Camping in Narkanda

Narkanda Camping Packages

Duration Price
Mountain View Camping in Narkanda1 day
INR 800
Jungle Camping in Narkanda1 day
INR 649

Nestled in the upper regions of Shimla, Narkanda is a go to place for all mountain lovers. And one of the best things to do is Camping in Narkanda. With a lot of different campsites scattered around the region, Narkanda boasts of a unique camping experience to tourists.

Many Narkanda Camping sites are tucked in amidst apple and cherry orchards, with the surrounding mountain ranges acting as a striking backdrop. Be it the Aramgah, or the Wild Himalaya Glamping Camp, a camping experience in Narkanda is unlike anything you will ever experience.

From basic amenities, such as free internet, to hot water and even delectable local food, the camps in Narkanda offer tourists a great holiday experience, where you can set up your camping tents and huddle around a cosy bonfire with your friends and family up in the hills.

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Narkanda Camping FAQs

Which are the best places for Camping in Narkanda?

The best places for Camping in Narkanda are as follows:

1. Camping at Hatu Peak:
Located around 7 kilometres from Narkanda, the base camp of Hatu Peak is a great place for camping. With beautiful orchards and picturesque natural views, this area is a great region for camping with your friends and family. From here, you can also enjoy other activities such as trekking and hiking.

2. Camping at Aamod Narkanda:
With winding trails lined with apple orchards and pine and oak trees, Aamod Narkanda is one of the best places for a camping experience. Complete with a traditional “Pahadi” experience, Aamod offers you other activities such as river rafting, trekking and nature walks, all complimenting a great camping holiday.

3. Wild Himalaya Glamping Camp:
This camp site is possibly one of the best places for a great Narkanda Camping experience. Offering guests outdoor camps complete with all the basic facilities and amenities, this campsite is best known for the amazing views of the mighty Dhauladhar ranges that it offers.

4. The Wilderness:
Situated on the top of a hill with a lake on one side and lush green valley on the other, The Wilderness camp is tucked amidst a cherry and apple orchard with a dense cedar forest acting as a backdrop. Great for families, huge groups and nature enthusiasts, this camp site is great if you wish to relax in the tranquil mountains, while enjoying the starry night sky once the sun sets.

5. Aramgah:
For a unique Camping in Narkanda experience, you can also choose to head over to Aaramgah, which is another campsite built in the middle of an apple orchard. Surrounded on all sides by thick alpine forests and offering spectacular views of the snowy Himalayan mountains, this site offers guests all basic modern amenities, along with a unique experience of staying amidst nature.

What are the best Narkanda camping places for solo travelers?

1. Kudrat Camps: Kudrat Camp is a heavenly abode for solo travelers. In spite of being a Camp Stay, it features all the required facilities including Indoor Games, Bonfire,  Outdoor Sports, and Treks. Furthermore, they also house a sit-out-area where you can curl up with a Book & a cup of piping hot coffee. 

2. Wild Himalaya Glamping Camp: How amazing it would be to wake up from your deep slumber and catching a mind-boggling mountain view with birds chirping and tweeting in the backdrop. Heavenly! If you are  looking for options for a solo traveler, look no further and come down to Wild Himalaya Glamping Camp. It is equipped with all the basic facilities like onsite cafeteria, delectable cuisine, congenial hospitality and smart service. 
3. Vanvas Camps, Narkanda: At the center of the lush green forest, away from the urban chaos, Vanvas Camp is situated downhill and requires a short walk. It is an authentic retreat to charge your soul and mind. Near the campsite, a rhythmic brook flows by where guests can sit for long hours and sip on some hot coffee and tea.  

What is Lowest & Highest Price Camps in Narkanda?

The lowest price camp in Narkanda is the Wild Himalaya Glamping Camp, where the price for a single night starts from INR 1,150. On the other hand, the highest price camp is The Wilderness Camp, where prices start from INR 9,000 per night.

What are the best Narkanda camping places for couples?

1. Wild Himalaya Glamping Camp: Wake up to the mind-boggling mountain views and rekindle the romance with your partner. The stay is equipped with all the basic facilities like onsite cafeteria, delectable cuisine, congenial hospitality, and smart service. 

2. Camp Himalayan Yew: Get close to nature and bask in the touch of wilderness It offers comfortable shelter, sprawling garden, onsite restaurant and complimentary internet connectivity. Other amenities include Buffet or À La Carte Breakfast and Bicycle Rental Service.

3. Vanvaas Camps, Narkanda: Away from the urban chaos, Vanvaas Camp is an authentic retreat to charge your soul and mind. In order to reach the camps, you have to walk downhill, at the centre of the lush green forest. In addition, there is a small brook which flows near the campsite where guests can sit by, for long hours.  

Is solo camping safe?

Yes, solo Camping in Narkanda is very safe. Not only are the locals here very friendly and welcoming, but they also take care of visitors. Moreover, while camping solo, you get the chance to meet other like minded solo campers, which is a unique experience in itself. However, we do recommend being vigilant of the areas you camp in, just to be safe.

What are the essentials items to carry for camping in Narkanda?

While Camping in Narkanda, you must always carry some essentials with you. These are:
- Torch
- Tent
- Sleeping bag
- First aid kit
- Raincoat
- Pocket knife
- Dry snacks
- Water
- Mosquito repellent
- Power bank

When is the best time to visit Narkanda for camping?

The best time to go for Narkanda Camping is during the month of April and May, just after the winter season bids the region adieu. With a pleasant weather and cool breeze throughout the day and the fruits and flowers in full bloom, this is the best time to spend a few days camping in the middle of nature.

What is the average cost of a camping tour in Narkanda?

The average cost of a camping tour in Narkanda starts from INR 5,900.

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