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Nagaland Honeymoon Packages - Browse through a wide range of Nagaland tour packages for couples with exciting offers at Thrillophilia. Book customized honeymoon packages for Nagaland with exciting deals & offers.

A wonderful tourist destination and a honeymoon paradise, Nagaland is one of the Seven Sister States that can mesmerise you with its untampered trails and natural beauty. Book your best suitable Nagaland tour packages and embark on an adventurous vacation with your loved ones. Nestled in the unique Northeastern region of India, this destination offers a wealth of flowing waterways, abundant greenery, rolling hills, dense jungles, diverse wildlife, rich heritage, quaint towns, and remote villages.

It boasts picturesque surroundings and a charming ambience. With Thrillophilia, you may travel to the "Wild of the East" with our Nagaland honeymoon packages, covering destinations such as Benreu, the Dzukou Valley, and the village of Wokha. Spending your honeymoon in Nagaland is an ideal way to relax, enjoy some alone time, and spend quality time with your better half. Our packages include well-appointed, pre-arranged lodging, first-rate guided sightseeing tours, and thrilling activities that will make your trip truly remarkable.

Thrillophilia’s Nagaland Honeymoon Packages are inclusive of couple-friendly accommodations, private sightseeing tours, 24/7 customer support, and amazing arrangements to intensify the romance in the air. From adrenaline sports to leisurely relaxation in stunning surroundings, all kinds of couples can enjoy a stunning trip to Nagaland. Thrillophilia's Nagaland Honeymoon Packages include sightseeing, local markets, road drives through picturesque mountains, traditional Naga dance and celebrations, a romantic cruise, and much more. Reserve your Nagaland honeymoon package today so you don't miss out on this unforgettable getaway in your desired season.

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Best Time to Visit Nagaland for Honeymoon:

1. Peak Season: In Nagaland, the spring-summer months of March through May bring temperatures between 17°C and 40°C. It is the busiest time of year and is regarded as one of the ideal times to travel to Nagaland, laden in pink with rhododendron flowers. Summer, which lasts less than three months, is the second most popular season to visit Nagaland since there are many alternatives for sightseeing and adventure sports like trekking and river water rafting. 

2. Shoulder Season: Because of its subalpine and subtropical climate, Nagaland experiences high temperatures and humidity during the monsoon. With heavy rains, the average temperature ranges between 15°C to 30°C (approximately). Also, the tourist boom runs lower during this season, allowing for a peaceful and hassle-free honeymoon trip. 

3. Waning Season: Winters in Nagaland typically last from October to February, with average low and high temperatures ranging from 0°C to 15°C (approx.). The temperature is cold, which is better for outdoor sports as well as sightseeing activities during this season. Besides the pleasant winter weather, the locals are joyful and festive during this season, hosting the famous Hornbill Festival and celebrating Christmas.

How to Reach Nagaland?

1. By Air: Since flying to Nagaland is the fastest method to get there, a lot of people opt for this route over other options. The main airport serving Nagaland is in Dimapur. There are frequent flights offered by Air India, Indigo, and Spicejet that connect Dimapur with the major Indian cities like Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Jaipur, Mumbai, Chennai, and more. 

2. By Rail: The Dimapur railway station serves as the primary railhead for Nagaland. Trains run regularly between Delhi, Kolkata, and Guhawati from Dimapur. From the railway station, you can hire a cab and reach your desired destination, although if you are travelling with our Nagaland honeymoon packages, you can rest assured of airport drop-offs and pick-ups.

3. By Road: Road travel is the primary means of accessing Nagaland's major cities and towns. Frequent bus services, both public and private, connect Nagaland to the nearby states of Meghalaya, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh, and Assam. Alternatively, you can make your way between the cities and districts by taxi as well.

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Nagaland Honeymoon FAQs

What is the best time to visit Nagaland?

Nagaland attracts tourists throughout the year, with each season offering its unique allure. From October to May, Nagaland experiences pleasant weather, cultural festivities, and outdoor activities. The monsoon season, June to September, transforms the landscapes into lush greenery, perfect for trekking in the rain. Even the waning season from March to May presents ideal conditions for simply enjoying the atmosphere and smell the spring flowers. Regardless of when you visit, Nagaland’s unique charm, rich culture, and picturesque landscapes ensure a memorable experience at all times.

Is Nagaland good for a honeymoon?

Yes, Nagaland is good for a honeymoon because couples here can visit the beautiful places besides indulging in adventurous activities with ease and comfort. With our Nagaland honeymoon packages one can visit the stunning locations like the Kohima Village, Japfu Peak, and the famous Dzukou Valley. Moreover, one can enjoy numerous adventure activities like angling, rock climbing, river rafting, camping and trekking along with your significant other.

How much does a Honeymoon trip to Nagaland cost?

Ranging between INR 34,500 to INR 35,500, per person, would be the approximate cost of an excellent 6-day long romantic honeymoon trip to Nagaland. The all-over price of our Nagaland Honeymoon Packages, however, varies depending on the duration of vacation, places to visit, fooding options and preferences, comfortable lodging, choice of transportation, and activities included.

Do Indians need a visa for Nagaland?

No, Indians do not need a visa for Nagaland. However, in order to enter Nagaland, Indian (Domestic) tourists must get an Inner Line Permit (ILP). This regulation is in place to ensure the safety and security of the indigenous people of Nagaland, and to protect the territory from potential threats.

What is the best month to visit Nagaland?

You can visit Nagaland any time of the year without any hassle. However, October through May is considered to be one of the ideal times of year to travel here due to the heart-warming weather patterns. This time of year, festivals and activities are like a treat for the tourists.  The summer, monsoon, and spring months in Nagaland showcase varied kinds of beauty with colourful floral blooms, or drizzling showers, or bright sceneries.

What is Nagaland famous for?

The state of Nagaland is well-known for its rich cultural and ethnographic history. With opportunities of hiking, rock climbing, camping, and other outdoor pursuits, the state is a great place for adventure seekers. In addition, Nagaland is renowned for its mouthwatering cuisine, monasteries, and beautiful, verdant rain forests, which are home to an extensive variety of flora and fauna. The traditional folk performances and the affinity of the communities with nature is also something great to behold.

Is Nagaland tourist friendly?

Yes, Nagland is tourist-friendly in general. It hosts a welcoming ambience, with friendly locals and accommodating societies that are perfect for you to enjoy this trip with Thrillophilia’s Nagaland honeymoon packages. However, it is important to make sure that you maintain a basic decorum and public decency while touring this destination.

What is the language of Nagaland?

English is the declared official language by the Nagaland Assembly. Nagamese, an Assamese-based creole language, is another language that is commonly spoken besides English. Apart them them, there are several communities in Nagaland that have their own forms of languages and other modes of communication as well.

Does it snow in Nagaland?

Yes, it occasionally snows in the southern and eastern region of Nagaland, however, last year it snowed here after almost 37 years. Usually, you can witness snow on the highest summits, but as a result of climate change, this is becoming less frequent.

Does it rain a lot in Nagaland?

Yes, Nagaland receives torrential rainfall between 180 to 250 cm during the months of June to September. During this time, the place transforms into a magical land, enchanting the visitors with its impeccable surroundings, magnificent green vistas, and picturesque sceneries of the lofty Himalayas.

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