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Being the third-most populated state of Queensland, Australia, the Sunshine Coast is a semi-urban area situated at the heart of the city. The town has a touch of urban lifestyle with European culture since Europeans were the first to settle in this region. As the name suggests, Sunshine Coast is a beautiful coastal region surrounded by valleys and water bodies while making it an ideal place to hop in during vacations.

Highlights: Sunshine Coast region is guarded by an unbreakable chain of sea beaches which attracts more than 3.2 million visitors every year. The plethora of sunshine falling upon the sun-kissed beaches explains the scenic beauty of this place. This Coast is the home for 5 famous National Parks of Australia, including Mapleton National Park, Kondalilla National Park, The Glass House National Park and so on.

Location: The Sunshine Coast is located at the north of Brisbane, in the Southern east corner of Queensland Australia.
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