Wildlife Tours in Queensland

How often have you switched to National Geographic channel or Animal Planet for the curiosities in you wanting to learn about the endangered animals and how animal psychology works? If you feel the need for a hug from a koala or just hop about with a kangaroo, Queensland Australia is calling you. Home to richest and biggest zoos, it hosts some of the best Wildlife tours in Queensland. With some of the rarest and unique species of animals, Queensland has been taking care of their fauna for generations to ensure their survival going extinct. With the population being less, Queensland has more space for their animals. One does not need to go to dedicated zoos to witness the wildlife; the entire state is like an open zoo without fences letting you spot animals when you drive by the outskirts. Brisbane is home to one of the oldest wildlife parks called the Lone Pine Sanctuary.


It is by the Brisbane River and to add to your delight instead of driving there in a car, you can also opt for a boat ride to enjoy the scenic surroundings for a great build up. The Southeast region of Queensland has too many national parks that could be trekked to. Some of the common animals spotted here are the platypus and koalas. Thrillophilia has some of the best organized itineraries under their sleeves for the Wildlife tours in Queensland. The tours are designed to ensure you get to experience the best of everything and have enough time to sit back the savour the time spent here. With the interactions with animals and providing a helping hand as a volunteer, one can be rest assured there is not a boring moment to endeavor.

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