The famous sailing sites in Queensland are:

  •    Port Douglas
  •    Hamilton Island
  •    Cairns
  •    Whitsunday Island

Which are the best places to experience the culture of Queensland?

Queensland is a place which is very rich in its culture and heritage. The people of Queensland take a lot of pride in their culture and one gets to learn a lot from them. There are quite a few things which one might do to experience the culture of Queensland. The best ways to experience the culture of Queensland are:

  • Visiting Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park- this place is the perfect place to go to understand the culture of Queensland. One gets to know about the ancient aboriginal culture of Queensland here.
  • Visiting Cape Tribulation- this island allows people to get into the shoes of the locals here and understand their culture. It is the ideal place to go to experience the indigenous culture of Queensland.
  • Visiting the churches in Queensland- churches are an integral part of the people here. It tells a lot about the religious beliefs and the religious culture of the people of Queensland.

Which are the best places for rock climbing and rappelling in Queensland?

Queensland is one of those places which has been blessed by some outstanding terrains. Every person who visits Queensland can never get bored here as one can try an array of activities here. Queensland offers one of the most adventurous and dangerous rock climbing experience in the world. The rocks present in the state are huge which makes it difficult for people to scale them. Even though rock climbing is an extremely dangerous activity, the adrenaline rush one gets by doing it is unparalleled. There are several places where one can try this activity out, the best amongst them are:

  •    Fortitude Valley
  •    Red Hill
  •    Cedar Creek

Which are the best places for surfing in Queensland?

Surfing is an interesting activity. A person is given a surf boat one which they sit and row away from the shore and wait for a tide to come. When the high tide occurs, the person stands up and tries to balance themselves in such a way that they move forward and do not fall down. It is a risky activity and requires years of training and practice to perfect it. It is not advisable to people who do not know how to swim. The surfing experience in Queensland is the best in the world because the high tides which occur here are pretty nasty, thereby increasing the adrenaline kick one gets from it. The best places for surfing in Queensland are:

  •    Surfers Paradise
  •    Gold Coast
  •    Noosa
  •    Burleigh Heads

What are the best activities and attractions in Australia that you can book via Thrillophilia?

Which are the best places for a shopping tour in Queensland?

When one goes on a vacation, the one thing that they surely do is shopping. Shopping always features in the itinerary of people because people love to shop at places which have a different culture or fashion trend. Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, is a major city of Australia, hence one can be sure to find the best shopping places of Queensland in Brisbane. Brisbane does not only houses big shopping malls offering products of global markets, but there are quite a few flea markets also here which ensures that one can also do some local street shopping. The best places for shopping in Queensland are:

  •    Pacific Fair Shopping Centre
  •    Cairns Central Shopping Centre
  •    Eumundi Market

Where can I enjoy night adventure activities in Queensland?

Adventure activities are quite famous in Queensland but the specialty of Queensland is the night adventure activities. Generally, places do not offer adventure activities at night, but in Queensland, one can try out a number of adventure activities at night. The fun of doing those activities enhances when done at night. The best places to enjoy the night adventure activities are:

  •    Story Bridge Adventure Climb
  •    Ragamuffin
  •    Whitsunday Island

What are the most romantic things to do on your Queensland honeymoon tour?

Queensland is one of those places where one can be very romantic. Honeymoon is the most special trip for any person as it is the first a couple goes on a trip together, after tying the knot. To make sure that this occasion is always etched one’s memory, the things couples can do in Queensland are:

  •    Having candlelight dinner on a beach
  •    Go on safari tours
  •    Visit the Daintree Rainforest

Which are the famous localities for a food tour in Queensland?

Australian cuisine is not something which people find everywhere, therefore having the local cuisine here becomes all the more interesting. One will be left speechless after having the lip-smacking dishes available in Queensland. The flavor of the authentic Australian cuisine is marvelous. The famous localities where one can have the local food of Queensland are:

  •    Atherton Tablelands
  •    Asian Street Food Tour
  •    Chocolate Walking Tour
  •    Mary Street

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