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05 May 2016
Ocean all around me and flying  up to 150 metres is one of the craziest experience i ever had. Initially i was a bit afraid of parasailing but once i had it, i was like why not once again.
04 January 2016
Wao what a thrilling experience it was really!!! actually my uncle had been Goa last year and it was his recommendation that i went there with my best friends in my vacations, and believe me guys it was the lifes best moments of life. Mobor beach is one of the most beautiful beaches i have ever seen, Hotel and restaurants are not so cheap but provides qualty services. The most exciting fun was winch boat parasailing which we really enjoyed to the fullest. it feels amazing when we reach to certain height in the air , those few minutes were filled thrill and excitement. And i think the cost incurred in the activity was worth it. Going again in the next vacation.
What a view it was when i was around 150 meters above the level, really enjoyed. Even my friends wanna have this experience again. Can’t wait to feel the thrill again.
Great experience for me and my family, i found it costly but finally realized that the money spent on it was worth it. My children had a great fun during parasailing and jet skiing. Visiting the beach soon.
07 February 2016
It was really memorable experience for all of us, would like to visit mobor beach again. Loved seeing the ocean and the beach from up above. Everything looked so tiny. Would love to do this again and again.
The professional operators handled my children with utter safety, I was really satisfied. Winch-boat parasailing was a new term I came across but it was a lot of fun, almost similar to parasailing I would say.
A memorable trip with family, overall, but a little pricey for just 10 minutes. Would recommend if the price is lowered, as there are companies offering lower. Not sure about their services, but Thrillophilia was professional in that.
My fourth trip to Goa booked by Thrillophilia and what an experience. I hear about it through my friend and i had to try it... worth every penny.. kudos Thrillophilia..
At first I was really afraid to do it but the crew was very helpful. When I saw my friend up in the sky sailing I knew I also had to try it. I did it and oh! What an experience. It was thrilling and the view was so beautiful. Though I felt that it would have been better if we could get a little more time. But nonetheless it was fun.
Wao what an experience we had, really cannot explain one of the best daring adventure for me. It was like my blood was racing, had a thrill in parasailing.

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