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Popular Tokyo Packages

Tokyo Tour Packages

Duration Price
4 Days Japan Tour Package 4 Days / 3 Nights ₹ 69990.0
6 Days Japan Tour Package 6 Days / 5 Nights ₹ 120000.0
7 Days Japan Tour Package from India 7 Days / 6 Nights ₹ 135000.0
Budget Tour to Japan in 6 Days 6 Days / 5 Nights ₹ 115000.0
Japan Honeymoon Package 8 Days 8 Days / 7 Nights ₹ 169000.0
Tokyo Tour Packages: Browse through a wide range of Tokyo packages with exciting offers at Thrillophilia. Book customized Tokyo trip packages with exciting deals & offers.

If you are planning a trip to the capital city of Japan, choose the best Tokyo tour packages and add a dash of luxury to your travel diaries. Whether you are on a lookout for budget japan packages or you are ready to splurge endlessly on your Japan excursion, there are numerous package options available to suit your choice.

From visiting the world's most popular fish auction to admiring the views of 1000- year old temples, there are a plethora of activities included in each of these packages. Want to get an idea of the latest food culture on your Tokyo tour? Make your way towards the Hiroo complex which encompasses a bountiful of cafes and restaurants serving the best-in-class menus to their visitors.

If you have some unique plans for your holidays, you can also customize the Tokyo tour package as per your need. Most of these packages are tailored to provide you with a closer look into the traditions, lifestyle, as well as, the history and natural splendour of the city.

With places like Inokashira Park, Tsukiji temple and Yayoi Kusama Museum included in the itinerary, most of the Tokyo packages will take you on a walk down the beautiful topography and glorious history of Japan. Eager to know more about this magical city? Choose one of the best tokyo packages for yourself and get ready for a memorable trip ahead.

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Places to Visit on Tokyo Tour

Here are some of the best places to visit in Tokyo:

1. Tokyo Sky Tree: If you wish to enjoy aerial views of the Tokyo city, look no further than this 634 meters high engineering marvel that has emerged as the most sought-after attractions among the tourists. The building has two galleries namely The Tempo Observation Deck and The Tempo Gallery from where you can marvel at the awe-inspiring skyline of the city. Once you are done exploring the place, head to the shopping centre at its basement to grab something at discounted rates.

Must Checkout: Tokyo Skytree Tickets

2. Shibuya: Whether you are a shopaholic, culture buff, or a big-time gamer, Shibuya has something for everyone so don't miss to include it in your Tokyo tour packages. While here, you can go on a shopping spree, take a detailed tour into the Japanese Sword Museum, or get a sneak peek into Tokyo's nightlife. From clubs, arcades, and themed bars, Shibuya has everything that makes it a gamer's paradise.

3. Meiji Shrine: A Shinto shrine dedicated to the deities of Empress Shoken and Emperor Meiji, Meiji Shrine is an architectural masterpiece that draws its visitors with its peaceful atmosphere and traditional charm. Whether you want to witness the traditional practices of Japan or get indulged in any festive celebrations, Meiji Shrine is an ideal place to catch a glance of the Japanese culture.

4. Tokyo Royal Palace: Want to get a brief insight into the lifestyle and luxury of royal households? If yes, then head to the emperor's palace which stands out with its impeccable architecture and lush green outdoors. Though most of the palace is inaccessible, you can still unwind in its verdant gardens while admiring the grandeur of the palace. If you are eager to see the members of the imperial family, visit here either on January 2 or December 23.

5. Tokyo Disney Sea: Explore some of the best Tokyo tour packages for families and enjoy fun-filled quality time with your little one in the capital city. For all those people who are visiting Tokyo with their kids, a tour to Tokyo Disney Sea is unavoidable. Sprawled over an area of 176 acres, Tokyo Disney Sea is a beautiful theme park which will hold you captive with its Disney themed ports and Mediterranean Harbour. After exploring the park, you can enjoy a startling variety of dishes at its food joints.

6. Hamarikyu Gardens: Featuring saltwater lakes and manicured landscapes, Hamarikyu Gardens is a verdant space cradled in the laps of Sumida River. It also encompasses small tea houses from where you can devour the 360-degree view of its mesmerizing landscapes. If you are a photo fanatic, feel free to capture alone the beauty of the garden in your camera or click some memorable pictures with your family members.

7. Harajuku: Here is a trendsetting district for all those fashion junkies who can't wait to explore the latest trends in Japan. From streets swarming with people slaying in the latest styles to creperies and fashion boutiques, Harajuku has everything needed to upgrade your fashion statement. If you want to head straight to the best markets in the town, visit Takeshita Dori and Omotesando.

8. Akihabara: A paradise on earth for technology junkies, Akihabara is studded with numerous technological and gaming markets. The place boasts of several restaurants and themed cafes where you can indulge in gaming sessions while sipping on your favourite drink. With high-quality electronic gadgets and gaming equipment in its reserve, Akihabara is a must-visit spot for all the tech lovers.

9. Tokyo National Museum: Want to delve deeper into the history of Tokyo city? If yes, then don't forget to include Tokyo National Museum as a sightseeing spot in your Tokyo tour packages. One of the oldest museums in Japan, Tokyo National Museum will hold your attention with its culturally-rich collection and classic architecture. It comprises six large buildings which have the best national and historical collection in their reserve. In addition to these permanent displays, the museum also organizes temporary exhibitions for the visitors. There is a massive hall outside the museum where you can explore the beautiful paintings of Japan's most celebrated artist, Kuroda Seiki.

10. Kabukicho: Want to get a sneak-peek into the vibrant nightlife of Tokyo? Head to the sleepless district of Kabukicho and find yourself surrounded by numerous hotels, restaurants, bars, and arcades. The district is mostly known for its host and hostess bars where visitors are entertained by hosts in several themed costumes.

Things to Do on Tokyo Trip

Here are some of the best things to do in Tokyo:

1. Head for Asakusa tour:
 Being one of the most popular tourist attractions in Tokyo, Asakusa is home to a plethora of sightseeing spots which covers sacred destinations, as well as, entertainment zones. Whether you wish to offer your prayers at the Sensoji Temple or you are willing to hop on the Sumida River Cruise, this magical district has something for everyone. While here, you can also head for a shopping spree at the Nishi Sando shopping street which is swarmed with several tiny shops.

2. Attend a tea ceremony: Japanese natives share a never-ending love for tea, so if you are in Tokyo, you can't miss out on its signature tea ceremony. Apart from introducing you to Japanese manners and customs, this ceremony will also serve you with a unique experience to take back home. Meanwhile attending the ceremony, you can also sip on your favourite matcha tea to calm down your senses.

3. Enjoy a shopping spree in Akihabara: Popularly known as Electric Town, Akihabara is a one-stop destination for all those shopaholics who are eager to stock up their wardrobes with trendy clothes. In addition to being a shopper's paradise, it is also a perfect spot to discover the fast-paced nightlife of the city. From cosplay bars and maid cafes to theatres, and clubs, the district has everything to put you into a party mood.

4. Set your adrenaline pumping at Disneyland: Sprawled over an area of 115 acres, Tokyo Disneyland is a popular entertainment spot for vacationers who are accompanied by kids and family. The property encompasses several sections including Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, and Westernland where you can enjoy a vast variety of slides. In addition to Disneyland, the park also houses Tokyo DisneySea, an aquarium, and a water park. With so much in its reserve, Disneyland is a must-include destination in your Tokyo trip package.

5. Go for Sumo Museum tour: If you are easily intrigued by sports like wrestling, you can't leave Tokyo without exploring its Sumo Museum. The museum has beautifully captured the glorious history of this sport by depicting it in its paintings, memorabilia, and block prints. It is also a part of the popular Kokugikan stadium which is known to organize several wrestling matches.

6. Enjoy Cherry Blossom Festival at Yasukuni Shrine: If you happen to visit Tokyo between March and May, you can't leave the city without attending its popular Cherry Blossom Festival. Though the entire city of Tokyo remains dotted with cherry blossom trees in this season, the best place to witness the festival is at Yasukuni Shrine where you will find around 600 decorated cherry trees. To add a dash of fun into the celebration, it is hosted by popular sumo wrestlers which makes it a must to add to your Tokyo tour packages.

7. Enjoy the vibrant nightlife at Roppongi: Looking for the best nightlife spots to include in your Tokyo travel package? If yes, then head to Roppongi where you will be spoiled for choices with numerous bars, clubs, and restaurants. In addition to this, you can also attend sports matches or robot exhibitions which are frequently organized over here. Whether you are a luxury traveller or budget vacationer, Roppongi has something for everyone.

8. Embark on a day trip to Onjuku Beach: If you are eager to explore the outskirts of Tokyo, there is no better place, to begin with than Onjuku Beach. From its soft sand where you can unwind in utmost peace to its grand camel statue topped by two kings from the Middle East, everything about Onjuku is unique and beautiful.

9. Relish a delectable dinner at the Robot Restaurant: Reckoned as one of the most popular getaways in Tokyo, Robot Restaurant awaits your presence with its outstanding theatrical performances and scrumptious food choices. On your visit to this place, enjoy the stage show presented by skilled dancers and robots while munching on your preferred seafood. If you are a food junkie, Robot Restaurant deserves a special place in your Tokyo tour packages.

10. Visit Cat Café: The streets of Japan are flecked with several unusual cafes but if you want to make the most out of these café tours, don't forget to visit the popular Cat Café in Nekorobi. The café forms an ideal hangout spot for all those pet lovers who fancy the idea of owning a feline. While here, you can spend a relaxed day playing with your cute furry friends, as well as, grab a quick bite or sip on your favourite drink.

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4 Days Japan Tour Package


Hotel pickup
Meals Included
If you have devoured stories of streets in Tokyo, lined with cherry blossoms besides the city’s exquisite natural landscapes, then you must make the most of a 4 Days Japan Tour Package. Japan has something to entice all kinds of travelers. Whether you desire to explore the country’s culture or history at various UNESCO World Heritage Sites; or visit some of the many impressive castles and temples, Japan guarantees adventure around every corner.Whether it is the alluring Imperial Palace, surrounded by heavenly gardens or the wonderfully austere and serene Meiji Shrine, Japan offers an element of Zen. On a 4-day tour package you take to the skies by riding the Hakone Ropeway, and be hypnotized by the billowing volcanic steam, over Owakudani’s active volcano. Japan is not a country you can understand virtually, rather it is that intriguing, complex and layered part of the world that needs to be felt, experienced, and breathed all by yourself.

35 Ratings


35 Ratings

₹ 104,463

₹ 69,990 per Adult

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6 Days Japan Tour Package


Hotel pickup
Meals Included
Quite a magical blend of culture, modernity and rich legacy, Japan is a marvellous place for intrepid travellers. This 6 Days Japan Tour Package offers a wonderful opportunity to explore the land of the rising Sun. Nestled in the northwest Pacific Ocean consisting of mountainous terrain, Japan is truly unmissable.Japan is an island nation and is dotted with religious places and natural wonders. Mount Fuji is one of the prominent landmarks and is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 6 Days Japan Tour Package lets you explore all the top attractions of the city along with a Cable Car Ride Ride at Mt. Komagatake.

32 Ratings


32 Ratings

₹ 170,000

₹ 120,000 per Adult

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7 Days Japan Tour Package from India


Hotel pickup
Meals Included
Japan is one of the best examples of modernism, combined with the best of culture and traditions. This beautiful island country is home to some of the tallest and most beautiful skyscrapers in the world and provides its visitors with the best of hospitality as well. However, Japan still preserves and follows its ancient culture, which makes exploring this country even more memorable.The cities of Tokyo, as well as Osaka, are two of the most developed cities of Japan and most of the major attractions are also situated in these very two cities. Apart from that, the natural beauty of these two cities, along with the endless shoreline would surely make you fall in love with them, with cherry blossoms, further adding to the scenery. This 7 Days Japan Tour Package from India will surely leave you with a whole lot of lovely memories to take back home.

36 Ratings


36 Ratings

₹ 180,000

₹ 135,000 per Adult

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Budget Tour to Japan in 6 Days


Hotel pickup
Transport Included
Meals Included
Stay Included
About the Budget Tour to Japan in 6 Days:Embark on an incredible journey through Japan, starting in Tokyo. Explore the city's cultural gems, lush gardens, and vibrant shopping scenes. Take in the beauty of Mount Fuji and Lake Hakone before heading to Osaka, a city that beautifully combines modernity, cultural heritage, and delicious cuisine. Dive into Japan's rich history and traditions with an unforgettable trip to Nara and Kyoto, where you'll visit historic treasures like Nijo Castle, the stunning Golden Pavilion (Kinkaku-Ji), and Todai-Ji Temple. As your adventure draws to a close, you'll bid farewell to Japan, carrying with you cherished memories of a remarkable journey filled with cultural discoveries, breathtaking landscapes, and modern wonders.Quick Info.Route: Tokyo - Mt. Fuji - Hakone -OsakaDuration: 6 days & 5 nights Start point: Tokyo International AirportEndpoint: Itami Airport

99 Ratings


99 Ratings

₹ 149,500

₹ 115,000 per Adult

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Japan Honeymoon Package 8 Days


About Japan Honeymoon Package 8 Days:Experience the unique culture and traditions of Japan that is known for its architectural marvels, happy go lucky people and clean surroundings. Pure glacial peaks, sparkling blue lakes, and beautiful meadows located here spell timelessness and pristine beauty and leave the couples totally awe-struck. Japan Honeymoon packages give you a chance to satiate your craving for unfettered living and joyous memories. where you’ll fly to your hometown.

106 Ratings


106 Ratings

₹ 180,000

₹ 169,000 per Adult

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Splendid Japan in 10 Days


Hotel pickup
Transport Included
Meals Included
Stay Included
About Splendid Japan in 10 Days:Embark on a 10-day journey through Japan, starting in lively Osaka. Discover ancient Japanese culture in Nara and Kyoto, from beautiful parks to old castles. Explore the enchanting Sagano Bamboo Grove, then visit Hiroshima & learn about it's sad & tragic past. Explore the beautiful city of Nagoya, & see charming villages. Travel through the the alpine route and Nagano's beautiful landscapes before relaxing in hot springs in Hakone. Conclude your adventure in Tokyo, a city of technological marvels and captivating pop culture, with a full-day sightseeing tour of iconic landmarks. Quick Info:Route: Osaka - Nara - Kyoto - Hiroshima - Miyajima Island - Takayama - Nagoya - Nagano - Hakone - TokyoDuration: 10 days & 9 nights Start point: Itami Airport, OsakaEndpoint: Tokyo International Airport

77 Ratings


77 Ratings

₹ 249,990

₹ 192,300 per Adult

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Best of Japan in 9 Days Tokyo Kyoto Osaka


Hotel pickup
Transport Included
Meals Included
Stay Included
About Best of Japan in 9 Days Tokyo Kyoto Osaka:Embark on an enchanting journey through Japan's most captivating destinations, from the bustling streets of Tokyo, where you'll visit iconic landmarks and enjoy leisurely moments, to the majestic heights of Mt. Fuji and the volcanic wonders of Hakone. Then, experience the rich heritage of Kyoto with its historic castles and temples, and immerse yourself in the vibrant nightlife of Osaka. Along the way, you'll see the awe-inspiring beauty of Tokyo Imperial Palace, cruise serene Lake Ashi, and savor the thrill of a bullet train ride. This journey is a tapestry of Japan's contrasts, from tradition to innovation, serenity to excitement, providing an unforgettable exploration of this remarkable country. Quick Info:Route: Tokyo - Mt. Fuji - Kyoto - Nara - Oska - TokyoDuration: 9 Days & 8 NightsStart Point: Narita International AirportEnd Point: Narita International Airport

50 Ratings


50 Ratings

₹ 176,800

₹ 136,000 per Adult

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Highlights of Tokyo and Osaka in 8 Days


Hotel pickup
Transport Included
Meals Included
Stay Included
About Highlights of Tokyo and Osaka in 8 Days:Embark on a captivating journey through Japan, starting in its vibrant capital city, where the modern world seamlessly merges with timeless traditions. Experience the bustling energy of urban life, savoring exquisite cuisine and exploring dynamic neighborhoods. Continue to historic towns steeped in cultural significance, where ancient temples and palaces stand as testaments to Japan's rich heritage. Explore the captivating town of Nara, known for its friendly deer and enduring traditions, and venture into Osaka, a vibrant hub of commerce and cuisine. Each city and town offers a unique window into Japan's diverse landscapes and rich cultural tapestry, making this journey an unforgettable exploration of Japan.Quick Info:Route: Tokyo - Mt. Fuji - Osaka - Kyoto - Nara - Osaka - Hiroshima - Miyajima _ Osaka Duration: 8 Days & 7 NightsStart Point: Haneda AirportEnd Point: Kansai International Airport 

84 Ratings


84 Ratings

₹ 136,500

₹ 105,000 per Adult

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Cherry Blossom Tour Japan


About Cherry Blossom Tour Japan:Cherry Blossom which is also called Sakura, marks that spring has arrived bringing new life to Japan. Feel the fresh air of sakura blooming in popular spots of Japan during our Japan Cherry Blossom tour 2020 in the upcoming spring. Experience Japan during the most beautiful season, while cherry blossoms float in the background of every destination!

24 Ratings


24 Ratings

₹ 201,999

₹ 177,300 per Adult

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D1keh70s8v6y7s968gx1555gwe4z 1478087587 itsukushima gate Tc63402zeohhjje6vwbkodmpgjiw 1478087589 20100716 nara todaiji golden hall 2331 On47r8f20uf3va5ul9w7airrxfy8 1478087590 20100723 miyajima itsukushima 5140 Qu4x1d4f83xh0b5brtx0mcrtku33 1478087608 tokyo station from marunouchi oazo Y44udhmqcu09imjcm1c0yly1nfyw 1478087608 tokyo tower 825196 960 720
Japan Honeymoon Tour Delights Of The Romantic Days


Hotel pickup
Transport Included
Meals Included
Stay Included
About Japan Honeymoon Tour Delights Of The Romantic Days:Embark on a captivating journey through Japan's diverse landscapes and culture. Begin in Tokyo with visits to historic temples, serene palaces, and vibrant shopping districts. Explore the natural beauty of Hakone, cruise Lake Ashi, and unwind in hot springs. See Osaka's modern attractions and Kyoto's timeless treasures. Lastly, pay homage to history in Hiroshima with visits to poignant memorials and UNESCO Heritage sites like Itsukushima Shrine on Itsukushima Island. Visit Japan and experience a rich blend of tradition and modernity across it's captivating landscapes.Quick Info.:Route: Tokyo - Hakone - Osaka - Kyoto - HiroshimaDuration: 7 days & 6 nights Start point: Tokyo International AirportEndpoint: Hiroshima Airport

26 Ratings


26 Ratings

₹ 160,000

₹ 130,000 per Adult

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Japan South Korea Tour Package 2022


- Counted among the most industrialized countries of the world, Japan has gained a lot of global popularity for its flamboyant cities, fascinating history, spectacular cathedrals, and awe-inspiring architecture.- The land of nature and technology, South Korea is known popularly for its rich culture, artistic attractions, ancient tombs, scenic beauty, and impressive antiques. This Japan South Korea tour package from Thrillophilia will let you explore the best-kept secrets of these two exotic lands!- Your Japan South Korea tour will start from Tokyo, the capital city of Japan. After you reach here on day 1, you will set out for a fun-filled city sightseeing tour and visit Palette Town, Yamashita Park & Royal Park Tower, Rainbow Bridge, Toyota Museum, and Venus Fort.- Day 2 is reserved for a full-day sightseeing tour of Tokyo. On this tour, you will explore Asakusa Temple Complex, Nakamise Shopping arcade, Tokyo Tower Observatory, Sky Tree, and Shinjuku Garden.- On day 3, you will pay a visit to the world-famous Mt. Fuji and Lake Hakone. Later, you will board a bullet train and head to Hiroshima.- Day 4 is all about a full-day exploration tour of Hiroshima. On this tour, you will cover Bomb Dome, Sadako Monument, Cenotaph, Peace Park, and Hiroshima History Museum. Later, you will proceed to Osaka.- On day 5, you will head for a joyous full-day sightseeing tour across Osaka, exploring Osaka Castle; Todaiji Temple & Nara Deer Park in Nara; and Golden Pavilion, Kiyomizu Temple, and Nijo Castle in Kyoto.

57 Ratings


57 Ratings

₹ 299,800

₹ 270,000 per Adult

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People Also Ask About Tokyo Tours

  1. How much does a Tokyo trip cost?

    Thrillophilia’s Tokyo tour packages can cost around INR 1,50,000 to INR 2,50,000, per person, for a 7-day stay. This estimate mostly covers accommodation, meals, local transportation, guided tours, and activities. The Tokyo trip cost from India is relatively pocket-friendly, given the plethora of experiences included in the itinerary. These figures can vary based on your preferences, travel dates, and booking choices, so it's advisable to plan in advance for an affordable and enjoyable Tokyo experience.
  2. What type of food to try during the Tokyo tour?

    Japan is mainly known for its delicious fish cuisines and noodles. Some of the best dishes that you can savour on your Tokyo tour include Sushi, Ramen noodles, Soba noodles, Yakitori, and Okonomiyaki.

    If you want to relish the authentic taste of Sushi in Tokyo, head to Sushi no Midori- one of the most popular Sushi restaurants in the city. For Yakitori, Shinjuku area is the best choice.

  3. Is passport required for Tokyo?

    Yes. Indian nationals need to own a valid passport and a return ticket for a visa-free stay of up to three months on their Tokyo tour. However, European Union citizens and people from countries like Australia, Canada, Argentina, and Chile don't need a visa if their stay duration is 90 days or less.

  4. How many days are enough for Tokyo?

    If you have less time in your hand, a 5 day Tokyo tour is enough to explore the key destinations of the city. However, for the vacationers who also want to visit the nearby places, it is advisable to choose among the best two-week Tokyo tour packages.

  5. When can we see the Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo?

    In the spring season, the entire city of Tokyo turns into a pink magic land. Though you can admire the views of cherry blossoms anywhere around Tokyo, there are few spots which are better than the others.

    The best places to see Cherry Blossom in Tokyo include Sumida Park, Meguro River, Shinjuku, Inokashira Park, Tokyo Midtown, and Showa Memorial Park. If you are travelling to Japan in the spring months, don't forget to include these places in your Tokyo tour packages.

  6. What are the best things to do at night on a Tokyo tour?

    1. Explore Shinjuku's Neon Wonderland: Embark on an electrifying adventure in Shinjuku's Neon Wonderland. Lose yourself in the kaleidoscope of vibrant neon lights, wandering through bustling streets filled with various shops. Dive into the eccentric charm of the entertainment district of Kabukicho and discover Golden Gai's cosy bars, creating unforgettable memories in Tokyo's dazzling nocturnal landscape.

    2. Late-Night Ramen Adventure:
    Satisfy your midnight cravings with Tokyo's renowned late-night ramen joints. From the traditional Tonkotsu, to Miso and Shoyu, slurp different kinds of ramen in the well-lit establishments like Ichiraku or Afuri. Experience authentic Japanese comfort food and indulge in its lip-smacking traditional flavours.

    3. Sumida River Cruise Under the Stars: Embark on an enchanting Sumida River Cruise under Tokyo's starlit sky. Drift along the water, admiring the city's illuminated landmarks, including Tokyo Skytree and Rainbow Bridge. The serene journey offers a captivating perspective of Tokyo's vibrant nightscape, creating a romantic and memorable experience on the picturesque Sumida River.

    4. Karaoke Extravaganza in Shibuya: With Thrillophilia’s Tokyo tour packages, immerse yourself in the ultimate Karaoke Extravaganza in Shibuya. Step into private, neon-lit rooms and let loose on a musical adventure. With an extensive song catalogues, dazzling lights, and a lively atmosphere, the Shibuya experience guarantees a night full of singing, dancing, and lasting memories.
  7. What are the best adventurous things to do on a Tokyo tour?

    1. Climb the great Mt. Fuji: Gear up to conquer Japan's iconic peak, Mt. Fuji, by embarking upon an adventurous climb. Ascend through changing landscapes, from lush forests to volcanic slopes, and reach the summit to witness a breathtaking sunrise. As you reach the peak, get rewarded with unparalleled panoramic views and a sense of accomplishment.

    2. Go cycling in Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden: Embark on an adventurous journey of cycling through the famous Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden. Rent a bike and explore the vast park's diverse landscapes, from traditional Japanese gardens to serene ponds and paths lined with Cherry Blossoms. This activity offers unique natural encounters and adventure in the heart of Tokyo.

    3. Tsukiji Outer Market Food Tour: Indulge in a delectable adventure with a Tsukiji Outer Market Food Tour. Navigate through the lively stalls of Tokyo's iconic fish market, exploring an array of fresh seafood, local delicacies, and street food delights. This culinary experience offers a sensory feast, providing a taste of the rich Japanese gastronomic culture.

    4. Odaiba Seaside Zip Line: On your Tokyo trip, marvel at the city’s skyline from the thrilling Odaiba Seaside Zip Line. Soar above Tokyo Bay, enjoying breathtaking views of Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower. This exhilarating adventure combines the rush of a zip line with panoramic vistas, offering a unique perspective of the cityscape.
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11 February 2020
Tokyo helicopter tour is very good way to see tokyo from the top. I am a photographer and I got a lot of amazing shots from the top. Thanks thrillophilia for this tour.
11 February 2020
Nalini Sharma Tokyo Helicopter Tour
This was my first helicopted ride during tokyo helicopter tour, I was a little afraid and excited. Seeing tokyo from the top makes those skyscrapers look very small. Mt. fuji was also visible from the top. It looked so beautiful that I booked a tour to mt fuji for the next day from thrillophilia.
10 February 2020
I checked the price on lot of websites but thrillophilia price was best. A bus comes after every 20 minutes, so we did not have to plan a lot. It is the best way to travel in Tokyo.
10 February 2020
Karthik Dubashi Tokyo Walking Tour
Tokyo walking tour is the best way to witness the local culture. I had an issue related to the inclusions and called thrillophilia team, there response was quick and they talked to the guide and resolved the issue immediately, We went to the famous bridge, Meiji Shrine, and Nihonbashi. thank you thrillophlia for this experience.
10 February 2020
Anshula Bharadwaj Tokyo Walking Tour
I booked Tokyo walking tour to get to interact with the locals. my guide Koji Nami was a great guy. and spoke very good english. I wanted to customize my tour and change the itinerary and bit. He agreed and showed me the places I wanted to visit. He introduced me with a lot of locals and told me interesting stories about the place.
11 February 2020
I was thinking what is the best way to travel in tokyo, then I saw this subway pass. I booked it and it helped me a lot. There is a subway station near every major spot in tokyo so I was able to travel very easily.
11 February 2020
We were a group of 8 people, and we were worried about how we will go to the hotel. One of our mates saw this Airport Limousine Bus Transfers in Tokyo and I immediately booked it. and I was glad that i did.
11 February 2020
I was travelling with my grandmother who is 72 year old. So I needed a hassel free and comfortable ride to our hotel. Thanks to airport limousine Bus transfers we could travel to the hotel safely.
11 February 2020
Madhuri Prajapat Tokyo Skyliner Ticket
Tokyo Skyliner Ticket is the best way to go from airport to city. Free wifi is the best thing.
11 February 2020
It was amazing! We reached from airport to the city in just 40 minutes. The train was so fast and clean too. The ticket was affordable too.

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