Stokes Farm Overview

The sprawling Stokes farm is situated around 14 kilometers ahead of Narkanda in a small hamlet called Thanedar. It’s a major contributor to the state's apple production. Painstakingly established by Samuel Satyanand Stokes, the farm is known for its large-scale cultivation of Apples.

Not only does it boosts the Apple production in the state but it also provides employment to locals who along with sowing and reaping, work in making wine and jam and other sub-products.

The legacy of the Stokes farm extends beyond its agricultural prowess, embodying a commitment to sustainability and community development. Through innovative farming practices and technological advancements, it continues to set benchmarks in apple cultivation, driving Himachal Pradesh's economy forward.

Visitors to the region can explore the farm's lush orchards as part of Himachal travel packages, gaining insights into the intricacies of apple farming while savoring the picturesque landscapes of Thanedar. The farm's holistic approach to agriculture also includes the production of wine and jam, offering tourists a taste of locally crafted delights.

Moreover, by providing employment opportunities to local residents, the Stokes farm plays a vital role in uplifting rural communities and fostering socio-economic growth. As travelers traverse the verdant countryside, they witness firsthand the positive impact of sustainable agriculture on both the environment and livelihoods.

Distance (from bus stand):14 KM

Visit Duration: An hour or two for a guided tour.

Timings: Depends on the availability of a guide, mostly day time.

Entry Fee: No entry cost.

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