Tocklai Tea Research Centre, Assam - 2020 (Photos & Reviews)

About Tocklai Tea Research Centre

Assam and Tea are both inseparable in literal terms. People around the world are totally in love with the taste of this tea and the curious minds visit Tocklai Tea center to satiate their taste and various scientific research process of tea making. 

Set up in times of British rule and following the legacy with the developed state, this place is standing high in tea research facility. One can experience the peaceful environment here while enjoying the well-maintained facilities at their tea garden, museum, and Restaurant. The amazing part is friendly staff who helps everybody in acknowledging the history as the well-developed legacy of the tea industry. Tocklai institute is located in Jorhat city and easy to reach by roads.

If you are a tea lover and your day begins with having a cup of the same, you must not leave Assam without adding this place on your itinerary.

Timing- 8300 hours to 1700 hours

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